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...some information to the dialog.

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Chris Myers will be my choice, but of course I am a bit biased. Sandy, you can vote for two people. I hope to get your second vote. I would be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Please elaborate and name names Sandy. What shady characters is Chris connected with that would stereotype his actions? I'm interested...

...is figures. Unless these figures are disputed there seems to be a real problem for African American students in our local schools. If it is "polarizing" to reveal this information then I guess "polarizing" is a good thing. I am not too involved in the politics of the Board of Education as some on this web are. But wishy-washy, touchy-feely "don't hold anyone to account" doesn't seem to be getting the job done. So do we have good candidates for the positions, or don't we?

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Problem identification based upon facts while providing recommendations for improvement is polarizing? Seems to me that is the same position as one Carlton Finkbeiner.

Whenever the Coalition makes a statement we put all the facts up for everyone to see. If you disagree, fine. Debate the issue, don

was done by the Concerned Citizen's Group and had/has no connection to the Urban Coalition. At no time was any student told by me (a picketer of the two picketers) not to go to school. We held up signs and did not speak to any student. This lie came from School board member Steve Steel. We had been contacting parents for a month to inform them of the event and to ask for their support.

Any student who went to school that week was NOT approached or talked to by any of the people picketing. The work had already been done and some parents supported the effort and some did not.

1/3 of the parents honored the boycott, which should say something about the distress felt by parents of Scott students.

I truly believe your the best choice for school board and I also hope that Lisa, gets the second seat she has a wounderful cookie recipe on the back of her campaine card wich was unique, I utilized the recipe and the cookies were awsome, besides that I like the fact that she has kids in the TPS system so that should make her astute to the problems in the system. But my number one choice is Chris, I have no problem with his relationship with the Urban Coalition, I believe the group serves its purpose and is needed. The only relationship of his that I have a problem with is the one with Madam Gabriel but I wont hold that against you.

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I live in Sylvania, so I won't be voting in the election. However, this school board election is still interesting to follow.

Hopefully the voters elect candidates with fresh new ideas, rather than following the old pattern of putting the same old groups in charge.

Good luck to Chris and everyone else involved with the election.

Have you not heard Cheryl Catlin's message. True enough she is not a cookie cutter future board member but she has a powerful message. I think, (my opinion only)she is the one candidate that will move this district forward, along with Chris and Darlene. Check out her website. Catlin4qualityeducation.com.

Let me know what you don't like about her recipe. She is the endorsed democrat!!!

WOW, looks like many do not want Chris as a school board member. It just proves to not assume that your thoughs are the same as others. Thank you for accepting the diversity in this matter.

I will be happy once we have true leadership in place for our schools. I believe you bring forth many good issues and ideas. However, I think with whom you are connected with leaves a stereotype to your future actions. I wish you luck Chris.

I do believe Sandy is referring to Mr. Myers connection to the Urban Coalition.

The Urban Coaliton does make some good points, but they are a very polarizing group in this community by some of the comments they make.

I do agree with some of their statements, but disagree strongly with others (mostly their stance on the TFT, the closing of schools, the stance on charters, etc). I could be incorrect, but other Coalition members that post on this site would be purnhrt and s.flagg. If you want more info they do have a website: tpsinfo.com (I think). I'm pretty sure Mr. Myers his own website, but I don't know it.

But before you vote, check out all canidates that make information available.

I do appreciate your response to my post.

No, I have never met you nor any of your members (I think). You do post a lot of facts and figures on your website tpsinfo.com, and I will admit that I could never have come up with all the information that you provide. From discussions with you and Mr. Myers on this page, I do find myself agreeing with you on certain issues. Of course, we will never totally agree on every issue.

I guess, I have an uneasiness about the Coalition based upon one event. During the October count last year (or was it two years ago) some members of the community picketted Scott and told students not to go to school. In my interpretation, this was to punish the school board for the small school concept. Some of the members of this picketting are members of the Coalition (I do not know if the Coalition was involved in the planning of the demonstration). But when members of your group tell students don't go to school, that's polarizing.

As for your comments about the TFT, well I'm not too worried about my pay raise (it's not coming anytime soon). A lot of the TFT policies that bother Coalition are responses to when TPS administration screwed up. So if you get the administration running smoothly, I will agree with you more.

I think I understand how you can be concerned about my neighborhood blockwatch and my connection with them. We are very passionate about our neighborhood and can be very tough. But we all want our area to improve and be a great place to live and are willing to work hard to improve it. You may also be concerned with my affiliation with Start High School and my citizenship tutoring there for the last 4 years. I have not checked the last year, but so far I have had a perfect record in getting the students I help to pass the test. 2 out of the last 3 years I have been principal for a day (I did not get the notice the last year due to a miscommunication) and had fun at Scott High School and Oakdale helping the principals out during the day. Some people may be concerned about my involvement in the Michigan Reading Association, being it is in the state of Michigan (I only have one residence and that is in Toledo).

I am active in my community and I am involved in many groups and organizations.

Sandy, you can be a member of a group, but that does not mean you have to agree with everyone in the group. I don't even agree with my wife 100% of the time (don't tell her that of course :)).

