Allan Block blames labor for plants


I'm surprised nobody picked up on this story: Allan BLock said Toledo is in

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on Glass City Jungle...I don't personally want the city I was born and raised in to be like either Singapore or Dubai...

We don't remember days only moments...

One thing for certain is that the status quo isn't working. I think everyone would agree with that. Currently the status quo is union-based labor, so it appears to most objective observers that heavy-handed union representation could hold a major part of the blame.

Look at Michigan (which is even more union-based than Ohio) and look at the American South (which is less union-based than Ohio). Which part of the country is experiencing more wealth creation and a booming middle class, and which part of the country is experiencing wealth erosion and a disappearing middle class? It's a very real possibility that the very same organizations that have been credited for creating the middle class in American is now leading to it's demise.

Just a thought.

Is it the businesses that invest and set up businesses or is it the work force.

The North vs. South is interesting, if we look at the businesses them selves and now they are designed so to speak.

The auto makers down south have had tax breaks thrown at them. They are new start ups with younger work forces and more current health care schemes. They have 401k's instead of the traditional pension programs. They pay about the same and have some pretty similar work rules and involve the employees more.

The southern states are not as industrialized as the northern and mid west states.

As agriculture diminished the states needed something to fill the voids.

Some of the unions have been resistant to change and cling to the old ways but some have moved on and worked to an end that is equitable and the membership is a pittance of what it once was.

We are now faced with global market places and we have to be more efficient and make better use of labor and lower costs all at the same time while costs rise and we have inefficient and costly infrastructure systems compared to the so-called Third World countries.

It would seem that while they were growing our market place leaders were sitting back and enjoying the times and did not see the future staring at them.

Have you ever heard a union member who was proud that his/her son or daughter was "working the line"? Unions were a means to an end. The end was a better lifestyle that included sending the kids to college. Do the kids go back to "the line"? Not unless they were real screw-ups.

If every union member has one or two kids going to college the next generation, naturally, won't have any interest in unions. The unions served their purpose, and now they are dying a "natural" death.

Those businesses who set up businesses in the "cheaper" South may stay there, but it is fairly easy to go where labor is cheapest. So I wouldn't exactly be buying a $150,000 home if I were a worker in the South. Their turn for down-sizing will come.

Old South End Broadway

I've been a member of several unions and I never really had to rely on the unions for anything. All I got to do was pay dues. Unions do protect the workers who need protecting. I say this because I've worked in management most of my life and there is always a person or two in positions of power who want to treat workers like slaves and not like people. Sometimes these people are in positions of great power. When they start screwing over the workers it takes a very long time to get justice for the screwed-over workers. Most states are employment at will states. This means an employer can terminate anyone for no obvious reason. It could be the worker is a poor worker, but more times than not, its for other reasons. Such reasons as, gender, body shape, race, religion, ethic origin, misunderstood attitude, jealousy, etc. I've seen people get fired because one person said the employee didn't fit and everyone who disagreed with the decision just stood around with their thumb up their butts in fear that if they say something they will be next to hit the unemployment lines. Even though union memberships have declined, there is still a need in some instances. I'm not for or against unions, I am against tyranny. If unions keep the tyrants from victimizing people, then they need to be there. I worked for a company where there were no unions. Every time a union tried to get support the hourly workers decided not to vote the union in. Why, you may ask. Frankly, the management of the company provided the same benefits to all employees regardless of their status. As matter of fact, it was almost impossible to get fired if you were an hourly employee. If you were a salaried employee, however, that was a different story. You could be terminated for being fat, short, tall, had a bad complexion, confident, innovative, who or what your spouse was, etc.

In that with the oil reserves becoming less and less reliable the kingdom too the steps in advance to change the economy from oil based to another and keep the prosperity high as it has been for most people in the country instead of waiting for the decline to hit and them scramble.

There is something to be learned from the action. Have a vision and make it happen and not blame others for your problems.

Are you reading from some Allan Block position paper?

According to our Lisa Renee, union workers comprise anything from 15% to 30% of the total population of workers in Toledo. At least the former number matches what I thought I knew before. So, unions are a minority force, numerically. How then can you make the assertions "status quo", "heavy-handed" and "major"?

Well, perhaps this minority force is political in nature, by wielding more political influence than the other 70% to 85% of the working population. However, free enterprise is the vast majority of the rule of our economy. Politicians do not run businesses (and that's a great thing, since they SUCK at it). How then can we even think that union influence in politics equals control of businesses?

In short, the unions -- which you allege could be a major part of the blame for economic collapse around here -- could walk into the local Wal*Marts tomorrow. Why don't they? There are far too many poor people around here who unwisely shop at Wal*Mart, so it's not like Walt's successors will close down their Toledo operation. What's stopping the unions?

The answer is that unions have little economic involvement with NEW businesses coming to Toledo. Despite the assertions of a dipshit like Allan Block and other people (like you, HeyHey) who (not being dipshits) merely foolishly believe the propaganda since it matches their anti-union sentiment, unions are a dying part of the American economy. They cling tenaciously to remaining political control of very few things -- largely GOVERNMENT contracting -- but other than that exception you can EASILY go your entire life either being an employee or owner and not have a thing to do with them ... as the majority of Americans do.

Today, regardless of whose rhetoric you believe, unions have little to do with the functioning of the overall economy. Bank credit has a far greater impact and is a far greater problem ... after all, it was the outrageous granting of credit that masked the increased costs of cars (in part due to unions). Any business that wants to relocate to Toledo may do so, and the city council will largely fall all over themselves to line up the corporate welfare (tax abatements, local/state/federal grants, abuse of eminent domain, etc.). BUT THOSE BUSINESSES JUST DON'T WANT TO. Every union member could be actually set on fire tomorrow, along with their local bosses, and Toyota would still not open a plant in Toledo.

No, businesses that DO come are very apt to open their doors up right outside Toledo's corporate limit. The implication is clear: Toledo's political environment is the biggest part of the problem. The politicians are either insane, corrupt or incompetent, and regardless of those characteristics, they are PERPETUAL to the local political system.

I think we need to listen less to some fucking asshole like Block who has an obvious agenda against his own unions (which he could get rid of tomorrow, BTW, but he's far too spineless to do it), and watch more of the actual movements of businesses into and out of Toledo.

Most Southern (Republican) states take in far more federal dollars then they contribute. Maybe if all the Red states would get off the tit of the Blue states, we could lower our taxes and better compete.

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