'White power' chanted during immigration discussion at school


BROOMFIELD BROOMFIELD BROOMFIELD 'White power' chanted during immigration discussion at school

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This is the result of extreme right-wing politics and xenophobia in this country, fostered by a national government that deems its own citizens potential security risks and not worthy of being protected by its own constitution. What starts at the top filters down to the bottom.

of the many presidential candidates are on the fringes of the left and the right.

With all the illegal immigration and legal immigrants coming to the U.S. some of the extreme groups can see this as an opportunity to push the agenda for "white" power.


Over two-thirds of the people in the Western Hemisphere speak Spanish, not English.

If students can choose from several languages then there is nothing wrong with taking a course in Spanish. If it is the only choice than there is reason to question why just Spanish.

If the question is broader and concerns people in our country who only speak Spanish then you have a totally different set of concerns. The most pressing would be to encourage them to learn English since it is the language of Americans and the language of the market place. Failure to learn the language of the native population restricts upward mobility and isolates those who are linguistically/socially illiterate.


article. Two students asked to leave the classroom. This is out of thirty in the class. A handful was against immigration. Some of these kids may reflect their parents, others may reflect "original" thinking that is contrary to their parents' beliefs (how many "hippies" came from conservative families?). Toledo isn't the only place where the economy is faltering, and U.S. citizens at the bottom of the economic ladder are fearful of being replaced by foreigners who work cheaper (either in this country or overseas). One man's "economic opportunity" is another man's death sentence (or so it would appear to him). And the kids see this. It would be interesting to have interviewed these four or five children to find out "why" they took the position they did. It is much easier to place this small incident in some national framework rather than explore it further.

As for learning Spanish it kind of makes sense in the southwestern U.S., but (being Americans) we feel everyone should speak English. I remember reading an article in the "Futurist" (a magazine about future trends) in which the author gave a plausible scenario for Spanish becoming the dominant language (first in the south and west of the U.S., and then nationally). And this was 30 years ago. It seems as though he might be right on target. Maybe stopping illegal immigration might stop the process, but I hear a lot of Spanish being spoken in my part of town (especially in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart's on Glendale).

Old South End Broadway

Side note: I just met the founder of the Minute Man Project, Chris Simcox. Great guy!

Matt Holdridge
The Toledo Tattler

SO the right wingers are pushing xenophobia or "a fear or contempt of foreigners or strangers????" You mean because right wingers would like to see the law enforced regarding illegal activity especially illegal aliens?

Funny and ignorant.

Besides this incident, has anything else happened or are we just assuming people are using illegal immigration to push "white power." And, if anything else has happened, can you prove they support certain presidential candidates. I'm sure you might be able to find a neo-Nazi story, but they have always pushed white power.

This is true but we could reflect on the earlier waves of immigrants who did not speak the language and after many decades became "American".

The chanting of White Power is just another example of the continuing racial and ethic divides that occur when immigrants, illegal and legal come here and the established groups are troubled by the change.


Choosing a candidate can be difficult when competing candidates camouflage their real intentions. Almost every Republican candidate is claiming to be tough on illegal immigration and vowing to secure the border. Only Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo have a proven track record. Tancredo and Paul have been sounding the alarm bell on illegal immigration for years. Ron Paul wants to revoke the Fourteenth Amendment, which has caused the

cassalovem, what's "funny and ignorant" is that the article in no way references ILLEGAL immigration. Just immigration. It's beginning to appear that we're raising our own little fascists.

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