Criminal Scrappers at it again. Citizens Prevent Disastor

2246 Putnam, last known to be a crack house, vacant since early summer, nearly blew to smithereens at noon today. Why?

Young thieves kicked in the side door in an attempt to steal the copper pipes. Apparently, they had no tools and in the committing of the crime, yanked a natural gas pipe apart spewing natural gas all through the house.................

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Criminals today can't afford the basic tools needed to strip an abandoned house of it's gas lines, which is why we as a community need to step up and provide the equipment the theives so desperately need. Like blow torches.

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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

The danger is no longer a night time event. Broad daylight, high noon.

Last year and several times ealier this year, I have called 911 several times to report various crijminal scrappers doing their dirty deeds. I even took a picture of a guy, using a ladder to strip siding off the top of a house that you could see quite clearly from Bancroft. I waited 3 hours for the cops, went over, walked right up to the crook and took his picture. Then I printed and drove it downtown to the Mayor's office.

Another occasion with the same house(since demo'd), I called and the cops did eventually come, all they did was chase off the theives and impound a truck that was backed up to the house. The theieves were on foot, and the cops refused to chase em...just took the truck. A good 50% of the blight in this town is caused by CRIMINALS. Mostly petty junkies looking to score a rock or booze w/ the proceeds from their "work".

So which is it?? Are we proactive in the removal of criminals from the City, or are we too involved in bike paths and lawsuits to bother with the criminal set?

And Handbanana that's funny.

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