One of top legal thinkers in America fired for "liberal" political views


This just in: According to Brian Leiter

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So after the slant you put on your voting machine copy/paste, Chris, how are we to take this seriously?

For more examples of things like this happening, go google Mike Adams - of course with his examples it's the conservatives being shut out, but if you truly believe what you post:

"I don


Ok you want me to believe that a college professor was fired only because he had liberal political views.

If professors were fired due to liberal political views we'd have very few college professors.

Sorry this doesn't pass the smell test.


MikeyA reports on this, I think there's more to the story than just his 'liberal' bent.

From the LA Times:

"Erwin Chemerinsky, a well-known liberal expert on constitutional law, said he had signed a contract Sept. 4, only to be told Tuesday by Chancellor Michael V. Drake that he was voiding their deal because Chemerinsky was too liberal and the university had underestimated "conservatives out to get me."

Later Wednesday, however, Drake said there had been no outside pressure and that he had decided to reject Chemerinsky, now of Duke University and formerly of the University of Southern California, because he felt the law professor's commentaries were "polarizing" and would not serve the interests of California's first new public law school in 40 years.

News of Drake's decision quickly came made its way through academic and legal circles nationally where it came under criticism from liberals and conservatives scholars who said Chemerinsky was being unfairly penalized."


"Douglas Kmiec, a prominent conservative constitutional law professor at Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, called the development "a tremendous setback for UC Irvine. It is a profound mistake in my judgment to have obtained the services of one of the most respected, most talented teachers of the Constitution in the United States and to turn him away on the specious ground that he is too liberal or too progressive. That is a betrayal of everything a law school should stand for."

Chemerinsky and Drake agreed the new dean's dismissal was motivated in part by an Aug. 16 opinion article in the Los Angeles Times, the same day the job offer was made. In it, Chemerinsky asserted that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was "about to adopt an unnecessary and mean-spirited regulation that will make it harder for those on death row to have their cases reviewed in federal court."

But Drake and Chemerinsky split sharply on what role the article played in the decision to fire the incoming dean and whether academic freedom was at stake."

Perhaps this has more to do with internal university politics ???

Juan Cole got the same treatment when he was going to Yale. The Right Wing Academic Gestapo stepped in and put an end to it.

Hopefully when my kids are old enough to go to the University of Michigan, he will still be teaching there.

"The Right Wing Academic Gestapo"??? AT YALE??? LOL!!!

I suspect that this educator is being black-balled for reasons we aren't being told. When we hear that a government official is stepping down in the middle of their term because they want to spend more time with their family, you know there is another story and what we are being told is bullshit!

Here's another article on the story (let it be known I am merely copying/pasting/providing the link---I have added nothing to these news articles). I find it funny when people say I'm adding spin/slant. Anyway, from the above link:

Bowing to pressure from conservatives in the UC Irvine community, university officials rescinded an offer to one of the country

But, in fact, of the Ivy League institutions, Yale and Dartmouth have a more 'conservative' bent that the others.

The Skull 'N Bones Club was started at Yale, and when the CIA began recruiting in late 40's, Yale was a prime source of candidates. It probably applies to today's CIA as well.

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