Toledo Public School Board Meeting Today

Here is a report of the TPS board meeting today scheduled for 8:00-10:00AM

The meeting began at 8:05 with Steven Steel, Larry Sykes and Darlene Fisher in attendance, with myself, Blade reporter and a TV station in the audience. They took the roll, pledged allegiance to the flag and then the fun began.

Steve Steel started off by making a motion to go into executive session to discuss the evaluation of an employee. Of course, Larry Sykes seconded the motion. Steel called for discussion. Fisher said that she did not think it appropriate to go into executive session to discuss the goal and objectives of the superintendent and the treasurer. Larry went into his tirade stating that the discussion was to be about the employment of an employee and he did not appreciate a board member grandstanding when he could have been at another meeting but he chose to come to the board meeting. Because Jack Ford was not there, so he acted up, like he always does. He also did not see any media and that gave him free rein to say stuff.

So they took a vote to go into executive session. Steel and Sykes voted yes and Fisher voted no. Then Robert Torres walked in. Darlene explained to Robert what was going on about the executive session and they took another vote. Robert, Larry and Steve voted to go into executive session and Darlene again voted no.

As they were leaving the room, Larry Sykes told me to "get a life."

At 8:30 Jack Ford walked into the Board Room but the participants were gone and he left and went to the room where they were having the executive session.

Meghan from the Blade, the TV man and I stayed in the board room. Someone from Michael’s Restaurant brought large white boxes and proceeded to set up a “Goodie” table. He opened up catering boxes and then someone came and told him that the new Coalition meeting did not start until 10:00. He then proceeded to close the boxes.

A tall gentleman then entered the room and started to move the chairs from around the three of us. Then he started setting up the large tables and began to put the chairs around the tables. I left when it was apparent that he was going to need the chairs, we were sitting in. No one at any time was courteous enough to tell me to wait somewhere else, they just started to rearrange the room and take the chairs. So I went out into the hallway and waited almost two more hours.

At about 10:30 the door to the meeting room opened up and Mr. Ford emerged and someone told him that they were going to adjourn from the meeting room, that the board room was being used. So he went back into the room. Meghan and I went in. When Larry Sykes saw me come into the room he immediately said, “I make a motion to adjourn the meeting.” Steve Steel tried to calm him down and told him that he had to first reconvene the meeting before he could adjourn.

The meeting was reconvened and adjourned. So basically the entire meeting was held in executive session and once again the public was not included..

No votes yet

priority the employment of a P.R. person to educate the members of the board on how to deal with other human beings. A public school district, contrary to what TPS board members think, is not owned by the board-it is owned by the people. The board needs to attend an attitude adjustment program.


...I don't have a problem with executive session to discuss performance goals with an employee...However, before those goals become final, they should be presented during an open session of the board and then voted upon. You cannot come to a conclusion about what the goals should be while in executive session.

But I'm concerned that the don't know how to conduct their meeting properly...They needed to first vote to exit executive session. They then should have made some sort of statement - discussion was held, no decisions were made... or discussion was held and now we have xyz issue before us for vote. Only after they vote to exit from exec. sess. can they they adjourn the meeting.

Sad - perhaps they also need a lesson in parliamentary procedure to go along with their public relations training...

problem with the idea of establishing goals for an employee before they determine goals for the district and board. Granted many of the goals for the district would be translated into goals for the superintendent.

But what is so secretive about setting the goals and having the community hear the interaction.

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean it is a good idea and you should do it.

Funny, why would you establish a task force to address under performing schools before you determine your goals? The task force would be a tactic to achieving a goal - not the goal itself.

There was a motion made to exit executive session as necessary and reconvene properly so there was no misguidance of parlimentary procedure noted today. However, the setting was mixed around because the board room was in use when we exited executive session. In regards to using executive session for this purpose, I campaigned on the need to make the district more transparent and open government benefits everyone so I was completely prepared to hold our discussion of goals whether they were related to the district/board or Superintendent or Treasurer in open session. It would be beneficial for the public to see the extent of dialogue and thought behind the end result of goals for the Superintendent and Treasurer. No formal conclusions were agreed upon at this time but the establishment of specific, measureable goals with a defined evaluation process will be very beneficial to improving the district overall. Darlene Fisher

Thanks for the report, sorry I could not have been there.

I do agree with Maggie.

"Sad - perhaps they also need a lesson in parliamentary procedure to go along with their public relations training..."

It is amazing to me that the Blade had four columns concerning the executive session held yesterday at the Board Meeting. If Steel was going to grant an interview concerning the meeting held in executive session, why the executive session?

My theory is that he planned it in advance, hence none of the employees were there as they normally are. Also he knew in advance that they were not going to be using the board meeting room because the Coalition for Quality Education was having a big meeting in the board room at the same time

Also when Sykes told me to get a life, he knew in advance that I would be sitting there for over 21/2 hours waiting for the executive session to be over. They never had any intentions of coming out of executive session until they were done.

I am an interested party of the school system because I have children, nieces, cousins, grandchildren, neighbors and friends, whose futures depend on this school system. It should be open and transparent to the public.

Steve Steel, the president of the board, wants to keep the public out of the public business. I am going to call him Secretive Steve Steel, I wonder what else he is hiding.

I, for one, give thanks we have Darlene Fisher on the Board. At least there is one who will tell the public what's going on, without half-truths, outright lies, and secretiveness. Just another example of why we need to get the two seats up-for-grabs filled by people who will join Darlene. Maybe then there can be a positive change for the children and the community.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

...for the clarification as well as your stance on these issues!!!!

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