7th Grader hit crossing Byrne in front of Byrnedale today...

I saw a story on 13abc tonight about a 7th grader that was hit by a car this morning at Byrnedale. 13 made the story about the extremely long lines turning left into Byrnedale, how the area is congested and clogged during drop offs & pick ups, and how parents let off their kids in the wrong place to avoid the long lines... yet they never answered the first question that popped into my mind.

Was this kid crossing in the crosswalk? If not, then how the heck does 13abc turn this into a story about the city not making this stretch of road safe? If he was crossing in the crosswalk, and soemone blew through the school zone, throw the book at em.

I am willing to bet this kid was not crossing properly, and if he/she had, he/she would have never been injured. I empathize with parents wanting a better drop off situation- at Harvard we're clogged with no place to go, and really no way to improve- we are stuck in that lot after school for at least 10-15 minutes. And if we're walking home, we go out of our way to cross at the cross walk just to be safe.

To those in a hurry on their way to work, please slow down and do not run the lights at the crosswalks. Put down your text messaging and pay attention to the kids. There is nothing that ticks me off more is a weaver going about 45 in a school zone.

But I have one more message that 13abc might have sent to parents- even if you're in a hurry, make the time to drop your child off properly. It's up to you to keep them safe.

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There's a lenghty post on Glass City Jungle on this. Lisa's husband and daughter wittnessed the event first hand. Along with heavy debate, the account is first hand, so a good read.

I'm pretty sure I remember 13 saying that the kid was not in the crosswalk when he was struck. Its a terrible thing though and I hope that this reminds everyone to slow down near schools and a reminder too for the kids to cross at the crosswalk.
Maybe TPS shouldn't have gotten rid of so many of its crossing guards, although I can't say that Byrnedale had one. I know they didn't have one when my daughter went there. Maybe its something they need.

Claybourne and Byrne. It's the street *right* before the school. And THAT TREE TOTALLY OBSCURES A MOTORIST'S VIEW OF THE SCHOOL ZONE 20MPH SIGN UNTIL THEY ARE AT THE INTERSECTION for the school!!! It's something I have to get on the city about for our school every year at some point- the city needs to make a priority of getting those flashing signs free from tree limbs.

I really don't think that the junior high needs a crossing guard. They are old enough to cross the street on their own at a crosswalk with a light- and in this case the crosswalk has a stoplight. All they have to do is OBEY THE LAW and *cross when it says walk*... I swear some kids are too cool to wait for the crosswalk...

I am glad that this man driving was obeying the speed limit and obeying the laws. I wonder if this young man will get a ticket for crossing improperly?

I would love to see the media do a story about how parents need to make sure that their kids get to school safely.

And in between Reynolds and the Trail there are two schools, Byrnedale and Trinity Lutheran. Both have marked school zones and flashing lights warning drivers. However, in the past couple of years I have never seen a child walking into or around Trinity, but I have TPD nailing drivers for speeding in the Trinity school zone on Glendale in the morning. Around Byrnedale, where I have seen hundreds of kids crossing Glendale and walking on the sidewalks near the schoold, I have never seen a TPD cruiser stopping speeders.

Granted, it appears that this kid wasn't in the crosswalk and was running through traffic, so speed limit or not the kid would have been hit, but I bet I'll see TPD's speed camera van around Byrnedale this year.

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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Those branches were so thick they were totally obscuring the 20mph zone sign at the intersection of Claybourne & Byrne, in the direction the man was driving yesterday when he hit the boy, and partially obscuring the sign in the other direction. I drove by the signs at 4:30 and both signs are completely visible, they cut the heck outta those trees! Fantastic! I just wish they would put that on their list a week or two before school starts every year. And not just Byrnedale, but for every school.

...and that the kid was waved to cross by a driver (not the one who hit him). Kid should have used the cross-walk.

Old South End Broadway

The disdain with which some on this blog hold this child, who is critically injured, takes my breath away. I fight the way I fight because there is a war on children across this nation and Toledo is no exception. I choose to fight on the side of the children.

The only difference in the way the war is fought against children in Toledo is that people are more open in the negative ways in which they view children. This can be seen especially in this microcosm called Swamp Bubbles.

I have FOUR kids we are raising, and one who is now 18 and off in the big world. You'd better not accuse me of holding any sort of disdain for children! Really!

