I'm glad to see Affirmative Action as worked out so well for the white guy...

Peter Schmidt, deputy editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, writes that researchers with access to the college admissions data that many institutions keep a tight guard on found that 15 percent of freshmen at 146 "highly selective" colleges are white students who didn't meet the school's minimum admissions standards for high school GPAs and SAT or ACT scores. There are more than twice as many sub-par privileged white kids at highly competitive institutions than there are black and Latino students whose race gave them a boost in competing for a spot, the researchers found. Some of the white kids are athletes, and many others are the children or friends of alumni, politicians, faculty members, donors, and administrators.

Schmidt also notes that these schools spend just 40 percent of the money for financial aid on students with a documented financial need; the bulk of it goes to students they think will enhance the college's reputation or become big donors later in life. As a result, kids from the wealthiest quarter of the country are 25 times to go to a selective college than the bottom quarter -- so, big surprise, everything about college in America today still perpetuates historical privileges.

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The thing that's really slick about whiteness is that most of the benefits can be obtained without ever doing anything personally racist, Whites are given the spoils of a racist system, even if they're not personally racist. -john a. powell, legal scholar

A more accurate summary of that article would be to say that wealthy, connected white children have an easier time getting into the elite universities. (Shocking news to all of us, I know. {sarcsasm} )

A white kid from the trailer park (heck, even from a middle class family) is not going to reap the benefits of admission to the elite universities just b/c of their whiteness.

I don't think its any surprise that wealthy and/or powerful alumni of the elite universities pull strings to get their kids admitted - one needs to look no further than the Oval Office to see an example of that. lol

I'm sure there's black kids from wealthy, privilaged parents who 'make out'. I don't think black kids own the corner on being poor - my guess is it is more about parental income than race. And there's a lot of white poor kids just as there are poor black kids. Not one person in my entire extended family ever got the perks some of the programs offer to underprivilaged kids - if you're poor in this country, you get medical care for free (or pretty much). We are middle class & my husband has worked 30 years with horrible insurance the last 5 years (good job) & our stack of medical bills never seems to dwindle. I"ve been trying to pay them down for a hell of a long time, auto deduct every 2 weeks on several & it barely makes a dent. But if we were poor, that stack of bills would not exist. I am weary of hearing this sad song about how if you're black, the world is against you. I personally think there's far more black racists on this board than white racists. A handful of posters turn every topic into a racial issue.

"A handful of posters turn every topic into a racial issue."

I don't know the color of the pollster, but I did not turn it into a racial issue.

Where you may see things from a rose colored view and I don't think that you do, I see things from a black perspective because that is what I know and live. Not necessarily a racial view but a black view. There is a difference that you would be able to see if not for your anger.

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