I am always going to be involved in causes and groups which work toward the same goals as me.

Thanks Weso, you have explained it correctly. Chris you are right as well, it is OK to disagree. However, as Weso states, it is a very "polarizing group".

Actually there were many issues involved (not just the small school concept) in the boycott as I understand it. I don't think it was ever the intention of those involved to "punish" the school board. I believe they wanted action regarding the issues they believed had gone on too long - many are still festering wounds that continue to grow more infected the longer they are ignored.

I believe the African American Parent Association which is a member organization of the Coalition did support the boycott. As an independent organization they are free to take positions for their organization but not the Coalition as a whole. I understand how that could be misconstrued by some - those that play the guilt by association game. Some of us disagreed in a respectful way with the initial approach but not the end result which was to address the issues at hand.

From the Coalition's August 7th Press Release of which I was the contact listed on the press release.....

Coalition supports concerns regarding Scott High School.
Student boycott is premature at this time!

Toledo, Ohio

I also appreciate your comments and you advocating for the students in TPS. I am a volunteer, not a employee. I understand your frustration at times. I as well become frustrated and try to solve the "loop holes" in the district. I also bring forth the so many positive issues our district has. "PERFECT", is not reality. I believe, the district, teachers and administrators are truly here for our students, otherwise why would they do all they do. There is always room for improvement.

It seems many of the members of the Coalition exagerate problems. I could not live my life, being so angry and seeking negative issues to discuss. I like to balance myself out, because I am a happy person and I appreciate life. However,I realize at times, the need to advocate for change of some issues.

I also get tired of hearing about our districts prejudist system. This is a big disagreement with me. However, respectfully you are entitled to your opinion.

As far as a stereotype to the members of the Urban Coalition, yes it is out there. TFT had nothing to do with it either. It is listening to your members advocate for issues I feel are absurd. But we are entitiled to our own opinion and I respect that.

May I ask why the coalition is not part of the demands for the govener?

Why isn't the TPS administration a very "polarizing group" by the way they seek to demonize involvement of citizen groups and parents in general? What came first: the strong statements of the Urban Coalition, or the secrecy, hostility and fiscal laxity of the TPS? Obviously, it's the latter.

Again you use words full of emotion without support or backup

I did not mean to offend you Mr. Flagg. I respect your views and hopefully we can agree to disagree. I am Sandy Wiley-Steward, a parent congress representative. I am also a volunteer and PTO leadership in my schools, the fundraising coordinator for Special Olympics TPS and the Down Syndrome Association representative for the Special Education Coalition.

I think that groups in our community, should try to work together in a positive manner to create change. I sense so much anger, in many of the members to the Urban Coalition. I hear it at Board meetings. My perspection could be off, but it is what I gather.

No one at the Board or at monthly meetings I attend, discuss the members of your group. My opinion is baced solely on what agruements and issues you and your members bring forth. Does that make me right? no way. But we are all intitled to our own opinion.

I have my own issues with TPS. Mostly in Special Education. Which I raise awareness to the administration, on these issues. Are they corrected? Sometimes. Do I get frustrated? Heavens yes. I like to think that we work on it together and I continue to be a positive force in our schools.

I simply could not understand your choice of language. Each organization within the Coalition is free to take positions as they see fit. This does not mean that what they say is the official position of the Coalition.

Most of us started out much as you did volunteering at our schools and when we needed change we attempted to engage the district in dialog. Of course, that really did not work. I had been active in my children's schools in many capacities as was my wife. I have a real affection for children and always believed the best way to influence the future was through our children. I volunteered at school, contributed significant dollars to projects (not fundraising but actually buying some large ticket items for my elementary school), tutored students, represented and supported parents at discipline hearing, coached youth sports, contribute and support youth theater activities and I along with several other parents founded the TTA partners organization and I was its first president. There is more to my individual story! I also have served on many committees but always came away believing I was used for their propaganda purposes as nothing ever got done!!

I was where you were and said this isn't working and many others have joined along the way.

Since I started advocating for parents and students on a district wide basis in 1996 a whole generation of children have grown up and many have been lost along the way. I don't want to see it continue and pardon all of us for saying this district could and should do a whole lot better. Keeping your issues quiet and working with the an educational bureaucracy that is more interested in their salaries, perks, etc. instead of children is promoting their agenda and enabling them to continue.

So I was where you were and I know it can't and won't work to be a TPS enabler. I do not mean this as a personal attack but simply as my opinion. You know full well what happened to Sobecki when she challenged the district on security issues that they knew about and did nothing to resolve!

I prefer to think of myself and those who work with me as part of the solution and not buy into the idea that the institution should not be criticized if you want to get anything done - tried that and it did not work! So I'll keep getting my spotlight out knowing that we have accomplished more to change the district than they will admit and that was ever done when I was perceived by the entrenched, bureaucratic self interests as a friend of the system.

You want to try your approach - please go ahead. But don't buy the lie that you should not discuss the issues publicly - the public has a right to know as they own this school district and can force change faster than any single individual or group. The entrenched self interests at TPS know this - why do you think they say such bad things about us?

I understand. You make some clear points.