What I FEEL is complete frustration over how the media turns an incident like this one into a story about how TPS needs to make the mornings safer. NO--- *parents* need to make their children safer. This school has the tools to have a safe drop off. At Harvard we don't have any wiggle room for drop offs, many parents park and walk the kids, and many others walk to school. Byrnedale has the tool for kids in their age bracket to use- a button for a crosswalk- all that parent needed to do was turn right on Juliet and drop the child *at* the crosswalk. Parents need to teach their children the right way to cross, it's a very basic thing. And what originally made me so frustrated about this story was 13's spin on it, not even mentioning why the accident occurred in the first place.

Maybe the word I used was the wrong word, maybe the word I meant to use was "contempt."

1.I really don't think that the junior high needs a crossing guard. They are old enough to cross the street on their own at a crosswalk with a light- and in this case the crosswalk has a stoplight. All they have to do is OBEY THE LAW and *cross when it says walk*... I swear some kids are too cool to wait for the crosswalk...

2.I am willing to bet this kid was not crossing properly, and if he/she had, he/she would have never been injured.

3.Kid should have used the cross-walk.

I agree with many here about this....

I remember Jr. High pretty well. It was 10 years ago for me, and my last 2 years in TPS. My point is simple: Every one of these kids considers themselves pretty grown up. There are exceptions, but they are few. There's drinking and smoking and drugs and sex. There's kids making their own rules at home and borrowing cars of parents or friends. There's a swagger about. For the first time you're in a freer, high-school like environment. Girls start looking a lot more like adults, and boys just start looking...

You go round up 20 of these kids from any given Jr. High and tell them that they're too young for this behavior. That they're kids.

They'll laugh at you, and probably disrespect you, and probably earn points w/ their peers for it.

But now poor little Johnny gets clipped in the intersection and he's just a little child that needs to be protected while crossing the street. Nonsense.

These are children, but they're old enough to be able to cross the street. With parents like this, though, I wonder if they'll ever FEEL old enough to actually feel accountable for anything...

And we'll pray he recovers. As usual there, I really envy those of you who see everything in such clearly defined black and white.

I see the bushes that could have/should have been trimmed. A 12 year old boy who was still in that naive state of being immortal. Quite a few things came together and this boy was hurt.

12 year old boys where I come from are still playing with Lego's and GI Joes. It's pretty rough to expect them to behave like adults.

There has to be a compromise - and I do have to say I've noticed over time that are there are those who express negative attitudes toward kids. But that's happening everywhere, not just on swampbubbles.

Give 'em a swift slap in the head...stop and laugh for a moment. Then move on :-) These folks aren't worth the effort.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

certainly don't hold this boy or any other child in contempt. As I said, I have kids myself, a whole slew of them, and *gasp* they even make mistakes. But I've given them the basic rules of life, and when it's time for the younger ones to go out on their own, all I can do is pray that they were listening. So far we're doing alright with our little adult who lives in Wyoming at this moment.

That's pretty sad if after all this time, in all my posts, you choose now to attack me in that way. I am not negative towards children, or towards this boy, I was negative about the need for crossing guards, and mostly about 13 and their spin on the actual story.

When I first posted this, it was before the Blade reported it, and the only story I had heard was the story on 13. So I had all of 3 minutes exposure to the fact that it even happened. And they didn't say anything about how the boy crossed. In fact, the way that they omitted that made me post originally that I had a hunch that he wasn't crossing properly. Not because my life is all black and white and all kids behave badly. ?????

I just don't think we need crossing guards at junior highs, and i think these parents made a really bad choice. How is that black and white? I am talking about this particular situation, and I am not using generalizations. One extra minute to pull over and he could have crossed at the light. The difference between being seriously injured and starting the school year off happy and healthy. It's not black and white, it's a fact. It's a very sad reminder for all of us to take it more slowly around the school zones, and to remind our kids about safety to & from school.

...I was running against a friend, and didn't stop fast enough at the corner of Clover Lane, and Alexis Road. I went into the street, and I remember freezing as the car rounded the corner, and then hit me in the side. I was lucky. He was going slowly, and he only bruised my hip at the waist. I didn't even tell anyone because I didn't want it getting back to my parents.

Kids do stuff that will get them hurt. And maybe the person who waved the kid on is partly to blame. His or her "courtesy" happened at the wrong time in the wrong place. He'll have to live with that along with the driver who hit the kid (even though he was within the law). I feel sorry for them all, but the kid didn't use the cross-walk.

