Which Bridge Project Will Be Completed First?

Repair of the MLK Bridge in Toledo
15% (5 votes)
Replacement of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis
85% (29 votes)
Total votes: 34
No votes yet

Toledo has at least a 10-year head start... will the MLK bridge be fully repaired before the new I-35W bridge is completed?

MLK Bridge repair: started 1996(?)
Money spent to date: $42 million+
Scheduled completion: May 2008(?)

I-35W Bridge replacement: to start 2007
Estimated cost: $234 million
Scheduled completion: December 2008

Bill Clinton's bridge to the 21st century will be the first

"Meanwhile, "Toledo Union" welders, backhoe operators and concrete entities are driving past that seive crossing the Maumee instead of replacing it."

Brian what do you mean, if you dont mind my asking? The company that is working on the mlk bridge may be from mn, but the workers are from here in Toledo.

there was absolutely not a soul working on that bridge at all.

If they were local, you'd think they'd be out working, but that wasn't the case the five times during daylight I crossed that accident waiting to happen.

So if they're from Toledo, where are they?

Brian, i understand. Sorry. They will resume working in the winter when the shipping season ends.


Wasn't the winter the reason why the worked stopped? Something about barges being stuck in ice?

What about the shipping schedule for the rest of the year? There isn't enough work to be done in the instance of a bridge raising to be productive in other avenues on that bridge?

How many seasons need to pass before they replace that thing? I'm sorry, but as a non-engineer, I can tell you that 100 years of Toledo weather, along with oversized loads weakening the structure, it will take it falling into the river to get it replaced? Money? Come on.

$42 million dollar bandaids.

Anyone using logic here?

How many excuses must a taxpayer endure before they realize they were being duped?

Oh Brian, i wasn't defending on the length of time at all trust me LOL. But i know one of the guys who was working on it and he said that there would be too many issues with it durring shipping season. The barges that got stuck in the ice only delayed it until they could get them unstuck, but it didn't stop completly, he also told me that the concrete was bad and needed replaced.Also the paper mentioned something about the city running out of money for the project? Perosnally i think they should have just torn the whole thing down a LONG time ago.

I didn't mean to come across frustrated towards you, my apologies.

It's just that you'd think these "professionals" would know what to do, that's all. And to have that bridge like that is just pathetic and an example of the ignorance running rampant amongst the decision makers.

..only because both bridges are being tended to by Minnesota companies.

I'm going to venture the guess that the employees that are SUPPOSED to be REPLACING this bridge across the Maumee will be working feverishly with Federal monies to get the 1-35W bridge up and running in their home state.

Meanwhile, "Toledo Union" welders, backhoe operators and concrete entities are driving past that seive crossing the Maumee instead of replacing it.