Finkbeiner: Don't leave your dog in the car PSA

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Doesn't it look like Scout is thinking "Screw you pal, I'm not cooperating in this thing."? Usually when you talk to your dog or approach him, he at least turns to look at you. I think it's hilarious.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I don't have a dog (allergies) and I don't know this which is why I'm asking...

I've never seen a dog put into the back seat of the car with an open window who DOESN'T stick his head out the window. My mom's dogs fight for this and my friend's dogs (only 1 year old) go back and forth between the two windows not realizing that they each can have their own.

Isn't it unusual for a dog to just sit and not want to put their head outside?

It took him 68 years to figure this out. Its too late Czarlton. He's a jerk and everybody knows it. He probably thinks he can't dog his dog anymore but he can continue to dog people, especially women and minorities. Nice try Czarlton, but it won't work. You've already committed the crime. If anyone buys into this, lets have bank robbers go on TV and speak out against robbing banks and their crimes will be forgotten. Don't think so!


Was this PSA produced as a damage control tool? Most likely yes. But it does offer an acceptance of responsibility however subltle that might be.

I know alot of people who are not Speedy listeners where they can hear the daily diatribe on the Finkbeiner administration by Fred and Brian. There is also a large percentage of Toledoans who do not visit these Blog sites and unaware of the outcry this blogging minority projects towards the mayor.

It is these people (a large number of whom own dogs) who will see Carty's statement as a sincere apology and useful PSA for the welfare of animals. I believe Carty did the right thing with this PSA and whether you believe his sincerity or not, a large percentage of the people will.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

a month late and a million

Hi Scout, My name is Zoe. If ya want to escape to Fulton County, me and my friends will meet ya at the border!!

Saw Czarlton's mug in the Blade this morning where he's now found religion on how to treat his dog. Czarlton should also donate $1,000 to the Humane Society to educate people about the dangers of leaving their pets in a hot car. That would tell me he's really serious instead of getting free press coverage.

"That would tell me he's really serious instead of getting free press coverage."

But he's NOT serious, and he IS getting free press.

That's one of his many problems. He thinks he should get everything for free.


rescue me

Pirate, pilfer, and poach Toledo's pets!!!!!!!! First it was the residents in Wood county with our business, now residents of Fulton county want our pets. What is next? The residents of Monroe county wanting our furniture?

Not Listening to the repeated rants on WSPD and not reading the blogs is not the problem. Does anybody really listen to those entertainers anyway? If anybody really did, I think there would be a lot more community activism out there. Toledoans just don't care. It's easy to talk about an issue - especially when your making money for talking.

The great Philosopher Toby Keith I believe once said, "A little less talk and a lot more action."

I hear your talking.

What action do you suggest for a mayor who repeatedly endangers his dog and ignores rules about bringing pets into public facilities?

You gonna walk the walk or are you just talking too?

Me and my friends didn't mean to upset you. We are the Fulton County chapter of Scout's Fan Club. We just wanted to meet the big guy and maybe get an autopaw or two. -Zoe

I've been walking the walk here Billy - doing a lot more than most. How bout you?

And your answer to my question?

You want me to defend Carty? Not at all buddy.

You want him removed from office? A little too late for that...

Toledo doesn't care and that's why all these hack politicians are in office. How many people voted in the primary? A dismal amount - Just one more sign that Toledo doesn't care. It's gonna taking doing and voting, not talking, to get something done.

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