Maybe it wouldn't have made a difference. People are often distracted. My brother always makes sure to drop his kids off in the parking lot of Oakdale Elementary School to lessen the danger to them of crossing the street. I don't know why these parents didn't. Maybe they can't because of the design of the school. They could have turned around in some driveway, and let the kid off on the side of the street where the school is. Maybe the kid didn't want to be treated like a "kid", and urged his parents to let him off so he could cross the street. Crossing guards might help, but I think the schools have discountinued that practice except at a few schools (Oakdale for one).

Old South End Broadway

...which was a long time ago, I admit, but the 6th graders served as guards for my elementary school. We had the belts, the poles, etc. We had to be at school earlier than other kids, but it was a special treat to be selected for guard duty and to be entrusted to helping the younger kids.

I don't know whether or not 6th graders still serve as crossing guards, but if 6th graders can do this, you'd think that junior high students would be able to this, as well.

I'm not saying that this was the safest of intersections nor is this a 'contempt' for kids in general or this injured child in particular.

I'm just wondering...

...70's, they were the AAA Crossing Guards, with color-coded badges for "rank" and, yes, I did save my patch for graduating that AAA "lil village" traffic test to "get" my badge!

I watched my friend Robert, as he exited the Tarta bus at Buckeye and Erie and did NOT notice that Erie had the green light, run fast in front of the bus then watched as he sailed across the intersection and landed on the trunk of a car across Buckeye.

Some lessons are learned from other people's mistakes.

Last night I was buzzing out to the local pharmacy quick at 7pm, and there were two young girls about that age stuck in the middle of Alexis road. They looked a bit scared actually, because they'd tried to cross a busy road during a busy time and got to the center and ended up in a place they knew they shouldnt be, but couldnt go back, or ahead.

Sad part is, was the light was just 100 yards further down the road!! All this at a time when the sun was right at about eye level, and drivers going west were having it right in their eyes.

Poor judgement on the girls' part? Damn strait. I felt bad for them. Major issue? No, unfortunately, it happens every day. I'd be willing to guess they'd seen someone else do it first.

Is my opinion evident of a war on children? Contemptuous? Get real.

You are off the HOOK!!

The problem with a teacher (hot or not, M or F - doesn't matter) having sex with a 12 yr old student is that for the student, it's more likely fulfilling a deeper need/longing than it does for the teacher. Yes, I know, a 12 yr old boy's hormones are going crazy & he's going to be an easy target - just a little extra attention from the hot teacher, mild flirtations - and suddenly he feels like a MAN. At 12 yrs old (M or F), you tend to feel pretty inept, lacking, needy - and want to fit in, to belong. For a 12 yr old (M or F), the mild flirtations from the hot teacher (probably has to be considered 'hot' by the student in question, or the student wouldn't be so easily led) are probably a huge boost to their fragile egos. For that reason alone, I think any teacher who preys on a kid is no better than a pedophile. The 12 yr old may not feel like a 'victim' at the time - if it's a guy, he's possibly bragged it up to his friends - but there most likely will be a day, when it hits that child between the eyes - that their innocence was stolen & perverted by a teacher - somebody they were supposed to be able to trust. I fail to see why it'd be worse if it was a male teacher with a female student - perhaps that's a guys way of looking at it. An adult that preys on the gullible & naive minds of children, or their weaknesses - are guilty of statutory rape at best, pedophilia at worst.

...disdain, Purnhrt, only sadness and regret. It's sad what happened to him ... and regrettable that it might have been avoided if he'd followed the rules by using the crosswalk.

Children need to understand that rules (like using a crosswalk) are in place not just because we (adults) like them, but because we care about them and want them to be safe. I'll bet a lot of parents used this accident as a teaching moment for their own children, to remind them of the 'safety first' things they should be doing.

I don't think its contempt for children to say that had the boy been crossing the street properly he likely wouldn't have been hurt.

Personally, even though at the junior high age you would think that a kid should know how to cross the street I still think that they need an adult crossing guard because that age is the perfect age for feeling invincable and too cool to wait for the light. I doubt that they'd listen to and respect a guard their same age.
Heck if the Byrnedale students I saw last year out front of Burroughs elementary are any indication, they might not listen to an adult either since it took the former principal filming them with a video camera to get them to settle down and behave while waiting to pick up younger siblings.

