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...don't post in all caps...It makes it very difficult to read.

Question: what law did this violate? I think the behavior, if portrayed accurately, is atrocious...but in order for charges to be filed, there must a law on the books - and I'm curious which law it was that was broken? Do you have a TMC or ORC section code?

I think whatever statute the Hate Crime is listed under. I had heard about this happening but I thought it was just a rumor.

I also read on CNN news where this type of behavior is on the rise (hanging nooses) and they are trying to ascertain if the behavior is increasing since Jena 6 or if it is better reported.

All caps is shouting - and hard to read for most people. If this indeed occurred, it is an atrocity & the teachers should be fired. I also think that any school employee who witnessed this, and denied it happened, or did not speak up or come forward, should at the least, be suspended with no pay - or fired. By saying nothing, they endorced the act. Seems to me, there's a wealth of people with degrees in education that are not racist who'd love their jobs. (That goes for black racists as well as white racists - and there's as many black racists as there are white racists.)

...I'm hearing that this did not occur ... further, there are several people and media outlets currently trying to get on-the-record comments so they can publish them...

IF this occurred as posted above, it most certainly is illegal behavior.

1. As noted above in several instances this violates the FEDERAL HATE CRIME 18 U.S.C.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

In the words of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." With that being said, it is a tragedy that in 2007 we still have issues of hate fueled by the ignorance of racism. We cannot remain silent and pretend as if issues do not exist.

Furthermore, I would hope that the situation at Roger's High School is not true. I do know however that there is speculation within the community about what may have or what may not have occurred at Roger's.

I would suggest that the citizens of Toledo refrain from assuming anything concerning this matter, but that we seek out the FACTS concerning this. Furthermore, I submit to you that if and when those facts surface...the citizens of Toledo take a stand against any injustices and hate crime's that may have occurred.

Lastly I would say that there is a "Jena" in every city. In that...racism is alive and well even in 2007. In addition, all throughout the United States there have been hate crimes.

1) A Warren Township (outside of Chicago) High School student was charged with disorderly conduct for making "racially charged" statements to two female students, police said. The student drove into a campus parking lot with a noose hanging from his rearview mirror and a Confederate flag displayed in his vehicle, officials said. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-noose_bd_30sep30,1,6622691....


for now on people won't complain about what teachers make. Look at what they have to deal with. Teachers are way under paid to deal with this type of crap.

From the story that it WAS a teacher who did this?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

...to Increase the Love Toledo.

How, exactly, do you know about this? You state that you're a parent. How do you know that the details you're presenting are factual?

I'm not accusing you of anything, so please don't get the wrong idea about my questions...I'm just curious...

I read notice of this incident on minglecity, it seems Michael Baiseden is source for what is going on in the black community. I feel sad that none of the students told their parents and that the parents did not unite and demand answers...it seems you are the lone soldier in this cover up. I don't understand the teacher's mindset, he would feel confortable enough bring a noose to school. What is going on?

Considering the abundance of cell phones with cameras in them I'm wondering why, if this did in fact occur, someone didn't snap a picture of it as proof?
I'm not saying that it didn't. I'm just saying that its kind of curious that there isn't a picture and/or video of it.

I agree. I hope and pray this is not a hoax

I thought they banned cell phones in schools in Toledo? If this is true, or at least at Rogers, I could see a kid getting in trouble for using one (even if he is right).

I remember similar things occuring at the Post Office. If you saw something that was not "kosher", and you took a picture (such as a "safety violation") you were subject to "discipline" for violating regulations. Either management, or the union (with management approval) could take pictures.

So maybe that is why the "responsible" kids aren't talking. Only someone willing to risk losing their scholarship might be willing to stand up. And who would believe some "bad" kid who makes a fuss?

Old South End Broadway

If this happened, the noose had to have been used to intimidate people for it to be a hate crime. Simply having a noose is not a hate crime. It becomes a hate crime if, and only if, that noose is used to intimidate someone based on race, religion, color, or national origin.

In the absence of intimidation, displaying a noose to make a political statement would fall under freedom of speech much like wearing a swastika is protected under the first amendment.

So two questions need to be answered:
1. Did this actually happen?
2. Was there intimidation involved or was it used to make a statement?

From what I've read from all posters above, the point I made months ago is very valid. It is difficult to discuss racial issues. Its emotionally charged and when its over it seems to have polarized everybody. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know this. Showing respect for people goes a long way in building a good, sound community. Recently I visited a city about half the size of Toledo. The City was vibrant and a lot of good things were happening. Like any city it had its undercurrent. But, in speaking with many people I could tell this City was moving forward and although they had their problems with the local government and their school system, they had a very positive attitude. I say this. Lets all agree to respect everybody. At least once a day, do a good deed for a stranger. It could be something as simple as opening a door for someone or letting a person out of a driveway into traffic. I do that everyday and it makes me feel GREAT! When I feel GREAT I tend to make better choices and do better things. When I retire for the evening, I feel I have accomplished something, even if its nothing more than make someone else' life more pleasant. If this noose thing happened then justice must prevail. If it didn't, all this bickering will only inflame Toledo even more. Lets face it folks, a more positive force is needed in Toledo. Lets work together to find it.




God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo



Occasional caps are good for emphasis. Entire diatribes in caps, not so much.

According to Mr. Foley this morning October 6, 2007 there has been no report taken or completed. Therefore it looks to me like no investigation has been done.

Somehing of this magnitude fact or fiction should be investigated and someone held accountable.

When I called Rogers High School yesterday I was told that an investigation was done by the principal, the police officer and Mr. Foley. I was also told that a student had posted the incident on my space, when I asked what had been done to the student. I was told that they did not know. I have the persons name that I spoke to. An investigation was done and there is no report? How can that be?


I don't know why this is coming up in bold as I did not write it in bold. So excuse the boldness!!

"White privilege is YELLING! OMGoodness, I feel faint. "

What the he*L is THAT supposed to mean? You've made some very disturbing statements, you claim something happened at rodgers, fine, but when someone questions you you mention the KKK? Well im OFFENDED by YOU! Equal rights are not special rights. You are the one making it into a black v white issue. If this acctually happened then its completly horrible, but unfortuantly no one has offered any PROOF. So i will withhold judgment on that, but please please stop insinuating that all of the white people in toledo are racist!

People are all up in arms about something that one person put out here who EVEN SHE doesnt know is true!!

"However, this did occur." she says on 10-08 13:20

But then 7 hrs later she says:

"I hope and pray this is not a hoax 10-08 20:57"

Now all white people in Toledo are racist over something whom the poster cant even say herself is a fact.

What a joke.

Two different people, two different posts.
One from Increasethelov and one from Libertynjustice.

Clearly there should be a public statement from Mr. Foley or someone.

Clearly when I spoke to the school yesterday I was told that the incident was investigated by the Principal, Police, and Foley. Today, Foley stated that there is no report. Something of this magnitude should have generated a paper trail, if not an all out time line of events.



why the new appreciation? Is it because I don't use caps?

Are you kidding me? Your entire story is a hoax which was proven as such by the numerous cameras in the school hallways. Maybe you should be more concerned with the



If it was proven a hoax by the cameras why is there no report stating that fact?

Apart from the fact that your diatribe seems to have digressed from a rant on a did-it-even-happen hate crime, to pedophilia in schools (a serious issue, nonetheless), I would suggest that if you lack concrete evidence for you accusations, you might at least use proper grammar to more clearly explain what seems to be a case completely lacking in fact. The fact that you use all caps makes me assume you wrote this in a ranting sort of conscious stream, which is what I hope accounts for the distracting grammar. I myself, am an African-American student. So don

Increase the love uses lies to try to increase the hate!


I do believe her original post does qualify!

I can't refute or claim that the incident happened but what I can do is state what I have learned. You stated "tarnish the name and reputation of an upstanding and respectable principal," what I see are the names and reputation of two teachers being tarnished who supposedly did this deed, not the principal. I would think that they would be up in arms. I know I would be. I would be calling for a retraction of all statements. And I would have a "cease and desist" order from some judge somewhere expedited immediately, like yesterday.

All Others:

If you read the post, Increase the Lov stated that "JUDGE KUHLMAN THINKS I NEED ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES! thereby letting you know that there has been some type of court action involving them.

Rogers High School is being recognized by the State of Ohio for making improvements for three years in a row in their academic standing. The person who began this blog says for us to "stand up good people"-- well, I am now doing that:
1. The (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) are being slandered in this blog, and should feel free to bring civil suit against the person who started the tirade.
2. No noose was brought to Rogers on September 20, 2007.
3. The Jena 6 were honored by many students AND staff by wearing black on September 20th.
4. The Administration, along with appropriate Toledo Police Officers, did investigate the noose accusation. The new Rogers facility has security cameras every 20 feet or so, within the building and outside--and neither (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) was seen carrying or wearing a noose-- Dan didn't even wear a necktie that day!
5. No one brought a report of wrong-doing to "Gary Wolfe" as mentioned int he first paragraph, as he isn't currently placed at Rogers. He was at Rogers, however, when a certain parent was on the property; a parent now convicted of assaulting the Principal. The interesting thing is that this conviction occurred within the past several weeks. (See the reference to Judge Kuhlman and anger management classes?)
6. The teaching staff of Rogers is quite a bit less than 168, closer to 100, plus support staff, and the teachers are not all caucasian, as asserted. (I could check, but I believe the ratio is 1:10.)
7. A maximum class size of 26 X 6 classes taught a day is 156 students per day, per teacher. 600-800 students are not locked out of classes. Students placed in in-school suspension receive due process, including parent notification, and even that maximum class size is 26.
8. When accusations were brought forward concerning the former dean and former priest, Dennis Gray, he was immediately removed from any position where he was in contact with students, and has since left the district. TPS DOES investigate accusations, and act upon those that have some credibility.
9. The law does not state that teachers must live in the city of Toledo.
10. I have moved back to NW Ohio after my college graduation, I like Toledo, I have chosen to teach in Toledo Public Schools, I am a God-respecting Christian and not a "demon" as you have referred to me. I do not get a "free ride" off of your tax dollars, as I work hard-- and I, like many Rogers teachers have received commendations by professional organizations, agencies, and corporations. I am an experienced teacher of over 20 years. The State of Ohio calls me a "highly qualified teacher."

