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I am supposing that the government responsible for this fire department will appeal the verdict. So the injured party hasn't received her "just desserts" yet. She had a pretty good wage ($136,000 per year), but with the above settlement she doesn't have to worry about seeking employment with another fire department. She could go to some poor little town, and start her own. But that might not be enough excitement for her. At least, if she had her own fire department she wouldn't have to worry about being discriminated against. Though she might have to worry about future discrimination suits from the "crackers".

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Even though I'm sure the fine "journalists" at the Toledo Journal have factchecked this story, but I checked into it anyways and what I found shows that the Journal's version seems to overlook several key facts.

Trial testimony showed Ms. Lee was paid about $136,000 as a firefighter,

Holy crap! Six figures as a firefighter? Even in LA, that's a hell of a lot of money.

...but now makes substantially less through a series of unrelated jobs.

From an LA Weekly article about this case: Some court watchers thought Harrison stumbled badly in her opening statements

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

How much you want to bet that most of these guys pictured spent their time in the "manly" sports of football and baseball? Straight from the locker room to the firehouse with no detours. What was pictured is what "jocks" do to bond. He was part of the team, and found an opportunity to make some money. No harm, no foul. Just down a six-pack, and have some fun. Might even make a few million along the way.

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Part of the problem with civil rights laws is that the offenders in most cases do not get punished. If offenders got significantly punished, people would act differently and there would't be any need for lawsuits. I have a friend whose CEO used to publicly refer to her as a nappy-headed bastard. When my friend complained about it and wanted it stopped, she was told that the CEO didn't mean anything negative and that she was being too sensitive. Because she complained she was over-looked for promotions, not invited to critical meetings and her department re-structured. She didn't sue the company, but she eventually had to leave and seek opportunities elsewhere at a lower paying job where she doesn't have to put up with the hostile environment.

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