9/25/07 TPS Board Report

Because you should have access to the board on your time, not theirs, here is the audio of the school board meeting. Since it is apparent that some members of the board to continue to follow the ridiculous splitting of citizens comments, it still appears "at our convenience" still permeates the district even when several board members asked to change it tonight before they went into executive session. Well regardless, here is the meeting tonight, and you can listen to it when ever you want at:


I arrived 40 minutes late, so it starts at the time I arrived. The Harvard people spoke at the second session about 20 minutes into the session. A report will follow soon.

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I think they enjoy burying issues as deep as possible.

The parents are ticked over the 2nd grade teacher being pulled from the classroom and put back in willy nilly all year long, instead of for long chunks of time with one sub- they are getting various subs which, as you can imagine, makes for a whole bunch of busy work. The teacher is pulled because of her administrator credentials- she can fill in for any deans or principals on vacation. A good solution would be to make *her* the floater and put someone in her classroom if they insist on pulling her frequently.

This is the second year that this is happening; I feel very badly for the kids who are struggling (we have many who need tutoring both in district and out of district transfer kids)- they need a teacher that will be there all year long to learn their personalities, and encourage them in learning. There were a few kiddos last year who would get stomach aches in the morning over the constant upheaval. Foley had a mtg. with the parents at Harvard last night, in an attempt to keep them from coming to the board mtg. tonight. Since you say they were there, that must have meant that the parents did not get a satisfactory resolution.

And I wonder if this is happening in any of our other schools in the district.

who is the woman speaking at approx/ 41 min, into 2nd session re:advertising?

After listening to the parents I think they did a great job of explaining their concerns, if I hear "there's nothing we can do" "there's nothing you can do" or "my hands are tied" from an administrator at TPS one more time I'm gonna hurl.

LOL about the request for the report on the conference at the end. WTG Twila!


When I got there around 6:10 or so they were talking about Scott HS. A camera person told me I missed the fireworks. There apparently was heated debate over information that should be in a committee or not. Someone there may want to talk about what the discussion was about. They were debating whether or not they should renovate or rebuild Scott. Robert Torres wondered why they could not start it now. Larry Sykes rebutted we already had a plan. Apparently the district is looking at renovation and is consulting with some historical architects to look at Scott, but there did not seem to be a resolution.

Jack Ford gave the policy committee report. Nothing too exciting in the report. They wanted to adopt the public right to know policy which specifies the rights citizens have to request public information. There was debate on posting the policy on the Web, so I will post it first (see http://toledopoliticians.com/right_to_know_policy, note it is a derivative policy but the one the board OK

but I do wonder about this: the Latino speaker expressed concern that parents of students weren't being provided with information in Spanish. How real is this issue? I would assume that someone who comes to this country from Mexico to take a job working as a day labor is probably illeterate. Am I wrong? Are we wasting an intellectual resource by asking people to put up dry wall who read Cervantes in their spare moments? Is this a "red herring", or is almost every Latino who comes to this country from Mexico or further south literate in Spanish, and just has to learn English (they say learning a second language is easier if you're literate in the first), or are we starting at the bottom in most cases with someone who is illiterate in Spanish and well as English?

Old South End Broadway

It seems pretty simple enough, If a school
has a high number of Latino students and parents don't speak English, send the information home in English and Spanish. If a school has a high number of German students and parents don't speak German, send the information home in English and German.

... I assumed that many of those who came to this country from Mexico were illiterate in Spanish. According to this link, http://globalis.gvu.unu.edu/indicator_detail.cfm?Country=MX&IndicatorID=125, that is not the case. So a legitimate case can be made for sending written communications in Spanish to the homes of students whose parents need to know what is going on at school.

Old South End Broadway

makes sense.

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