On a personal note to the writer of this blog:
If you continue to think of me as a "demon," I will continue to pray for you. If you decide that I am NOT a "demon," I will still continue to pray for you. If you, however, continue to refer to me (being one of 'those teachers') as a "demon" and "evil" in a public format, I will join with the (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) to bring an injunction against you.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

One more fact that may be of some importance:

On September 20, the day that many people showed support for the Jena 6, the Social Studies Teacher, (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) WORE BLACK. I just thought that might be important.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

I hope to hell you serve some long time in jail for making all this drama regarding this teacher and Rogers HS. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

I would love to know who this dumb ass is? I hope the teacher files a law suit on him or her........

My son, who has Down Syndrome and attends Rogers as a Freshman, has never been happier at school. He is on the Freshman class student council. This school is awesome. He did learn about the Jena 6 events, but no mention of a noose. He is encouraged and enabled to attend any school event or inclusion class. It is the first time in 15 years I have not had to advocate for his inclusion, it has come naturally.

Perhaps it is because he is white!!!!!!!!! lol

Your anger does not become you.

On another note what Junior High did your son attend.

This week is Homecoming-- kids are participating in all sorts of activities centered around school spirit! The Senior Class came up with the idea of a "powder puff" football game, and the Administration has supported them, and we have a team from all four classes.

Juniors and Seniors have come forward to mentor Freshmen students. Special needs students are going to job sites, and learning how to work in the community in preparation of a life of independence and contributing to society.

Students from every class participated in college week-- just last week-- and we had representatives from colleges letting students know about their schools, career choices, and life planning. There are current Rogers students enrolled in "post-secondary options" and taking classes at the University of Toledo, Lourdes College, and Owens College as part of their high school curriculum.

Instead of our past turn-over rate, we have had a fairly stable administration for the last several years (previously, we had 6 different administrations in 11 years, primarily due to retirements and promotions). As a direct result of this stability, the teachers and administration are collaborating on educational reform-- curriculum allignment, interventions, teacher-student advisories, and tutoring.

And these are just a few of the "big" things that are happening. I'll think of a few more for tomorrow!

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

We all keep talking about race relations and that's good if something positive is on the horizon. What I see from the blogs is angry people pointing their fingers and those who are insensitive to the plight of minorities digging in. Most of us want justice if an injustice has been committed. It is difficult for me to believe that a teacher would be so stupid to do something like what he is being accused of. What I decided to do as a result of reading the blogs was to zone out. So yesterday I decided to help two people who needed some special help. I obtained some clothing for a sixty year old man, riddled with high blood pressure, diabetes, polycystic kidney disease, an enlarged heart and is for the most part confined to a wheel chair because of bad joints in his hips and knees. I gave him a sweater, a sport coat, and five shirts. He thanked me, but his words weren't what warmed me. It was his smile and his body language that told me how grateful he felt. The other person was a man who cannot get a job because of his prison record. Even though its been over twenty years since he got out of prison he still can't get a decent job. I found a computer and gave it to him so that he can continue to make his own career. I wish all of you could have seen the happiness and joy he displayed. What's my point? The first man was a black man the second a white man. Isn't it wonderful how there is no color of the skin when there is joy and happiness coming through. Ninety-five percent of us are good wholesome people. The other 5% are assholes.

I was responding to Lisarenee's comment "I think there should be a public statement made by TPS, and the conflicting information on if there was an investigation or not cleared up."

It is amazing to me how you people read, think and respond.

No it does not matter on this thread. I wanted to know because of a situation I am working with at a school involving a child I am advocating for with Downs Syndrome.

I am sorry if I offended you in any way by asking this question. I knew your experiences would be a good resource for me if your son attended the school in which I am working with the other parent on.

Again excuse me for asking the question. I won't ask anymore questions of you that I think may be remotely offensive to you because I know that you are a great mother.

I knew people would not sit still if what the blogger wrote did not happen...and also if it did happen. People want the truth!!
At 10:00 this morning there is a protest to have charges dropped for the student that dropped a plate of cake,she was told to clean it up by security and apparently the security guard did not like the way it was done arrested her and broke her wrist. There was a student that captured it ALL on his phone, as a result he was arrested too, but it made it's way to the media. I believe with all my heart if this event occurred at Rogers there would have been proof other than what the blogger posted on a few sites.


Students Plan Walkout in Palmdale, CA

Next Protest:

When: Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time: 10:00 am

Where: North District Michael D. Ant-on-o-vich Antelope Valley Courthouse

Address: 42011 4th Street West Lancaster, CA 93534

Why: We demand that the Lancaster District Attorney's office drop all charges against the Palmdale 4!

what about the shooting of five people by Asa Coon age 14 in Cleveland, Ohio where Dr. Eugene Sanders is the superintendent?

I would think that would be more newsworthy than something happening in California.

How about forget about Asa Coon AND Eugene Sanders and you comment about THIS post where the woman flat out lied???

I was replying to libertynjustice about the incident in California.

This post is a lie - what is your opinion about it?

As of this writing no one has come forward to support the origional blogger. I also commented that I knew that others would want to the truth to come out. It just so happened I ran accross this story. I could not believe that not one student from Rogers would not have a phone with a camera to capture the incident nor would they tell a parent if what happened actually happened. I used what happened in Cali to show that these kids are smart enough to video and tell!!! I live in the Toledo are, not saying I am not concerned about what is happening elsewhere I was using that city as an example of kids stepping forward. I am not the enemy if it were true and not a hoax someone somewhere would have come forward

you worded that so nicely

The originator (instigator?) of this discussion, Increasethe LoveToledo, is quite possibly mentally ill. If I'm correct, then getting angry with him or her over his posts is about the same as becoming angry with someone for having a common cold. There's nothing that can be done except to begin treatment and ignore the symptoms as much as possible.

Of course, I may be wrong... But I don't think so!

Putting a mentally ill person in jail does not help, no more than jail would help someone with a bad case of the flu. Therapy and drugs can help. Psychologists help.

While I'm on the subject of help, my sincere congratulations to James Kirk for his kindness and generosity.

No one seems to be able to find any support for ITLT's accusations. No video, no witnesses, nothing. I don't believe the incident happened.

You know, Purnhrt, I read your posts and I'm beginning to feel sorry for you. All that hate you have is eating you alive, and you can't see what's happening to you. You're becoming a liability to the very people you're trying to help. Is that what you want?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Help me out, because I just heard about this today.
1. A poster whom some on here apparently know makes an unsubstantiated and virtually inconceivable claim against a TPS teacher. No evidence whatsoever has been produced to back it up.
2. Former Republican official, longtime TPS critic, (and Noe conduit) adds early remarks that would seem to be patronizing at the least, to an initial post that was out-and-out weird, and subsequent posts that were quite bizarre, and nearly paranoid.
3. Blog gets reposted on a number of sites drawing an inordinate amount of traffic.
4. Blog is on a Website owned by Republican school board candidate Chris Myers (one of the former "Three for Change"); a man who could have an obvious reason to highlight problems within the district in order to bolster claims that the district is in "chaos," etc., in order to facilitate his election.
5. Issue becomes the talk of Toledo, raising new questions about the ability of TPS to educate students, despite the fact that nearly all posters are raising serious and apparently well-founded concerns about the veracity of ANY of the accusations within.

My question is, why is this thing still up here? Why has the owner of the site chosen to let it remain? Out of a deep respect for First Amendment freedom of expression? Because he wants to see the initial poster humiliated? Or out of baser political motives?

The teacher in question is innocent until proven guilty, therefore the name has been removed from the allegations. Remember you are responsible for what you say and you better be sure what you say is correct because there can be serious consequences if you do not. Remember this is supposed to be a nice place to discuss the events and news of NW Ohio, and you can do that without being personal.

Thanks for replying! You make great points, and I apologize. I do still think that every negative blog about our city's schools (which I graduated from & am still proud of) makes it incrementally easier for some people to take advantage of a situation - and I don't mean to accuse YOU of that, even though in retrospect I see that is almost exactly how I wrote it. I hope you can see where I am coming from when I say that it could be construed this way.
BTW, registered GOP'er. We're on the same team. Glad to hear that the original name, which apparently must have been posted at some point, is no longer here. Props.
PS: Next morning reflection: I am a fool. I heard about this thing yesterday, got really angry and wrote. I'm sorry to everyone and I wish I could find out how to work my internet to remove my first post. I wrote under the influence of anger, and it came out just as badly and crazylike as the posts I complained about. Sorry again to all.

Today at Rogers we had a very interesting event-- the coronation recognition of the Homecoming Court. The US National Anthem was sung (quite beautifully) and the school alma mater (the best acapella duet rendition I have heard to date!) and each attendant for Homecoming court was introduced. Their parents were invited to lunch. The members of S.A.A.B. wore suits and volunteered as ushers. (Maybe I'll let you know later what is S.A.A.B. and the Daughters of Promise, and even F.I.R.S.T.)

This evening, the Powder Puff football game was played in the stadium, with many parents and students attending. The RHS Drum Line played from the stands, directed by student leaders. Boys from each of the four classes learned some cheers, and acted as cheerleaders for the game. The Senior Lady Rams won by decision, after the final quarter (and overtime) resulted in a 0-0 game!

Many thanks to the many teachers who volunteered their time for practices and the games, in support of the Rogers High School Students. And to the administrators who encouraged the students in putting this event together, and acted as coordinators and referees!

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

This issue could have gone like the Salem witch hunt, but it didn't. Most of the bloggers on this sight, not all, took an open-minded approach and fairly analyzed the situation. Bloggers, commend yourselves. Toledo's got a few bad people. but has a whole lot of good ones.

So this never happened, verified by security footage? And maybe this person does need psychological intervention but I've seen a few instances where a lawsuit and a monetary judgment were obviously the goal.

