I'm getting concerned that the discriminatory practices by the Finkbeiner Administration is going to end up a disaster for the City budget. Walgreens just got nailed for mistreating of its minority employees in the amount of $20 million dollars. Is this where Mr. Finkbeiner is headed with the Griffin, Morehead, Daugherty case. Word from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission out of Columbus is that the investigation has spread beyond their cases, and class action is inevitable. The Mayor needs to find a respectable way to resolve these issues before we all have to pay through the nose. I spoke with two of the three plantiffs and they appear to be very reasonable people, but they are steadfast about the issues. The Mayor needs to get off his ass, put his ego in his hip pocket and negotiate a reasonable settlement. The way this is going, there are going to be some very rich lawyers when its over and a lot of extremely bad press for Toledo. My Company is going to take some initiative. We have a possible employment opportunity for one of the plantiffs and we plan to speak to them about it by the end of this week. When we citizens have a person in power who refers to our celebrated African American fire chief as King Kong, an accomplished, innovative engineer as lazy, fire the AA/CC Director because she made a legitimate ruling of probable cause against one of the top dog's family members and maliciouly harassd another accomplished minotity to a point of making him ill, and then firing him for being ill, our leaders need to resolve this. The longer this continues the more it will erode our community.

Joseph Glotz

9/4/2007 12:49:25 PM


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Do you really expect Czarlton to be reasonable. He only thinks about himself and thinks he never makes a mistake. I bet my money he will play the odds and figure this thing will get resolved by the next mayor.

I fairness to Carty, I don't believe he is a racist. He simple treats everyone like shit equally.

noise, those who have quietly "gone away" without making noise, they will tell you they got treated the very same way.

If no one makes noise the evil ones will keep doing evil. If all the others have gone away without making any noise that is why Mr. Finbeiner continues to behave the way he does. They are telling him its okay. Well, its not okay and I applaud those who won't put up with Mayor Finkbeiner's racial and gender slurs, insults and discriminatory practices.

I have witnessed Czarlton's treatment of people, and I agree he treats just about everybody like shit. He has a special passion for treating women and minorities as though they were children, slaves, servants, playthings, etc. Look at what he did at Flute Rice's Funeral. He decided to insult the deceased in front of a crowd of hundreds of African Americans. Flute Rice was a man of exceptional quality and accomplishment. No one can name one Caucasian that Czarlton has ever done that to. If someone thinks that it is appropriate to discriminate against women and minorities like Czarlton does, maybe they need to take a close look at themselves. I will admit I sometimes find my self thinking in negative ways about the opposite sex or another race, and that is my right. I don't have the right, however, to insult the people or discriminate against them even though I might want to. Its not American and I don't have permission from God to mistreat his children.

Flute Rice's funeral was an abomination. We were all horrified that any one, let alone a mayor would get up and say the things that he did in front of Mr. Rice's distraught family and friends.

The bad thing about his actions is that he saw nothing wrong.

Flute Rice's funeral was an abomination. We were all horrified that any one, let alone a mayor would get up and say the things that he did in front of Mr. Rice's distraught family and friends.

The bad thing about his actions is that he saw nothing wrong.

Well, just great. There goes another couple of million that the taxpayers will have to come up with while Czarty still collects his $136000 salary.

If Toledo didn't know what Czarty was capable of before he waltzed up to a funeral podium, then I can't help them. Watching him squirt some tears while the fix was already in to blame Det. Dressel -- for example -- for the police shooting is more than nauseating to me now. (Toledo is already putting that aside as we more knowledgeable types wait for the next officer to die due to the complacency of the TPD's highest ranks -- which can only include Czarty.)

Those who were at Rice's funeral should be spreading the word that decent folk shouldn't invite Czarty to any public function if it can be helped. Czarty is obviously mentally disturbed and it's similarly insane to put him around decent folk and sharp objects.

He was not invited to speak. The funeral was almost over when he decided to take the mike and make his disrespectful comments.

I heard that Czarlton went ballistic at his Wednesday staff meeting when he saw the article in the Toledo Journal about the firing of Dwayne Morehead. According to my source a lot of four letter words and the using of God's name in vain were bouncing around the room. Czarlton keeps acting like that and God may recall him. I wish the best for Czarlton. If there is such a thing as reincarnation maybe the next time he comes to earth he will be a sea cucumber.

The people that I know who were friends of Flute Rice's have been devastated by his loss. I never had the opportunity to meet him, but I sure wish I'd had the chance.

Two men who I won't name :-) were with me at a library some months ago when Flute's name came up. Again. It has surprised me, the level of emotion that arises when this man's name is mentioned. So I asked these gentlemen to tell me about Flute. They stopped walking and just said the nicest things about him and got pretty emotional. My body doesn't have a censor between my head and my mouth so I said exactly what I was thinking - 'You both loved this man'.

Yes, they said they did indeed.

I find it hard to believe that someone would have misbehaved at the funeral of such a man - and sad.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

He didn't ask he just did.

Who is Flute Rice?

(I'm not a native Toledoan, so I certainly mean no disrespect to the man by not knowing who he is.)

Maggie, If you google the word sea cucumber you will be presented with photos of various sea cucumbers. You are allowed to use your imagination.

It appears there will be a press conference Monday, Sept 10, 2007 at the Government Center on the Jackson Street side at 10:00 AM regarding the Dwayne Morehead termination. Isn't it a coincidence that Czarlton has scheduled the model block press conference at the same time? Sounds like Czarlton is running scared and he should be.

While many at the funeral of Flute Rice were African American, there were several of us that were white. We came because we admired, respected and loved Flute just as everyone there did! At the time, I spoke about how I was also touched by Mr. Rice. A finer person I can not name. He was a friend and a colleague. I miss him every day.

I was openly shocked at what Mayor Finkbeiner said. Among the insults, he invoked Flute's name to tell us we should give up our quest for changes in the public education system in Toledo, Ohio. I sat there and thought to myself, Carty you don't know Flute. He would tell us we were winning and not to give up the struggle. At a time when he could have retired and been a happy camper, he chooses to find another cause and put his reputation on the line. Now that is my definition of a hero.

Carty lost all my respect that day - if he had any!

...are soft and innocent...I don't think that'd be fair to the sea cucumber...

While I don't believe in reincarnation since it says that innocent people do not suffer they simply get what they deserve on the basis of bad karma, it's sometimes fun to imagine what if scenarios.

So if reincarnation is real, I wouldn't be interested in knowing about the bad karma Carty would be working off if he came back as a sea cucumber. My main concern would be which tyrant he was in a past life in order to be able to understand which tyrant he is in his present life.

...missed something along the way. What did Carty say? Aside from the fact that you just don't ask to speak at a funeral unless you are part of the program...

Here is a link to a story published on his death - it is more a history and leaves out his last contributions as the founder of the Urban Coalition and his desire to reform the organization that he spent years working for -

Flute was the kind of person who made everyone feel like they were special. I hear the same story from everyone touched by him. At the same time, he was not afraid to say what he believed and more importantly STAND for what he believed.

This certainly does not do him justice. I'm not sure any combination of words would be adequate. My only regret was that I came to know him late in his life and he was not part of my life for a much longer time. I enjoy meeting people that knew him.

...actually, I know what they look like as I've seen them when snorkling while on vacation...but - not having a 'dirty' mind, I just didn't put two and two this time, I'm in the TMI (too much information) stage and trying to avoid images in my head! LOL

Maggie, I think I don't have to spell it out. Hardy, Har, Har.

Have a good laugh, Maggie. I've been laughing ever since I made the post.

...guess I did need it spelled out! LOL

***blushing, now!!!***

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