Regarding the theft at my pedal boat business

Robert Russ Said: on 9-25-2007 @3:30 am

Hi. My name is Robert Russ and I started the pedal boat business in downtown Toledo. Just so you know, the stupid theft over the weekend will not stop me from spreading the hope. I am a big believer in the Toledo Pride campaign and what I really need are people to join me. Lot

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The only thing I am hurting over regarding the theft is my Toledo Pride flag that got stolen. That flag was sacred to me. I have flown it on my kite at 1200 ft over downtown on many occasions. I hang it from my 10th floor window of my apartment all the time. I carried it at the new bridge dedication. I have flown it out the sunroof of my car at events around town. It is what I posed with when The Toledo Free Press honored me with the weekly "brain gain" column a couple of weeks ago. I took it to Time Square in New York City two weeks ago and had our own American Idol finalist Candice Coleman pose with it for a possible cover for her new CD that I am helping her with. I planned on taking it to Hollywood with me on a business trip I'm taking in early November so I could take pictures of it in front of the Hollywood sign. Everyday I did lunchtime laps all around the riverfront holding it up high and proud in my rescueboat for all the local corporate suits to see. I had camera toting tourist from all over the planet pose with it. It was the first thing I put up in the morning and the last thing I took down at night at the pedal boat business and I so want it back. It is 3 X 5 foot, white silk with the red and blue Toledo Pride logo on it. If anyone can help me get it back, I would be forever in your debt.

I'm saddened that you business was a target of criminals. It happens to a lot of business's, but when it hits a Pride Business like yours...that's really sad. I hope and pray that you recover and continue to fly your Pride Flag. You are one of the jewels of Toledo, a source of hope and pride. I applaud your passion for positivity and your resilience. Good Luck and I hope they find the people responsible for this crime.

Thank you for your courage and sacrifice for our town.

I applaud your creativity with a new business. I have much faith that you will be successful...not just because of a good idea, but also because of your drive. And I'm very sorry about the loss of your flag. So often, when individuals/businesses are robbed, it's not the replaceable equipment or damage that can be fixed, it's the seemingly 'little' things that have sentimental value.

I think this area needs more people like you.

But while I support you, your efforts and your attitude, I must question a particular comment you made about the mayor. You wrote:

" What I can tell you from firsthand experience is you have a mayor who definitely cares about this city and it

To suggest that those who are frustrated with the way this city is going have a "mental illness" is offensive. Choose your opinions wisely next time or keep them to yourself.

some of the other posters in this forum. Telling him to keep those opinions to himself undermines the reason for this sites existence.

Getting too cold for paddle boats, sorry about your flag. Keep up the good work and go Toledo.

Hi Maggie and thank you so much for the kind words. They mean a lot. More than you might know.

I think you may have misunderstood my position, but I assure you that it is more a problem with me getting it across than a problem with you understanding it correctly. I think I mentioned that I have a questionable IQ at best. Please forgive me and allow me to have another crack at it.

I absolutely believe that we citizens must be critical of our chosen leaders. A world or even city that blindly follows any one leader, exclusive group of leaders or any one thing scares me. I guess what I am trying to say is that I think some of the "Carty bashing" we Toledoans relish in, while totally normal and healthy (and even sometimes fun), sometimes gets out of hand in my opinion. It's not just "Carty bashing" though. I run into so many people everyday that just don't have a positive thing to say about anything. It was suggested that calling this a "mental illness" was offensive. If I offended anyone I am sorry. That wasn't my intent.

My intent was to try to get some people thinking about the way they feel and the things they say and stand for. Being negative all the time feels awful and kind of has symptoms that reflect depression. So is it wrong to wonder if this may be a mental illness? As I look though these blogs, watch and/or read the local news, listen to some of the talk show folks in town and/or just talk to the

Telling him to keep those opinions to himself undermines the reason for this sites existence.

Damn straight and the 'mental illness' reference was a miniscule aspect of an otherwise excellent overall post.

Best of luck regarding your flag, Mr. Russ.

...I understand better now, the points you were trying to make, and I appreciate them.

I believe we all need to draw a distinction between 'being' negative and 'pointing out' negative things.

Some would consider that pointing out the negative things is their way of bringing attention to a problem - and without attention to a problem, it won't get solved.

However, to bad mouth your city or refuse to be active in making the changes you want to see, that's just a negative attitude that detracts from your own life as well as others...


Mr. Russ, our Mayor said the same thing to me in an e-mail some time ago and when I responded to him with what I had done, he saw things in a different light.

Who is to know what you or I do independent of what is written here?

"f a majority of us take some personal responsibility for the state of our city and drive hard towards the positive, no single person or group can stop us."

Would personal responsibility include speaking up and stating in what a person believes and sharing those view points with our leadership be part of helping? And then expecting answers to questions instead of stone walling and stubbornness when questions go unanswered for some time.

"In Toledo, I think the tank might be our negative attitude more than it is a single leader or group of leaders. I am standing up to our

Would you maybe consider proofing things for me in the future? That is exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you.

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