One, a Pastor who had the police arrive at his house to arrest him for molesting a child during vacation Bible School. On the way out his wife, sobbing, said wait - what day did you say this happened? Turns out the man was not even in the city - he was meeting with his Bishop that day in another city.

But one day earlier or later - if those people had picked another day the man would have been ruined and the church would have had a hefty lawsuit.

That may be the case here. But these are very serious allegations, imo. Anyone who sports a 'noose' has to know how frightening and offensive that would be.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

My name has been used twice in this post to justify actions and points of view by the poster and web master.

I have been brought into this by the poster to justify why the media would not be covering the alleged action by a Rogers

What's irritating is that if you read this post from top to bottom, the first thing you hear from everyone is outrage. If this teacher did it, there's no doubt about it, everyone wanted him ousted, fired, prosecuted, kept away from kids in particular and the public in general...

There was a lot of people thinking the whole thing smelled fishy right from the get-go as well...

THEN when it came out that the poster was a slanderer and a liar, the posters out here were even kind enough to give her the benefit of the doubt, by letting her slide with an 'insanity plea' for lack of a better phrase...

The one thing that bothers me tho is the one person who's so fast to cry hate crime, the one who's so fast to point out her percieved racist activity remains stonily silent after all the dust clears and we find out the truth.

Purnhate, you keep posting that there will never be an end to racism in this city until all parties sit down and have an honest discussion about the issue.

I'll tell you Twyla - that nothing will ever happen when you blatantly ignore things like this and refuse comment. It's demeaning to you and you now have zero credibility.

with this post except with you and Madjack. I did not post it, I don't know if it happened or not. I am not under any obligation to answer anything from you. You are a poster with the name of Billy. You are not my friend, my family or anyone in my immediate circle. You have attacked me for whatever reason and it does not bother me because I am secure in my knowledge of myself.

I make enemies when I speak for people who either can't, are afraid to or who do not know their rights. Why this is I don't know but I will continue to do that. I will use my knowledge and purpose for the betterment of mankind, but that starts with my people.

I am not afraid to speak the truth to power therefore I am not welcome in many places. I have pissed off the mayor, judges, caseworkers, probation officers, school officials and many many others, because I speak the truth. A lot of people don't want to hear the truth.

And I will say again until all parties sit down and have an open and honest discussion about race, Toledo will forever be a place that people leave from not a place that people go to.

Toledo is a powder keg just waiting for one little thing to set it off, remember October 15, 2005 and anyone who can't see that is living in a fantasy world. This post would not have garnered so much reaction if we lived in a city where these issues could be discussed openly and honestly and everyone was allowed to have an opportunity to express themselves and have a place at the table.

Again, whether it happened or not I don't know. I am inclined to believe that something did happen, whether in ignorance or just plain stupidity. AGAIN I STATE, I don't know if a noose was at Roger's High School or not. For me it has not been proven either way.

Having said all of that, you are not going to make me respond to you in the way in which you want it. As I said I don't know you but evidently you seem to know who you think I am, because if you knew me you would come "at" me in a different way, a more rational or humanistic way. The posts that you have written about me are just as damaging as you say the original poster's written words are to the teachers at Rogers High School.

Shhh....check your 'L' key.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I have pissed off the mayor, judges, caseworkers, probation officers, school officials and many many others,

Right. Making the people who can help you angry is always a good way to gain cooperation.

The reason you can't prove this incident didn't happen is the same reason the rest of the world is unable to prove it didn't happen: You can't prove a negative. What you'd have to do is prove it did happen. Which you've failed to do.

I suspect that you wish a white instructor at any school in Toledo would terrorize an African American child with a hangman's noose. That would go a long way towards vindicating all the hate and rage you have for people like me - non African Americans.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

As a 'non-African' friend of Twila's - I can say that is not how she feels toward everyone. I don't dislike ALL white males either - but I'm predisposed to distrust them in a personal way. B/c of divorce etc. I'm aware of this - and that it is harder for a man to earn my trust than a woman.

Again - because of my own experience. So does this make me a racist? Or, sexist?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.



Actually MadJack I have no reason to hate you because I don't know you. You could very well be a good hearted person. How would I know?

By the same token you don't know me, so while you may want to convince the people who read Swamp Bubbles that I hate white people or non African Americans, you know nothing about me.

I don't hate anyone and to hate someone simply because of their race is just plain stupid and ignorant and stupid and ignorant I am not.

You're a limited purpose public figure? I didn't know that. Now I'm enlightened.

So... how's the pay? Any openings?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

so while you may want to convince the people who read Swamp Bubbles that I hate white people

If I wanted to convince anyone of that, all I would need to do is let you keep writing. You're doing a much better job than I ever could.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

what ever happened to this poster? She did what she intended to do, because she is ill. She negatively slamed on the Rogers HS staff, disrupted a persons humanity, caused humilliation, all to "pay back" the Rogers staff and administrator for her own bad choices.

your school is no better then any other school. you don't know everything that goes on at Rogers. A girl was sexually assulted at Rogers this morning and the good staff would not let her call her mother. Were you at Rogers today? Maybe you can help this student.

First, if this were true, no school would refuse a student from calling home, let alone the police. I was at Rogers for 4 hours today. Today was Homecoming and parade. Not one mention of it. With this other scandel and the lies already out in the community regarding Rogers, wouldnt you think the school would make sure to follow certain guidlines if it were true?

I cannot believe this site allows people to post questions without having accurate information, like how all this got started with the original post.

Where did you gather this from, anniversary911? If you shall make a post as insulting as this, you need to provide facts and proof. Otherwise, do not waste the readers time..........

Wait a second...Chris Myers owns this site?

You can tell how much I've been paying attention. lol

Today at Rogers was our Homecoming celebration-- despite losing our football game against Whitmer (44:21, I believe) we had a pep assembly, parade (lead by a police car and horseback riders), and a lot of participation from many Rogers students, parents, and the community. Despite the football game score, our Rams played hard, and with integrity. The young men kept their cool, as evidenced by a minimum of penalty calls. (Actually, I didn't hear any, but I am easily distracted by the large number of current and former students who came to the game.) The Homecoming King was A football player, represented by his mother in the ceremony at half time, and the Homecoming Queen was a tall, graceful young woman who is blossoming into her leadership abilities and perseverance.

To get back to my earlier listing on this blog, S.A.A.B. is a group who's acronym means the "Society of African-American Brothers" and is dedicated to training young men to walk beside another, and help each other reach their goals.

We have a similar group, the Daughters of Promise, who's goal is to bring young women together to support each other, and achieve excellence. (These are only a paraphrase of their goals, but the groups are real-- and reach out to students who are good peer examples as well as those having life conflicts.)

Rogers High School also sponsors with the TPS School, Toledo Technology Academy, and the Dana Corporation a F.I.R.S.T. robotics team. You can look it up on www.usfirst.org, and www. techfusion_279.com. We are in the midst of accepting applications for the team. We have been involved with Team #279 since 1999. Awards include a national title, several wins at regionals, robot design, sportsmanship, and safety. From this group at Rogers, several former members and Rogers graduates are studying engineering, heat/ventilation/cooling, equestrian management, facilities maintenance management, nursing, and culinary arts.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

S.A.A.B. stands for Student African American Brotherhood

but some things can't be hidden and they shouldn't be. I don't know anything about the teachers and the nooses. If that happened I don't know anything about it. But I do know that a sexual assault occurred yesterday and the student was not allowed to call her parents. The public and parents have a right to know what is going on in their school. But the schools hide things and then paint the people who are trying to bring changes as racist, not good advocates, liars and angry.

What happens at Roger good or bad has nothing to do with this site. I could just as easily report that 10 students were arrested at Scott yesterday (Friday) after the coronation.

I am not trying to bash Rogers I think that Rogers is no better or worst then any other TPS school. So maybe I am just bashing TPS in general. Before you jump on somebody and call them all kind of names and imply all kinds of things you should realize that things are occurring at every school that is not right.

How do you know this happened? Are you an employee? A student? A parent? THE parent?

How many mouth's are you from 'the horse'?

I know things are different these days, but when I went to school there were a bank of pay phones right in the hall. Most people never used them because of lack of privacy, plus that hall was too damn loud, but they were there.

Was this girl (I'm assuming it was a girl) physically restrained from calling her parents, or what?

Please do not take my questioning you in any way as casting doubt - only that this post is based on a foul lie, and that being the case, it'd be foolhardy not to ask some poignant questions, considering there's very little extra info accompanying your postings.

Rams go??

There are alot of postive thing about Rogers - but these claims need to be looked at. Every child deserves to be safe at school. I don't think anybody disagrees with that.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I checked on the assertion by "anniversary911" that a sexual assault occurred on Friday, and the closest thing that I could confirm was a disagreement between a boy and girl. I don't want to downplay any issues, but I do know that boy-girl stress is high right before major dances. (Our Homecoming dance was Saturday.)

In reference to the safety of the building, the Fire Marshall came in today, and pulled the fire alarm. This was not an announced drill. Students exited the building calmly and quickly. The fire crew also spent time reviewing the standards of the facility.

Rogers students with disabilities were invited to a "job fair" today at the Toledo Zoo. I would estimate somewhere around 50 students participated in this special event. Students spent the day at the Zoo. One of the key focuses in our special needs educational program is the transitioning of students with disabilities into the work force.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

I don't think the parents are in a mood for an employee at Roger's Rams "downplaying" what happened to their daughter on Friday. It certainly was not a boy-girl disagreement.

I think you need to check with your principal before you make anymore of those kinds of public statements representing Rogers.

On the day this original thread was posted, October 8th, I was told by Roger's Principal Tony Brashear that he "wanted to respond" when I contacted him and informed him about this post and actually sent him the cut and paste to the wording of the original post.

Today is October 15th, a week later. I have not received any email, phone call, etc., about the original claims made here. While I know more now because I did quite a bit of research, I know what I was told. I also know that Twila was given contradictory information as far as being told by one source an investigation was done and another that no investigation was done.

While it has been suggested to me that the TPS administration does not to respond to "internet postings" here or to me because I am "just a blogger", if promises are made, they should be kept and if conflicting information is given, it should be clarified. If TPS wants better communication and to present a more positive impression to the public, a huge part of that would be following through on promises made and some consistency...

