It's Time for Greenspan to Shut up!

Al - find a happy place and stay there. You're no longer the Fed Chairmen, so stop commenting. You're now turning into the Britney Spears of Fed Policy, you're no longer center stage. Deal with it!

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I take this quote

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Greenspan isn't "commenting" as in holding forth at a press conference or writing op-ed pieces in a newspaper. He wrote a book about his life and about the economy over the years. In this context, I really can't see anything wrong with his criticizing Bush "for failing to veto large spending increases by the Republican-led Congress that swelled the government deficit." After all, it's true, isn't it? This link seems to indicate Greenspan is warning that the same thing that happened in the U.S. could happen in the U.K. Of course, someone will make money out of this.

Old South End Broadway

Where was all this umbrage when Greenspin was playing games with interest rates and M3? Where was your anger when he was talking up an economy that depended on the American "third income" (i.e. HELOC)?

If you really want to express criticism about a speaker, just look at the history of David Lereah (i.e. David LIAReah). How about all the crap that Bernanke is STILL feeding us? How about Paulson's daily lies, and his trips to China to beg them to continue buying our CRAP securities? How about the mainstream media that dares not use the word "Depression", much less "Recession"?

The entire set of leaders and officials have lied to us and have cajoled us into destroying the US economy and overall culture. People are going to fucking DIE for all that, and not just the fools in uniform in the Middle East. Greenspan was given carte blanche for years while he screwed us. Can we be angry at him? Sure, but: WE ALLOWED IT. We kept saluting and toasting elites like Greenspan since they told us all the fucked up shit that wasn't true, but that we wanted to hear ... you know, complete CRAP that we were so skilled, moral and wealthy, and that our nation and economy were the best on Earth. Now we're going to dance to China's tune. Congratulations. You all watched it happen ... and the rightwing which so steadily claimed to represent the "homeland" is completely complicit in it. Anyone who complained about it got clapped with the "protectionist" label and was summarily removed from the public mind. Immigration complaints? "RACIST! RACIST! RACIST!" Etc.

So, do you want to fix things? Let's have a discussion about BERNANKE (Mr. "Subprime is Contained"), while he's still in his office and is doing the bad thing NOW. Why wait to chastise him in 20 years when he retires while the US burns?

Greenspan clarified his comments in a press release yesterday. It appears his thoughts aren't as scathing to the administration as it originally seemed.

That being said Greenspan has been a public figure for decades and he is entitled to his opinion. However, his knowledge for the war was from an economic standpoint. He would not have been privy to any knowledge in the form of military intelligence nor military policy. So his opinion would have been based upon limited knowledge from from the information and it's unlikely he knew the total scope of what the administration knew or believed.



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