Another $800,000 requested to rent special barges for King Bridge repairs


For cryin out loud, how much money and time does it take to fix a friggin bridge??

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...Carty's already identified more than enough money that can go to this purpose...the bridge is more important that the flowers, banners and non-paving improvements planned for Southwyck...wasn't that amount around $985,000?

Did you also note that the cost overruns for the bridge will be made up through a LOAN from the state? And, because it's from the state, it won't impact our debt limit...wonder if we're already at our debt limit???

And where, exactly, will we get the money to repay the loan plus interest???

Sadly, we may have no choice - it's not like we can leave the bridge like it is...

I'm up here because my mom is dying of cancer and is in her last hours now. Actually she's been in her last hours since Sunday. So I'm here till this weekend.

Took it upon myself to take a tour of town and take in some sites, imbibe in some familiar cusine and visit some old friends while waiting.

I'd like to know who the person that scheduled all this road construction with no workers to man the equipment? Cherry Street was a treat to see down past Bancroft with the road gutted and idle equipment there as well.

Russ does send his regards to our fine community, tho. ;)

(Hi Russ, sorry the weather sucks down there. It's been refreshing to be in 50 degree weather again, except for the 70's last night. Rained here yesterday like it does down there at 4 pm off the ocean)

It appears that our city government wants to treat the MLK bridge project in the same way that the man in the story treated falling down from the top of the skyscraper:

... so far, so good

Unfortunately, sooner or later it's going to go splat.

Tim Higgins

I told everyone so. This bridge will now cost more than 2 new bridges would have cost. It was also take lots more time and that idiot Mayor is going to screw us while he adds duct tape and patch that thing back together only to have the pilings and bank supports collapse..the concrete is too old for repair.

Maggie...all very good points.

Brian...drop me a line if ya get time before ya go back to Fla.

Billy....UHG!..But Carty get's results....Not good one's, but he gets em.

brian - I'm sorry about your mom. That has to be extremely hard on all of you.

but is this situation truly the cities/carty's fault? I have been told that the contractor actually mis-measured the distance for the spans and was off by a good margin, about 2 feet. And wan't the original time-frame for completion ahead of schedule until the measurement snafu? Also any work, that would involve blocking the channel, cannot be carried on during the shipping season. In fact, for the contractor to begin work in December they need to get a waiver from the Coast Guard since the Port does not close until January.

The Administration took bad advice, decided to re-furbish the bridge, rather than replace it as the old and decayed POS it is. Then..the re-hab plan, the contractor they chose and the BS estimates for the repairs. If they had chosen a local contractor, any mis-measure could have been corrected in a timely manner. Anyone ever hear..Measure twice, cut once?

Add to that, local contractors would have kept the expenses in this community. The spans could have been fabricated here in Toledo, the concrete from our local suppliers and the labor force..from the area. This would have kept nearly all of the money in our city. It would also afford the "City" a speedy remedy when things go awry as they have.

For the historians, I know the sentimental treasure the current bridge was, but it's the "Frankinstein" of the bridge world now. If anyone has any doubt, walk down by the bank pilings and grab a nice hefty handfull of the decaying concrete.

Chad you seem to know a lot about it. In your opinion, what's the answer? I believe we still need a bridge in that location.

What do we do, continue bondo'ing up the rust spots and duct taping up the vinyl, or do we eat our losses and do what should have been done from the beginning - tear the old one out and replace it completely?

Czarlton wants to make sure there is enough room for lunch tables and valet parking.

It's common sense really. That bridge went too long between repairs. The repairs it has had are expensive and not really effective. (They just won't last), making them a repeted waste of our money.

The solution is easy, stop throwing money into the Maumee, tear the rest of it down and install a Single Pier Pivot Bridge.

An SPPB is a steel work of art on a single pier in the middle, the bridge rotates away from the banks, the boats pass by and the bridge goes back into place. There are fewer machanical parts, one motor and only requires 1 operator. You could eliminate the operator if you install sensors that are activated by the boats. The entire bridge is constructed off site and lowered onto the pier by choppers. Likely, and I'm not sure on this, but I think it would only require shutting the crossing down for 30 days to install.

The advantages of a steel structure is that it's faster and cheaper to repair. The deck plates are a standard size, so easy to re-order as needed. It can be painted and lighted in fun and exciting ways making it a beautiful addition to the waterfront.

Can we just rename the bridge Finkbeiner's Folly?

It will likely be listed in that part of his un-authorized Expect that section to be a long read.

a local community's failure within it's county and hold the department head directly responsible about the road construction situation/bridge replacement debacle that can and will have adverse effects concerning the transportation infrastructure within the county instead of publicly chastizing a leader who appears to me to have things well under control.

Does it really take a rocket scientist to figure out the best time for road contruction is at night? And accept the bid from a fair application of a company that ain't going to whine about working in the scary night.

I'd also think a qualified engineer would ascertain this 100 year old bridge as in need of replacement instead of contributing to a $42 million bandaid. Who is this guy that made this decision and what exactly ARE their qualifications? And I'm serious? No one to be held accountable for such an asinine schedule?

What am I missing?

...and I have to tell you, what were they thinking?

It's disgusting to me to think this was not better thought out. It's a shame that this icon in Downtown was scheduled badly, neglected when it should be up and running and after looking for it, no one working on it?

It was a beautiful day and a weekday to be out there with some cranes and welders getting stuff done. But no, it would rather be a span open pit to the river below.

You're right, Billy, for now it's just another drain to the taxpayers.

I was distracted and reading.

I'm ok, fam's ok and didn't mean to hijack.

knew for a while it was comming, so we're prepared.

Just didn't expect her heart to keep going a week after her spirit left.

Now to steer things back, I like the overpass train bridge gone, I just don't understand why the bridge isn't finished with a summer down the drain, that's all.

Email me, wouldja? My cell number's changed.

Given your circumstances, I can well understand if your time is otherwise spoken for. Good luck.

maybe he can hold someone accountable concerning hiring an outside company instead OF BUYING LOCAL to have this friggen money pit sit wide open for yet another year, sucking and sucking and just sucking money in vain instead of just replacing the whole thing in 30 days.


Bunch of ignorant unqualified people running this city, people.

Come on Ben, I'd like to see you publically chastizing the people that made the decisions on this job on the Cherry Street Bridge.

You drove over it yesterday? I thought you were hangin in florida with kest and lemmon??

just kidding

...but the Dems are united now...holding hands, singing ...

The problem with Konop's criticism is that he never should have directed it to Ferguson who is an employee of a non-profit organization. If Konop wasn't happy about what this employee was doing, he should have directed his concern to those who instruct this employee...

But that would have meant criticizing his fellow commissioner who is part of the group making the decisions...

more details on the story behind the story here:

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