As a ps, the three times I have called Rogers I have left a message after being told Mr. Brashear was "not available" when I give my name.

We don't remember days only moments...

We don't remember days only moments...

redemption, atonement and forgiveness. Sometimes a large organization just needs to say we are sorry and ask for forgiveness and try to not let the situation, whatever it is, happen again, instead TPS would rather hide, lie, cover up and disparage the messenger.

This type of behavior usually happens to children because children can't vote.

And bad things just keep happening to children..............

Anniversary911- What I said was quite clear. I said that I DID NOT want to downplay it, but I could not find out more information-- having talked with more than one adult in a place to know, including the nurse. Our Principal, Tony Brashear, was in Columbus for both Thursday and Friday at an educational summit. Between that and Homecoming, I would say that it's also a good reason why "LisaRenee" could not reach him easily by phone. It's also highly probable, that the reason that the information was said to me as a "boy-girl disagreement" was a polite way of administration keeping the identity of the allegedly accused and allegedly abused in confidence, to protect the high school students who are probably minors, but not to belittle the event. Did you catch the number of "probablies"? I have made every effort to speak factually, straightforward, and non-evasively. When I checked on Monday, as I promised, I was told, positively, that the Principal on Monday dealt with the "boy-girl disagreement" (as it was said to me). I am certain that the parents are fully aware of what happened.

I, too, wish that we could protect each of our young people from everything bad that could happen in the world, and educate our children for every bit of knowledge and reasoning that they need, in order to be a successful and happy adult. Maybe a better purpose of this blog would be to find solutions that would work, and lead all school districts to achieve excellence.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

of things being covered up and lied about at Rogers. It is no better than any other school, regardless of what the cheerleaders (groupie, Teacher, Sandy etc.)say.

(admin edit) and staff are negligent in not handling this issue(nooses or not nooses) in a professional way. Looking back through my e-mails I received an e-mail concerning this matter September 23, 2007.

Increasethelove is not mentally ill or any of the other things she has been accused of being. She is a parent who has been extremely frustrated by actions that have been done to her and her children including arrests. She is not a person who fights with her hands but uses her mouth (much like myself) sometimes to her detriment.

If Increasethelove is not a mentally ill person, she certainly does a damn good job of impersonating one. Actually, she reminds me of blacjac687 on ToledoTalk. Yikes.

I don't always agree with your opinions, purnhrt, but at least I can follow what you're saying. lol

(And, FWIW, I thought you were a little unfairly jumped on in this particular thread. I thought you did a decent job of discussing issues that you are obviously passionate about while distancing yourself somewhat from the original poster.)

Well said Sara H.

rescue me

I am not going to get into it with you as to whether or not increasethelove assaulted Mr. Brashear or not. We all know that justice ain't always just, but for you just remember O.J.

employee following this particular thread, but lets really KeepItReal, The principal at Rogers is a on a mission of damage control.

The Free Press is not a public institution, Roger's High School is. We trust that our children will be safe in a public institution. When something negative does happen and it gets out into the public, be open and honest about the situation. The public will accept honesty.

But when the negatives start outweighing the positives, that is when there is a need for damage control. Damage control should be used when building cars not children.

I am sure sorry to hear your story. Ignorance and hateful behavior know no physical characteristics. My heart goes out to you - it goes out to everyone who has been victimized by racism.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Hi Maggie Thubber:

United States Constitution Hate Crime Law
Caps are easier for me read.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

Maggie, that is a good question. What law was violated? Maybe this is this answer. A noose is as offensive to African Americans as a Swatika is to someone who is Jewish. Many Americans who know detailed American history know that the noose (lynching) was the preferred method in which people in the majority or in power terrorized African Americans. A noose is also the sign for vigilantism. If a group didn't like something someone did, they captured the person, put a noose around their neck and lynched them. With African Americans I understand that the vigilantes would also torch the swinging victim as well.

I'm fully aware what caps mean. I said that in the piece. However, this did occur. Further, Bottom line, A NOOSE MEANS SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO DIE. In this country murder is illegal. To hang a noose is a FEDERAL HATE CRIME 18 U.S.C.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

Which students have they spoken with? The teachers are going to lie.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

How does a pay scale impact the actions of a student doing this?

How would paying a teacher more in some way be pertinent to this situation?


it seems you are the lone soldier in this cover up.

Perhaps that should tell us something - if hundreds of students supposedly saw this event, then why aren't more students/parents complaining?

If the incident is true, the participants should be punished accordingly. But the students and parents who witnessed it need to speak out.

Excellent point.

You hope and pray that a TPS teacher brought a noose to school and used it to threaten students? That's F'd up.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I'm sure they are banned in school, but if you think the kids still don't have them in their pockets and use them you'd be kidding yourself. I don't think a high school student would be thinking "i'll get in trouble if I take a picture of the crazy teacher swinging a noose in the hallway". Considering the subject I don't think the picture of that, if one existed, would get anyone except for the teacher (well maybe the principal for not stopping it) into trouble.

TPS has a cell phone policy and you can't carry one at all. They are strictly prohibited in TPS schools. To do so would result in confiscation and disciplinary action. So you are not likely to get a picture of anything in the school.

BTW - I agree with the idea that cell phones should not be a distraction, but to ban them entirely means that unless you have a vehicle at school you can't even bring one with you. I believe the policy is an over reaction and changes need to be made. My guess is that there are a lot of "illegal" phones on TPS property. I would guess that many parents have told their student to take it and keep it off and out of sight until after school. Given the issue of security and latchkey parents to ban them from TPS property is stupid and not in the student's best interest. As a side note, a letter mailed home to parents earlier in the year state they are banned from TPS property yet there is this line in the letter - "They are not to be visible or in use during the school day for any reason." Apparently even TPS officials know they will never be able to keep them off school property - so why do they have the ban in the first place?

I'm constantly left wondering if any of these administrators ever had children and thus are parents!

Comfortable....LOL How comfortable is a KKK member @ a KKK meeting? (There is couple of them on here, you ask THEM. One can TELL who THEY are. I already told one HIS SLIP was showing.) Comfortable.....LOL In an average school in Toledo Public Schools there may be ONE BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN SUBSTITUTE teacher seen in a month. There is less than 50 teachers in the system. Ohio state board of Ed includes BLACK TEACHERS [AND RETIRED] WHO ARE NOW DEAD IN THEIR NUMBERS as reported to them by TPS. We even found that some teachers listed as newly hired are actually retired teachers subbing.

Let me REMIND YOU, TOLEDO is where the KKK/Arian nation, etc. came/come to March & Rally EVERY TIME there is MMM. WHY TOLEDO??!! Because TOLEDO,OHIO is just that RACIST. YEAH.. THEY ARE VERY COMFORTABLE HERE! This is a very corrupt city. GOOD PEOPLE are leaving this city by the ship full daily. ENTIRE CORPORATIONS! I would be gone too, if my Mother wasn't here sick. RACIST people CAN NOT SEE how STUPID they APPEAR to others. They don't even THINK their actions actions are wrong. They think white is ALWAYS right.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

White privilege is YELLING! OMGoodness, I feel faint. LMAO YOU STILL DON'T GET IT! Attack me, fine. I can ignore you. Attack MY BABIES, [and they are all mines, THIS IS A VILLAGE] and I will keep YELLING until JUSTICE IS SERVED! I can think of worst things to type than CAPITAL LETTERS. DUH De De Dee I'm not changing my persona to suit you/anyone else. Don't tell me how to feel about NOOSES. IT'S CALLED BEING AN INDIVIDUAL! When you can feel this as I do, then talk to me...until then, go back to your nest.


God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

I think there should be a public statement made by TPS, and the conflicting information on if there was an investigation or not cleared up.

Not addressing this makes the situation worse and creates speculation as to what is true and what is not true.

We don't remember days only moments...

It appears that the last post Increase the love wrote left a bold tag not closed...

We don't remember days only moments...

Please see the above post/reply to your legal ? I accidentally hit the wrong reply tab.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

This is exactly what I mean. Your slip is showing too. First, you're more focused on Capital Letters than a Human Rights issue. Secondly, I am not addressing RACIST PEOPLE here. That epiphany of Intelligence must come in YOUR own time. Lastly, I said, GOOD PEOPLE STAND UP! GOOD PEOPLE will stand up. Racist ones will keep complaining. Go take the IAT test.


God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

will this work

that didn't work - we'll have to wait for Chris to figure out how to fix it.

We don't remember days only moments...

rumor. I would hope that the Admin. and Superintendent have better things to do with their time, than waste it by giving credence to some idiotic rumor. Anyone could go on this site or any other and spout moronic and outlandish things, that doesn't make them true, and it doesn't warrant a response by the administration of Toledo Public Schools. The poster of this little rant sounds less and less intelligent as the seconds tick by, which makes it no surprise that you are now throwing your two cents in to back him or her up. This whole post was done to try and provoke a response, and look how successful it was. The poster obviously has no actual facts to back up anything they said, and all they are doing is trying to do is stir the pot. Well, congrats. Too bad you had to sound like a moron while you did it.

--These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will; in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. -Thomas Paine

(I was interrupted while revising my previous post, sorry for any confusion. Didn't intend to delete the whole thing.)

The caps thing is only a part of it. lol

Even though I might not always agree with all of the opinions you state here, at least I can follow what you're trying to say.

As opposed to a certain individual who sounds like they forgot to take their meds today. (Which is a shame because the incoherent, rambling postings detract from the message.)

LIES AND MORE LIES AND COVER UPS. No investigation has ever been done. No reports have ever been filed. No students have ever been questioned. WHY?

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

The teacher and many others know the identity of this person. Her ignorance and hatred has done nothing but harm her own children and their image, while also convincing a great deal of people that she is completely unstable. It is good to hear that positive things are happening at Rogers.

You know what Twila, Sandy's "anger" is NOTHING compared to the anger of the original poster while she's spewing her "I hate whitey" lies and slander. I don't sense any anger in Sandy's posts, and what difference does it make what Jr. High her son attended. And so what if she is angry? I'm angry about this post and so is pretty much everybody else who has responded. Go crawl back in your racist hole.