All I'm saying is something that I believe is an absolute fact: By that age, 99% of kids consider themselves to be pretty damn grown up. They consider themselves ready for any manner of "adult behavior." This is why, in my opinion, it's no crime when a hot teacher sleeps with her 12 year old male student. Say what you want about protecting the children, fine, whatever, I certainly can't make much of an argument against that. But I do think it's relevant that the kid that got hit probably considers himself all grown up. But OF COURSE he does, at any given time, he's older than he's ever been before. Right now, me, at 24, I'm unable to see how much more wisdom I'll have in 10, 20 years. I'm old enough to recognize that i'll certainly have more than I do now, but you know, I feel pretty darn grown up. I've felt this way for at least the past 10 years. He probably does, too.

I don't wish ill on any child, certainly not to be hit by a car. But we can't cover the world with styrofoam. The world is a dangerous, sharp, jagged place. Blaming the city/the school/whatever and saying that things should be done to protect little timmy/johnny/whatever against lessons he should've already learned is the wrong thing to do.

He and his friends could really LEARN something out of this. If the parents absolve them of personal responsibility, they're going to be learning THE WRONG LESSONS!

I know, baby, I know ;)

Seriously, though, thanks for the props.

"By that age, 99% of kids consider themselves to be pretty damn grown up. "

Just because a child considers himself grown up, doesn't mean he is. Shane, do you even KNOW any 12 year olds?? Do you consider them grown up?

"in my opinion, it's no crime when a hot teacher sleeps with her 12 year old male student."

Now that's just retarded. Scary actually!

"at 24, I'm unable to see how much more wisdom I'll have in 10, 20 years.

Remember that quote if you can. When you are 48 you will consider yourself at 24 in the same way as you at 24 consider someone at the age of 12. I still cant fathom you thinking a person is capable of making adult decisions at the age of 12. Hell, your brain isnt even finished growing for a good 6-8 years yet!!

This is why, in my opinion, it's no crime when a hot teacher sleeps with her 12 year old male student

How's about when the 'hot' (or not hot, what does it matter?) teacher happens to be male, sleeping with his 12 year old male (or female) student? Let's continue to promote protection of minors from from all sexual contact with adults, shall we?

Look, I'm just being a realist about this. If a MALE teacher is going after a 12 year old student, that's one thing. But a FEMALE teacher (hot or not), with a male student, that's a totally different story. It just is.

Yeah, actually I know quite a few 12 year olds, including my youngest Sister and about 10 of her friends that she's brought around the family.


Furthermore, you are either WILLFULLY twisting my words are are just for some reason incapable of understanding what I'm saying. I NEVER said that a 12 year old is capable of making adult decisions.

I'm saying that THEY certainly THINK they are. I'm also saying that deciding to cross the street in an unsafe manner is NOT AN ADULT DECISION. And that NO GOOD will possibly come of this kids parents deflecting blame on this to the city and the school district.

Please, by all means, untwist this:

"in my opinion, it's no crime when a hot teacher sleeps with her 12 year old male student."

Tell me how this is not pedophilia that you think is just fine.

I understand your thought process on this, but statuatory rape is still statuatory rape, no matter the gender of the adult involved.

The David Lee Roth "Hot For Teacher" song and video is good for a chuckle and a wet dream, and let's just keep it at that.

Shane, I have a 10-year-old son. I really don't want him to have sex with a 'hot' teacher in two years. It's not a 'different story' with me.

Billy, I'm being a realist. As I just said in a post about 3 inches down this screen. Men can get raped by women -- if that teacher forcefully sodomizes the boy or something, absolutely, rape.

But a woman 'forcing' a boy to have intercourse with her? How would that work, exactly? Furthermore, who is the victim? The boy? You think he's traumatized by it?

He's not.

Statuatory rape has always been a tricky one for me... Because often the only victims are the parents of the underage participant. Often the "child" is WILLING, even the INITIATOR. I point to the case of Genarlow Wilson. If you don't know about that, Google it. It's a total miscarriage of justice, and even the legislature and courts agree that it is, but their hands were tied.

Yes, there can be real consequences to the underage participants life, such as an unwanted pregnancy. And no, when I have a child that age, I probably wouldn't want to see it happen to him, either.

But it's not NEARLY as bad as a 12 year old girl (or a 12 year old boy..) with a male teacher.

Look, I only made that comment in passing: I can't even remember how, in my head, I tied it into the crossing-guard issue. But my point about the crossing guard incident is simple: Sending this boy a message that HE did no wrong, that the CITY or the SCHOOL dropped the ball in protecting him, is the wrong thing to do.

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