Cooking the Bacon at Kaptur's Office

Congressional Quarterly reports that 67 Democrats who voted to slash the defense budget by more than 20 percent have won earmarks for home-district projects, totaling about half a billion dollars. Nine of the 12 Democrats who voted against funding defense completely were among those who received earmarks and this includes our very own Marcy Kaptur.

Marcy gained a $58 million for her district, including $4 million for a blimp, described in the defense measure as a

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Screw the defense budget... let's have more pork. Spending half a trillion on Iraq is obscene. Spending money in your hometown makes sense.

I prefer to keep my own money and shield it away from the Big Spenders of Both Parties!!

we shouldn't be spending any of our money on this crap, unless it's really needed at home. Most of the pork money seems to be just thrown away.

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