Purnhrt, if they investigated and found there to be no evidence of any wrong doing then why would they make a public statement? That just doesn't make any sense. I'm sure stuff happens at TPS every day that is looked into but no public statement is released.

Good for you James. I as well do as much as possible for the less fortunate. I spent yesturday at the Central Catholic "volunteer fair", to get their students to volunteer for TPS Special Olympics. Many of our volunteers come from the Catholic schools who require 20 of service per year. That is a great life skill.

I am only angry at the women who created this blogg. I think she should find other outlets for her anger. I sure hope this mom suffers a consequence for her actions. Unfortunately, it will be her children who suffer the most.

Rogers High School has been wonderful for my family and student. Actually today he is going to the "Andersons" with the Option 4 program. That is a "life skill". He also attends a computer course and the choir and loves it at Rogers. He is so happy there!!!!! Everyone from the bus driver, lunch staff, teachers, counselor, freshman advisors are an awesome, caring, kind, patient and giving staff. They all deal well, with a group of diverse stundent (and families).

Look for him in the Parade tomorrow on a 3-wheel bike in the Freshman crowd! I will be on the side line crying, from my happiness and pride of his inclusion!

PS. Tyler attended Jones for 7th and McTigue for 8th, if it mattered? May I ask why?

Purehate, righteous anger can be a productive thing - anger at lies and slander for instance. Sandy is justified in being angry at having her childrens' teachers lied about.

I wouldnt tell a racist like you where my child attended school on a bet.

liberty- where did this cake-dropping incident happen? I'm just curious because I haven't seen/read anything on the news about it and I'm a media freak :) What kind of charges are being brought against her?

Twila, I love to help advocate for students with special needs. I dont mind if you ask at all. I was just uncertain of its connection to this blog. Mrs King at Jones is awesome. She is too an advocate for special education, with my involvement. Anytime I can help a student, I do not mind at all.

As far as this blog and the author goes, I still have not been told a name. I personally want to see her suffer the way she has made the teacher and his family suffer. I understand people like to talk BS. However, spreading one's name in our community with false accusations is illegal. I think TPS or the TTF needs to hire an attorney for him and press charges on her. This is a prime example of the diversity in our community that our teachers have to deal with, they alone are not there to educate anymore..........

Ahhh I can see it now.. every news channel in town breaking into programming to announce this breaking news Update: After an intense investigation it is determined that absolutely nothing happened at Rogers High School today. Full story at 11.

I used to think that you were just an angry passionate person Purnhrt, but after that "you people" comment now I just think you're just a sad, ignorant racist.

Mad Jack, for once I do agree with you, this mother is mentally ill. Perhaps not jail, but a facility to help her and keep her away from really harming society.

1. The original poster appeared to have posted in on other sites.

2. The leaving up of a post does not constitute endorsement. There have been negative posts against Steven Flagg and Twila and those are still up. If your premise was true, then I would have happily pulled those. I did not. And....I don't know who the poster is and I would never have encouraged the poster to post this, especially just to create chaos. BTW I have never said the district is in "Chaos" so you are not even stating the truth.

3. Like I tell everyone, the community will defend those who need defending. I personally spoke to the teacher in question and we will be sure that his point of view is posted here when he is ready. Increase the love had his/her say, and the teacher will have his say.

4. The post is here so that the true story can be told. If it was removed from here it would still remain in the other places and what really happened would not get told.

I feel it is sad you are trying to make this into a political issue when it is not.

Rogers has a wonderful staff and I commend you all for all your effortless time you give the students. I think highly of Rogers and I wanted to thank you for your dedication!!!!!!

Steve your allegations baseless. First, if you remember there was an off base allegation in that post about you which WAS edited.

Since you are a "limited purpose public figure" discussion about you is different from a teacher that never sought the limelight.


I don't think you want to debate this topic here on the board, we have already been through this.

Policy has been consistent and will be in the future.

purnhurt, I agree yes we can discuss the issues and the Web format allows that. We can have detailed discussions about issues like this and sometimes they can be uncomfortable.

I think we all have seen that you have only called that it be investigated. I believe only increase the love said it occurred.

key can be important in typing public - funny how some words can still be words by missing a letter. lol

So does this make me a racist? Or, sexist?

I have no idea why you're a racist or a sexist.

Seriously, Katy, the difference is night and day. You don't post ignorant, illiterate missives on every public blog in Toledo, nor are you prone to leap to conclusions. I'm hard pressed to find a single post from Purnhrt that doesn't contain an inflammatory, thinly veiled racist statement coupled with a sense of entitlement that is truly not to be believed.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Didn't know it until today. If there is pay, I think I am owed a lot of back pay.



I heard this today at a seminar for special education, I thought it was really cool. Advocating does work much better when you are kind and respectful.

Rogers Rams is an awesome school!


Can you prove this?

This site seems as though it is a "bash Rogers" site. Let me ask you something, anniversary911: Do you work at Rogers? I do and I will tell you that your posting is not true. Students have a great many of places that they can use the telephone, let alone all the student cell phones that are available. I can state for a fact that the student WAS NOT denied access to a phone.

are right here!!!!! The new school has direct lines in each room. I am for certain that if this were true, the student could make a call from one of the classrooms. Our teachers are not heartless for gods sake.

This is why I used the example of my son having Down Syndrome and being excepted as if he did not have a disablity. The staff there is awesome, or they wound not have the heart to accept and include him in all the extra activities that they do. It takes a very kind and giving person to work with special needs students. The entire staff there is so empathetic and patient with the special education students, thus including all the regular education teachers that willingly provide a positive inclusion environment. In addition, they work so well with the "regular" education students. All I have seen is positives.

I think it is ashame that people can creat such horrible accusations. I know some people are full of crap, but to say the accusations that have been said on this post are ridiculous.

My whole point is the Rogers staff truly cares for the students well being. They love what they do and it shows each day.

Thank you teachers!

(Sorry-- wrong "s." The rest of it was correct.)

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

Hey, sorry I missed the newest anti-Ram allegations! I didn't hear anything about a sexual assault on Friday. A lot about Homecoming, the pep rally, parades, football, dances, and all the cool stuff that makes high school fun. I cannot verify anything about the alleged assault until Monday evening, as I have just gotten home from the dance!

I can, however, state that every classroom and office has a phone with an available outside line. Anything as critical as an assault would be referred to the nurse and administration. Our nurse is on site full-time, is very compassionate, and has dealt with CSB over the abuse of our students by parents and siblings, and our nurse is very knowledgeable.

(On the subject of cell phones-- the TPS administration has banned cell phones, so that they do not cause a class disturbance, and cannot be used for cheating (pictures of tests...texting answers...etc.). If there was no policy, it could not be enforced. Usually a simple reminder about the TPS policy takes care of students who pull out cell phones during the school day. ....And not one day goes by that I do not have to remind someone-- so don't bother arguing again that students are so scared of the policy that they would have been afraid of photographing a teacher doing wrong!!! When two girls fought after school a week ago, I saw a minimum of 20 cells out. Their "evidence" wasn't necessary, as Rogers has cameras every 20 feet or so.)

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

This didn't happen. Increase the Love is mentally ill and if the other posters are correct, he or she has been convicted of assault against the principal and a security guard. That aside, there is absolutely no evidence by the poster's own admission, which he or she explains away by claiming that TPD is in on the conspiracy. There is no glint of truth to the story. It's absolutely false and I hope the teacher named sues the bejesus out of this person or at the very least files for a restraining order.

Why should TPS apologize? How do you prevent nothing from happening again? If nothing is happening to the children, I want it to keep happening.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I was told he was unavailable because he was "in a meeting" not "out of the building". I think leaving three messages and one email unresponded to was enough for me to figure out he was not going to call back. Nor do I understand the need to put my name in quotes - it is actually my real name. I don't use some pseudonym on the blogosphere.

Consider me old school, but when someone promises you a response they should follow through and if there was no intention to make a response than one should not have been promised. The expectation of a response resulted from Mr. Brashear's statement to me not mine to him.

As a parent of five and a TPS parent in addition to being a blogger, it's this lack of communication and unrealistic expectations created by TPS that adds to the frustration many parents feel. From a customer service aspect, it's not very professional. How long would you do business with someone who did not communicate with you promptly and did not follow through on the expectation they created as far as level of service? It's not as if some huge dissertation was expected. It's really very simple.

A) The incident did not happen at all or B) There was a noose and it was taken out of context

A) There was no investigation or B) There was an investigation

We don't remember days only moments...

She is not a person who fights with her hands but uses her mouth

Is she not currently wearing an electronic leash because she DOES fight with her hands?

You are so out of touch with the situation, because like most negative stories about TPS, you want to make them a personal mission. The principal at Rogers is not doing ANY damage control because there is no damage. The only damage is to the poster of the original blog, and her son whose reputation is now tarnished in the eyes of staff and students at Rogers because he fabricated this entire lie.

I am Pat McCollough, a retired United States Marine Sergeant Major, also known around campus as, "Coach Pat." I returned to the education industry at my alma mater, Hawthorne Middle/High School; this was a dream come true. My dream turned into a nightmare when I became the victim of a hate crime.

On 1 Jun 2007, the last day of school, I feel prey to racial discrimination and a victim of hate. This happened on campus during the school day. My classroom was the only one spray painted with hate graffiti, K.K.K. and a Swastika symbol. My vehicle was also spray painted with similar graffiti.

One student has been identified as the suspect. It has never been explained or investigated why this student was out of class and allowed to just roam around campus without a pass or any supervision. This was final exam day.

The administration was very passive about the entire situation. They gave the impression that even though the incident was identified by the local police as a "criminal act" or maybe "just a prank," they had not taken into consideration how the entire event must have traumatized me as a human being. They stated that they must have misread me because I was a pillar of strength and so well composed though out the entire situation. Well, Isn't that how professionals are suppose to respond.

