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Dwayne Morehead said he wasn

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It looks like the missing "facts" have to do with the fact that Morehead gave a ton of details to the Journal, but none to the Blade

...interested in a story like this. It is all too common. When I was a union steward we first thought that the introduction of FMLA would remove a lot of the instances for management to fire for "just cause". Rather, it became just another excuse for discipline. The personal physician has his/her position for the patient, and the management's "pet" physicians have their positions. Often a third physician has to be brought in (at the union's expense) to solve the impasse. In this case, if Mr. Moorehead is considered management he has no one in his corner but Carty. And you know where that will lead.

Old South End Broadway

by the situation, actions and the Blade. Reading the two stories is an interesting exercise to be sure. It should come as no surprise that there is a difference in how the two publications handled this story.

Dwayne is a trooper. He was an amazing campaign worker for Carty; always at his side, at every event. Most of the people involved in this complaint were also strong supporters and tireless workers. I have spoken to others on Carty's campaign. Every single one of them has a story of how Carty mistreated them after the campaign was won. Some even have a few stories in the later days of his campaign.

I was at Dwayne's fundraiser and I supported him both in spirit and pocketbook - so did the dozens of others that were at the Griffin home on that Saturday evening.

Carty's treatment of people is atrocious and the way he remembers people that helped him is schizophrenic.

"The mayor

The Blade may not have all the facts, but since this thing began in March 2007 the Blade hasn't shown much interest in the story except when the story first broke. In addition, it is perceived by the African American Community that the Blade is not interested in African American issues. The Toledo Journal and the Soujourner Truth have shown great interest in the story and developments. I would encourage the Toledo Blade to pay closer attention to what is going on if they want to report an accurate story. This story and the stories preceding it is about more than African American issues. Its African American because the three principal figures, Morehead, Daugherty and Griffin, are African Americans. The main issue is about discrimination, harassment and abuse of power toward Americans. The laws of our great country apply to all Americans not just African Americans. No one regardless of their, race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc. should be treated in this manner. Its against the law and its just plain wrong.

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