If this type of racial behavior continues and is condoned with little or no consequences for the real criminals, someone is going to get seriously hurt...remember Jena 6? I wonder if those three nooses hanging on the tree traumatized any of the students or were they provided with any type of professional psychological counseling after having been subjected to such hate. I requested professional psychological counseling and was denied at two different levels. I had to eventually seek professional counseling through other resources outside of the school district. The local community also turned a deaf hear to my cry.

It is a known fact there is a current issue with safety and security within the Alachua County School District, Gainesville, Florida. From my research, there are many other schools throughout the Nation facing similar incidents.

I did not return to teaching this year.

Still Hurting,Pat McCollough


(if you have any difficulty with reading, did you know that you can magnify your screen view? In the bottom right hand corner of Internet Explorer, right above the time, is a magnifying glass with a + in it and "100%" next to it. Just clicking on that will give you larger letters on your screen. I don't know if that's what you meant about caps being easier for you to read, but if so, I hope this helps.)

...yes - I do remember my history lessons as well...

But this is what I was looking for:

In the United States federal prosecution is possible for hate crimes committed on the basis of a person's race, color, religion, or nation origin when engaging in a federally protected activity. As of October, 2007, congress is considering legislation that would add gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability to the list (see Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007). (from wikipedia)

attending school is a 'federally protected activity' - btw...

and this:

Under Ohio's statute, for example, any person who commits menacing, aggravated menacing, criminal damage or criminal endangerment, criminal mischief, or telephone harassment "by reason of the race, color, religion, or national origin of another person or group of persons" is guilty of the hate crime termed ethnic intimidation (Ohio Rev. Code Ann.

Before an person can be charged with a hate crime, they have to commit a crime. Hate crimes are similar to premeditated murder in that the actions of the offender determine the level of severity of the crime. What statute was violated by bringing a noose to school?

Also, what subject does (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) teach and in what context was the noose used? Before you ask, yes, it does matter.

And FYI: TFT isnt the bargaining unit for janitors. They're covered by AFSCME, so Fran Lawrence has nothing to do with protecting a former priest.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Otherwise TPD would have arrested the neonazis during their rallies for wearing swastikas. There has to be a violation of a law designated by the hate crime statute in order to prosecute someone for a hate crime.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

...I'm waiting for the outcome of their attempts to investigate. I'm sure we'll all hear ...

I personally spoke with Tony Brashear a few hours ago, he had not seen this posting but said he would like to respond to it that a similar one on MySpace was not true. I believe there are other media sources as well who are aware of this but I can't confirm what coverage if any there will be from them. I sent Mr. Brashear a copy of the posting here, and I am awaiting either his response or a response from TPS.

Here's my concerns, you are stating that at a minimum 480 students saw this teacher with the noose and if that part is accurate that would mean that many students either did not tell their parents about this experience or their parents took no action. Even if as you state the teachers would lie, that huge amount of students witnessing something would counter that.

That's not even getting into some of the other information posted that is not correct, teachers are not required by law to live within the district. Rogers racial make up according to the Ohio Department of Education is not 90% it is 69%.

The fact that you don't want to state what (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) teaches, makes me wonder if there is more to this story if a noose was displayed. Logic tells me that something must have had happened but perhaps not the numbers stated or not quite in the context of how it is being posted here that it happened. If I do get a response or if I hear anything from the other media sources I'll update what I have been told.

We don't remember days only moments...

another classroom ever again...I am hoping that the story is not a hoax, only because everyone is on hush about this inicident

Do you hear any students speaking out! NO! (A few perhaps on My Space, I understand.) WHY!?? Because they risk EVERYTHING for speaking up. I REMOVED MY CHILDREN AND THEN SPOKE UP! That IS INTIMIDATION!

Further, what was (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) INTENT by bringing that NOOSE to school, POINTING AT CERTAIN STUDENTS and wearing THE NOOSE all day in class?

A NOOSE MEANS SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DIE! Whether that was one's intent or not. We are not dealing with adults here we are dealing with children.

1. The O.R.C. states it is inappropriate, therefore illegal, for a teacher to display this type of behavior IN A CLASSROOM.

Much like yelling FIRE OR BOMB in a crowd of people is ILLEGAL. The words themselves are not

2. THE U.S.C. says it's ILLEGAL PERIOD! In a crowd of CHILDREN it caused PANIC and FEAR PERIOD!


You want the truth, GET A COURT ORDER, REMOVE THE TEACHERS FROM THE SCHOOL AND TALK TO ALL THE STUDENTS WHO WERE IN THAT (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) WING OF THE SCHOOL ON THAT DAY! Teachers also saw him. Offer them the same PROTECTION and they too will speak up.

Remember what I said, 'It only takes ONE ROTTEN APPLE to spoil a WHOLE BAG' [A BUSHEL BASKET ~100 apples]. It's a proven theory.

You know the law! I'm honored Mr. G.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

Let me REMIND YOU, TOLEDO is where the KKK/Arian nation, etc. came/come to March & Rally EVERY TIME there is MMM

What exactally is MMM?
You make it sound like there is a rally every other week or something.

I'm sorry, I understand that you are very passionate about this topic but I just don't see the proof.
I know the TPS policy on cell phones but I also know that if something like this really happened those kids witnessing it would have been whipping out their phones and taking pictures and video, mailing them off so that even if their phones were taken away the pictures would still be out there and available.
One if not all of the local news channels would have been all over this had they been given this kind of proof.
If the only proof you have is some stories on My Space then I'm sorry I just can't accept that.

If you would like to get your point across, using all caps is not the way to go. I'll be honest with you - I tend to skip over portions of posts in all caps.

But, if you're just venting to vent and don't care if anyone actually pays attention to your message, then go ahead and type in all caps if it makes you feel better.

So I don't believe I'd be welcome at any KKK rallies, unless they wanted to use me as an example of "who to git". But I am a Gen Xer, and I've noticed a distinct difference between my generation and previous generations in the way we view the world. While race might be a huge factor in the way your generation classifies social strata, many in my generation realize that socio-economic factors are just as important, if not moreso than race when determining an individual's caste in our society.

I have to mention that I find it pretty ironic that in your attempt to highlight racism in TPS, you've labeled all TPS teachers as corrupt and racist based on the alleged actions of a few.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

My apologies. I didn't know I had to close the Bold. Closed now.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

you're just smokescreening the issues?

The camera dosen't blink, but man will lie.

I have to give ya kudos, you've taken your drama and made something explode.

Your anger management issues will dilute your credibility anyway.

How would you know? I know for a fact that students were interviewed and cameras were reviewed and both verified that the incident was a complete fabrication. Why don't you give it up? Your identity is known to many, as is your recent conviction of two safe school charges. Aren't you also wearing an ankle braclet in lieu of 180 days in jail?

I personally cannot say enough about our experience thus far at Rogers....My entire family has remarked on the happiness of my son. Further, if he did not like you or his environment, he would express it and refuse to go.

I notice how much every member of that staff care for the students. It shows in everything they do and the morale of the students.

When this mom, who started all the drama, stated " one bad apple", well.......she is marking a bad name for us "Rogers Rams moms"..........

Get help lady........

Sandy, thank you for your compliment. I find that goodwill makes me feel so GOOD! But what makes it even better is that the recipients feel GOOD too. Its a win, win.

Especially in a case like this. TPS should be falling over itself getting something on the record so that if this rumor gets any further, they can prove without a doubt that they investigated the story and proved it to be false.

There have been many posts here that I've read and I've thought, "You people are a bunch of morons." (FYI, I'm a white woman, not that it matters.)

It usually happens when I see someone having a negative reaction to a post when it's blatantly obvious they didn't thoroughly read it.

Can you really think someone is a racist if you've never met them personally and seen the way they treated others? Can you really say that you can get a genuine idea of who anyone is, simply by reading their words on a message board? Some people here seem to think so. In my experience, first impressions developed in forums such as these are RARELY accurate. And based on that, no matter how many times I think "you people" are morons, I try not to come right out and say it. But oh... there are moments when that's so very hard...

(OhioKat, I'm not calling you a moron. I just wanted to use your comment to illustrate how I feel at times. I know for a fact I'm not the only person here who gets frustrated by some of the things she reads.)

Because A) when I made the original phone call to the principal he told me he wanted to respond and would. B) Because there has been conflicting information as to was there an investigation or was there nothing to investigate. C) This type of conflicting information and not following through on promises helps add to the problems and the feeling of mistrust.

Allowing this situation to continue longer because answers/more information was promised that never materialized is exactly what happened. I agree with Twila that if answers are stated will be forthcoming than answers should be given. Even if it was a simple, "This incident did not happen and it is believed the person making the accusations is a disgruntled parent". It would be something...

We don't remember days only moments...

If I am a "limited purpose pubic figure", why was my name used in the first place to justify your "policy"? You can't use me as your justification if my case is different!

Just what allegation is baseless? That you are making this policy up on the fly? If you had a policy, just why was the teachers name allowed to stay until threats began to fly?

There is not a consistent policy in my mind. In any case, I have asked you not to reference me in your justification of whatever policy you believe is in place, which I still have not figured out. Where is your policy written and how is it implemented?

From the About section of this web site - "Do not come running to the admin to ask for things to be pulled or complain about what someone says. If it follows the mission of the site, it will stay up whether or not the admin agrees with it or not. This is an open site that welcomes discussion, so it will have to be extremely inappropriate for the post to be removed. Remember this is a community forum and a wide range of people view the site. Most likely some people will come to your side. You can even defend yourself. If the post is fair game and does not violate posting guidelines, the admin will tell you what was just said. Still don't know? Contact the admin and we can decide if it is fair game or not."

There is nothing in the About section regarding what you will or will not edit except for profane language - only what I quoted above. I did find this in your post - This will be a neutral forum, "Unless you are completely outlandish in your post or comments, they will not be deleted or edited." So is slander and libel outlandish? What constitutes outlandish?

As to responding, to quote you from the About section, "All sides can express their views here and if you post something you can/should expect a response."

Keep in mind you brought me into this debate! If you don't want a debate on a subject you know we disagree on, why in the world would you bring me into it in a public forum?

So you got my view. Don't want to debate. Don't start it! Don't want to continue. Don't respond.

Oh, yes. One more thing: the architectural design of the New Rogers High School focuses on safety. The old building had been added on to so many times, that there were odd short halls, over 28 first floor exterior doors, and it was a security nightmare. The new building was designed so that there are a minimum number of doors-- enough for safe egress, and the majority of which are visible from the intersection of the two main hallways. Every door also has cameras facing them!

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

As you are a blogger for the Free Press, are you allowed to comment on everything or anything that is said about the paper? Does the paper respond to every negative thing that is put on a blog? Why would the principal respond to you (a blogger)? I am sure the principal would love to expose the situation for what exactly what is, but what would be gained? Would the expectation then become that everytime a rumor is started, the principal has to respond to a blog?


(Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) stood in his doorway and waved THE NOOSE at students passing by as they changed classes. What was he teaching the ones in the hallway? "Ignorance of the law is no excuse."

When the student in the hall asked him why he was doing that and not wearing black to support Jena 6 his reply, was "this is how I feel about it." 'waving the noose.' Still, there has been no complete investigation done as the school system claims and John Foley claims.

Further, the Janitor position was part of the bargain with TFT. The priest molester was teacher [8 years @ Rogers] acting as a Dean/Guidance Counselor. Buy the DVD. Your slip is showing.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

One of my daughter's best friends is a Senior at Rogers High School. I just got off the phone with her, asking if she had heard about this incident and she knew of the teacher. She had heard nothing about the noose incident at all but stated she believed (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) teaches Social Studies.

Since she is not in the classroom of either one of the teachers mentioned, all this confirms is that the incident is not widely known in the school and what subject it is believed (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) teaches.

We don't remember days only moments...

Im 100% in agreement that if it happened (although unlike you I pray it DIDNT happen) this teacher should be prosecuted and never allowed to teach again.

What do you say should happen though if it did NOT happen?

Should the teacher take recourse upon the students who libeled him and tried to ruin his career?

If it is a hoax, I am just as adamant that the teacher should seek his deserved recourse as well.

True or false, SOMEbody needs to be held accountable.

More and more lies. Now the teacher wore the noose all day? Get a court order to remove the teachers? Your insanity is becoming more and more apparent. I've read the entire blog and was interested to learn that you were just found guilty for two safe school incidents at Rogers. Hmmmmm! Maybe a review of court records will shed more light on you and your tirade.

I Can't change the FACTS. As I stated, 'One bad apple...'. Just a minute.

At 22:21 hrs the cameras and Motion sensors RECORDED a VAN, license #, AND A CAMERA FLASH IN FRONT OF MY MOTHER'S HOME. My Mother is 83 yrs old and very ill. There are cameras and motion sensors on every perimeter of her home. YOU KNOW WHO ARE AND I DO TOO. If you THINK you're going to put a boulder through her PICTURE window as you did mines NEW YEAR'S EVE AND GET AWAY WITH IT, THINK AGAIN! Her neighbors are ex-Navy Seals with insomnia. They love My Mother, playing with their night vision goggles, and shooting stuff. They never miss a Competition. Let me assure you if you come near my Mother's home again FOR ANY REASON, YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW WITH CAMERA EVIDENCE OF YOUR ATTEMPT. Her neighbors will make absolutely certain your bodies will be there whenever the police arrive.

"Handbanana: I have to mention that I find it pretty ironic that in your attempt to highlight racism in TPS, you've labeled all TPS teachers as corrupt and racist based on the alleged actions of a few."

Now as I was saying, 'Mooninite', not ALL TPS teachers are not bad. I was a TPS teacher for 9 years.
THE FACT IS WE HAVE 38 SCHOOLS IN ACADEMIC FAILURE/EMERGENCY. What does that say? This is NOT MY imagination. So I know CORRUPT HORRIBLE EVIL TEACHERS when I see them. There are some GREAT teachers within TPS. Four at Rogers HS; Three at McTigue JHS, Ms. McCaster, Mr. Wooten, and Ms. Folts; Four at Mt. Vernon, Mrs. Dendinger, and Mrs. Hinz. I have personally rewarded [some] of these teachers & administrators with VACATIONS, JEWELERY, & CRUISES for their EXCELLENCE.

A great teacher is defined by their KNOWLEDGE of the subject matter; their ability to REACH THE STUDENTS, and to TEACH THE STUDENTS. I named about 8 teachers out of 200. What does that tell you? FACT: TPS has ~38 SCHOOLS IN ACADEMIC FAILURE/EMERGENCY...38! Why! Because they are Racist. Racist people are INEPT and NOTORIOUSLY STUPID! An intelligent teacher would NEVER have thought to bring a NOOSE to school. An intelligent teacher wouldn't LIE for the teacher that would do that. Who acts in concert like that? Your irony is misplaced. It's only a few good teachers in this system. THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

I have sued this school system and these teachers in FEDERAL COURT. A 31 page LAWSUIT, Pro Se. TFT/TPS antics are getting worse, not better. It's been 10 years of this STUPIDITY. You just don't know all I know about these teachers [DEMONS] and this school system. The list is too HORRENDOUS and too long to list here.

THE REV. DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING said, If one holds a man down in a ditch, one must stay in that ditch with him to hold him down. Hence, no one RISES! Therefore, JUST PLAIN STUPID! (That's the problem with Gen X, you've not learned/studied your history.) Rogers HS has just completed it's first year in a new school building. The socio-economic factor does not compute into this equation. New building or not, I'm glad to see these parents have pulled their children OUT OF ROGERS. Eight hundred [800] students have left since JUNE. IS THAT IRONIC?! THAT'S SHAMEFUL! And what does say ABOUT THE TEACHERS? De De Dee!

I suggest you go take the test at https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/.

These are far from good teachers. When teachers are this TERRIBLE, one must call them what they are, DEMONS.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

CASE AND POINT: How much did you see on the news about the priest PEDOPHILE working at Rogers HS and/or being removed? How much did you hear about the teachers voicing concerns about him being there in the school as a pedophile with those students? How much did you see on the news about Tony Comes? His Lawsuit? NOT A THING! NOT ONE WORD. A mention AFTER he appeared on OPRAH, if that. There is a news media BLACKOUT in this city.

Ask Steven Flagg of the Urban Coalition. They BLACK US OUT all the time. We hold PRESS CONFERENCES and the MEDIA never shows up. Toledo news is not informative, it is SELECTIVE. Negative stories about TPS rarely make the news. How do you think TPS made you believe it was in CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT? THE MEDIA. THE URBAN COALITION TRIED TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SCHOOLS. We went to print media handouts to get the truth out.

Jason Knowles [?] was the ONLY reporter who told how TPS SCANDALOUSLY wasted MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on teachers' luncheons and banquets. He was the BEST reporter the TOLEDO news EVER HAD. Where is he now? WAKE UP GOOD PEOPLE AND STAND UP!

To get at this TRUTH we must all demand A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION. We must talk to the students when they have NO FEAR OF REPRISAL from the teachers. These teachers are VINDICTIVE and EVIL. They will punish every child who utters a syllable. Remove the teachers from the classes and their class pets-the tattle tellers and you'll hear the ALL truth. IF YOU REALLY WANT THE TRUTH.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

enough with the invoking God's name after your posts.

Altho I am not one to critique a person's beliefs, your callous exploitation of this diety to attempt to further your cause is demeaning to those that believe in Him.

You're right Valbee, I do not know in a face to face, real life way what kind of person Purnhrt is. They may not be a racist in real life but they certainly do seem to work hard at being one on the internet. Based upon purhrt's other posts, not just in this thread I'm fairly certain that had I posted a response to them using that same line about "you people" I would have been branded a racist. I was simply returning the favor.
I bite my virtual tongue a lot.
Many times I've started to post and end up cancelling it out, sometimes though, that just doesn't work.

LisaRenee- In principle, I agree that the Principal has the opportunity to publicly comment on this diatribe by ITLT, however-- how should he do this? Should he only add his statement here, or on the Glass City site, or in the local newspaper, or on the local television news, or one of the other places ITLT has posted this farce? How would he be able to assuage the situation by a single posting? Over the incident that did not happen?

I already answered that-- I teach at Rogers, and I have identified myself as such. I have checked into the investigation of the allegation, and have reported TRUTH. And yet, you are still questioning the facts. What makes you think that having the Principal blogging on would help ITLT? ITLT has already self-identified as a "disgruntled parent" by saying that they withdrew their student from Rogers because their child reported to ITLT that one teacher wore a noose-- when, in fact, that teacher DID NOT, and did, in reality SUPPORT the Jena 6 by wearing black on September 20. I, personally, saw him in a black shirt, and no noose on that date.

There a quite a number of excellent teachers at Rogers. I try hard to be one! Why are you believing for one instant ITLT's slanderous assertion that TPS is filled with 'demons"???-- because, if you believe one part of this, are you not buying in to the whole thing?

You don't even need to read between the lines. I numbered the statements of truth.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

Your name is brought up, because of this and because there was a post about you. Is that a fact or not? Since it is a fact, I can use it as an example. The other fact is you asked me to remove that post about you and I can use that as an example to rocketfan as why I did not remove this one. So to answer your questions I did use facts to back up my case. I am not speaking for increase the love he/she will need to do that.

I don't think anyone above is alleging you of crimes or saying you participated in the event. If so, it would have been removed.

The allegation against the teacher was "outlandish". The references about you are not outlandish and since they all involve your public work, they will stay.

If you say bringing your name in is on the same degree as what was said against the teacher, then I don't agree with it and I am sure most readers would not agree with that either.

Regardless, everyone sees your point of view. They can judge who is off base or not.

...differently. It wasn't that the principal needed to respond or not...rather, that the principal 'promised' to follow up and then didn't.

The principal shouldn't have said he'd follow up and then not do so and refuse phone calls and emails. Further, if something changed and the principal could NOT respond as promised, for some reason or another, it would have been both polite and responsible to explain why he wouldn't be able to comment further - and that could have been done 'off the record' so to speak...

Have any you ever been in the new Rogers. It has 4 wings and two floors. There are ~1800 students that attend Rogers. Talk to the students. Not one, ALL OF (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) students. AND REMOVE HIM FROM THE ROOM WHILE YOU TALK TO HIS STUDENTS! Without fear of his retaliation, they will tell you. Put the teachers out and talk to the students. WITHOUT FEAR OF REPRISALS THEY'LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING! THESE EVIL CORRUPT TEACHERS ARE THE MOST VINDICTIVE DEMONS YOU EVER WANT TO MEET. THEY WILL FAIL EVERY STUDENT THAT TALKS. REMOVE THE TEACHERS FROM THE CLASS and the students will tell you EVERYTHING!

The numbers that (Admin Edit Principal) reports to state are forged all the time. Walk up in Roger's HS and tell me it's 39% caucasian. LOL Last year I went into the school and found the auditorium [~580 capacity] full of students and the theathre [~480 capacity], overflowing into the cafeteria with students, over 1000 students ILLEGALLY REMOVED FROM CLASS EVERYDAY! (Admin Edit Principal) didn't report that to the state. BUT THE LAW REQUIRES HIM TOO. Isn't that a LIE! A lie that broke the LAWS not just state O.R.C. but FEDERAL LAWS U.S.C - FELONIES.

These students were locked out of class with no paper work of ANY KIND on any of them. It is illegal by O.R.C., U.S.C. and the TPS board policy to put students out of HS class for uniform violations. This VIOLATES GOSS v. LOPEZ, 419 U.S.C. 565. Did (admin edit) report that? NO! The former Dean, Jack Trainer, quit because he was not going to deal the corruption in Roger's HS. Find him, he'll tell you everything now, he's in Akron, OH.

Find Mrs. Payne, formally, over BIC room at McTigue JHS [8 years of ACADEMIC FAILURE] she retired for the same reason, ILLEGAL STUDENT REMOVAL FROM CLASS! Classroom size 24 students. Students in B.I.C. room 117.

Don't believe me. Go to the school. They lie all the time. WAKE UP PEOPLE! TPS/TFT has been lying to you. GO TO THE SCHOOL, CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF!

One cannot be educated if one not in the seat. Thirty eight [38] schools in ACADEMIC FAILURE. WHY? Did I make that up too? ACTING LIKE THIS TEACHER CORRUPTION DOESN'T EXIST WILL NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY! I didn't write that movie 'TWIST OF FAITH' that HBO produced about Roger's HS in 2005.

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

"When the student in the hall asked him why he was doing that and not wearing black to support Jena 6 his reply, was "this is how I feel about it." 'waving the noose.' Still, there has been no complete investigation done as the school system claims and John Foley claims."

I'm going to go out on a limb and offer a possible explanation for why an investigation was conducted and no punishment was dealt: It didn't happen.

Step back and look at the situation as an outsider:
- The police said there was no evidence of the incident on the security cameras,
- This supposedly happened nearly a month ago and no media outlet has mentioned the incident, while some guy with a lawn jockey secured with a noose got regional exposure,
- Others have reported that students haven't heard of the incident,
- Parents appear to be unaware of the incident as well,
- It supposedly happened on a day of protest against racial intimidation involving the hanging of nooses,
- The police wouldn't even file a report,
- Probably most damning: The only "evidence" is a MySpace posting.

About Twist of Faith & Dennis Gray:

"Further, the Janitor position was part of the bargain with TFT. The priest molester was teacher [8 years @ Rogers] acting as a Dean/Guidance Counselor."

Janitors are covered under AFSCME Local 249 and IIRC, a Dean of Students would be part of the TAAP bargaining unit. Gray was most likely not a member of the TFT. And FYI- passing judgement on an entire group based on the actions of a few doesn't help your cause.

"Buy the DVD."

About that: I have. And I think you're combining two people into one.
- Dennis Gray was terminated from TPS in 2002, not 2006.
- The movie says nothing about him becoming a janitor.
- The movie was filmed in 2002-2003 and released in 2004, not 2005.
- Twist of Faith was about Tony Comes and his struggle against his rapist and the Catholic Diocese, not about Rogers High School. In fact, Rogers is never shown in the film and only mentioned briefly. Here's the synopsis.

As for his employment by TPS, hiring Gray would have been a no-brainer given the facts TPS was given when he applied. He had education experience, Bishop Donnelly gave him a positive letter of recommendation, and his background check was clean thanks to the Catholic Diocese's efforts. Even today Dennis Gray has never been convicted of a crime, meaning that unless potential employers do a Google search on his name, he'll still look like an upstanding member of the community.

"Your slip is showing."

WTF? I'm a tripod.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at


God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

God Bless,
Increase The Love Toledo

The only student claiming to see this act was the son of "increase the love" who was not even in the class.

Imagining you're being spied upon is a prominent symptom of schizophrenia. Seek help, because schizophrenia doesn't just work itself out. Eventually it can lead you harming yourself and those you love. Good luck.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Cute technique-- putting more diatribes out of order, so that it appears that no one is disagreeing with you! I already addressed the "priest pedophile," as you say, earlier this week. I believe that I also addressed the fact that I am not evil, and I will AGAIN ask that you stop incorrectly referring to teachers as evil. I am not, but I will be speaking with a few lawyers about SLANDER.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

Once again, this entry has been imposed mid-stream, so that it appears that no one is arguing with you.

Rogers High School has averaged between 1,100 and 1,300 students for every year since something like 1990. At present, we have 1, 175 or so. We have not lost 800 students. These assertions by ITLT are not accurate

I teach in TPS as Rogers, and I am not a demon. I will continue to pray for you, BY NAME, as I know who you are, based on information you have divulged within your own diatribes. Are you enjoying "house arrest"?

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

Let's reference a little bit of context:
1. ITLT's "31 page lawsuit" was dismissed, and not tried. Items within this included items such as Jr. High students having to wait outside the building for school to start as abusive and causing emotional distress on ITLT's children. My own child spent 2 years at McTigue Jr High, waiting outside for the entry bell, except in adverse weather.
2. It is NOT factual that ITLT was a teacher in TPS.
3. This entry was written at 4:12 in the morning-- are you not sleeping well with the ankle bracelet?
4. I have no comment to make about having neighbors who are former Navy Seals, except they should be honored for their service to this country.
5. You need to stop referring to TPS teachers as "demons." Every computer that you use posts its IP address, and you can be clearly researched by my attorneys. This is still a PUBLIC forum, and this constitutes SLANDER. Despite the fact that the site administrator has subsequently removed the names of two of the teachers that you have names, others are still posted.
6. Look to my other postings about the number of students at Rogers. We have not lost 800 students, despite your rantings.

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

"The collision of an idea with your sense of humanity, might, after careful reflection, result in the truth."

Don't avoid the subject.

Clarify your policy! It is not clear! Frankly, you have a problem here and this will happen again! You need to change some administrative rules and be more specific about your policy.


Because according to LisaRenee's post, the principal said he "wanted to respond", not that he would respond. Given that Increasethe Love stated that she is pursuing a lawsuit against TPS and that he was the victim of an assault according to previous posters, the principal might want to respond but can't or won't due to the circumstances surrounding this issue.

Also, I'm not sure if anything else was promised, but LisaRenee wrote in this post, "I personally spoke with Tony Brashear a few hours ago, he had not seen this posting but said he would like to respond to it that a similar one on MySpace was not true." Maybe the principal thought he had already responded to the incident?

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

What I am saying is that some of the information you posted like the teacher's having to live in the district and the racial composition numbers aren't accurate. I've talked to three Rogers students, one Senior, one Junior and one Freshman. Neither one has heard about this incident, though none of them are in (Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) classroom. Mr. Brashear said the incident did not happen, again, I don't know that for certain, only that's what he stated and he nor did anyone from TPS get back to me after my initial contact earlier today.

What I do know is if over 480 students did really see this incident, it's very disturbing that it's taken this long to be mentioned and that there have not been scores of parents making this a public issue. I also know if I as a parent of five children had knowledge that had one of my children experienced what you are stating here happened? I would have brought it to the attention of the media immediately, if the tv stations and the newspapers didn't want to be covering it, I would have been immediately on the internet, I would have been calling radio stations, I would have contacted the ACLU and other organizations out there. I would have organized parental protests in front of the school to get media attention immediately after it happened. If what you are posting here is accurate and this teacher did exactly what you are claiming, the outcry should be so huge from parents of these students that it can't be ignored.

Edited to add - the State of Ohio says 69% Black, 1.1 Multi-Racial, 25.8 White, 3.4 Hispanic


We don't remember days only moments...

"(Admin Edit names removed innocent until proven guilty) stood in his doorway and waved THE NOOSE at students passing by as they changed classes. "

See, therein lies the rub - I dont care if that school had 1800 students or 18, if someone was acting that way, the word would get around like wildfire.

If lisa renee spoke to three random students and none of them heard about it, I'd say the info is questionable.

Increasethelove, how many students did you speak to? There were a lot of women hung in Salem based on the stories that just a few girls told just to get back at someone they didnt like...

Kind of sums it all up, doesn't it?

I don't think you're too far out on a limb, and in any case you're in good company... and it seems to be a very stout limb.

What this groundless accusation needs more than anything is the delete keyy.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

First I must Thank all of the teachers at Rogers HS. What an awesome school!!!!! Secondly, everything this lady says is not true and she will not disclose her identity. This is very troubling to me. This women needs help...

Thanks again teachers!

Read my previous response, that will answer this one.

...but I still say that politeness and professionalism would mean that he'd explain - on or off the record - why he is not responding as he either 'promised' or said he 'wanted' to do...

It is not clear and you need to change some administrative rules - but hey, you are the one that will have to deal with it when it happens again!

Chris, I do think the about page is not clear when it comes to editing. While it is your forum, personally I think editing the name out at this late date really did nothing to diminish anything. Not just because this post has been posted on other forums but because the google cache still shows the name of the teacher.

I also think Steven does have a point when it comes to perhaps considering a change where people don't have instant front page posting rights. That would prevent or diminish the chance of something like this happening again.

We don't remember days only moments...

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