Toledo a safe city ???

Article published Monday, August 27, 2007
Toledo a safe place to raise your family

On Aug. 13, I attended a press conference at Joe E. Brown Park in North Toledo with Mayor Carty Finkbeiner to announce the city's fourth Model Block program. The next day, The Blade's headline stated that the mayor rejected calls to enlarge the police force. Interestingly, that headline was not reflective of the content of the article. At the press conference, the mayor praised and congratulated the police officers present for the fine work they have done this year and last year in reducing the city's crime rate.

Mayor Finkbeiner also emphasized our city's low murder rate compared to other cities in the Midwest. To date, Toledo has experienced seven murders, one of which was actually committed in 2006. However, with the body discovered in 2007, it counts on this year's tally. Thanks to the diligent work of our police officers and detectives, all of this year's homicides have been solved.

It is easy for political candidates to jump on such a headline and demand more police officers. It is much more difficult to maintain a stellar police force, such as the one we have in Toledo, within the budget constraints with which we are confronted.

Compare our crime rate to that of Cleveland, Cincinnati, or any similar-sized city in the United States, and it is easy to conclude that Toledo is a safe city in which to live and raise a family.

Michael J. Navarre

Chief of Police
City of Toledo

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Did Mayor Funkboner fire his door stop, and add another title to Public Safety spin director Navarre?

Boy old Carty is pulling the puppet strings tight on this one.

Jack Smith is laughing, all the way to the Bank.

This press release was about an incident that happened two week ago. One would have to assume that this is an attempt play politics. However I don't believe the Chief of Police and the Chief of Firefighters should play politics. Mr. Navarre should be focusing on the safety of citizenry instead of issuing releases on old news.

In addition, this release is nothing more the an at-a-boy for the city when one is not deserved. If our crime statics had suddenly improved then this would certainly be deserved. However since this is not case, rather call times are increasing at an almost exponential rate, this is nothing more then governmental tripe we have come to expect within our local government and as such must be disregarded as such.

Mr. Navarre, you have nothing to be proud of. Yes, our city is safer then Cleveland or Cincinnati but you are setting the bar extremely low by comparing us to those cities. Wouldn't a more appropriate comparison would be to Youngstown, a very similar city in their state decline and population? Mr. Navarre how do we compare to Youngstown?

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

Oh I am sorry I am negative about this cesspool we call Toledo.

An idiot for Mayor, who is a fiscal mental midget. Chases business away to other Counties, then uses the same developer he accuses of stealing the business.

Lucas County commissioners who's only goal is to mark what there "Legacy" is.

Crime is rampant, not enough police.

Police driving cruiser's that are unsafe, 200,000 miles plus on most.

I have no reason to be negative at all, none. Gimme a F'in break!!

Toledo is the most dangerous city I have ever lived in and I have lived in 4 other major metropolitan cities.

The Crips, the Bloods, and too many to list. Depending on the area you could have a segment of each in close proximity.

The Old South End, the North End and the Inner City are plauged with gangs. Toledo's gangs are sloppy, but no less dangerous and criminal that other metropolitian communities. Even when we lived on Walbridge Ave, in the OSE, there was a gang of middle school aged girls carrying pistols, causing havoc etc. I was shoked at the violence of these young girls..just shocked. Gangs are not just for punk, thug boys anymore.

...but three girls painted graffiti on my garage about four years ago. The cops caught them after they had done about 20 others homes, and trashed a young guy's restored 1961 vehicle. I spend five or six sessions in court before a judgement was finally reached. My father's car was also fire-bombed a couple of years before that. Police said they believed it was a gang initiation. Never found anyone responsible for that (or least we were never informed). But haven't seen much current in my area. But then I don't spend a lot of time on the street anymore.

Old South End Broadway

I don't blame the chief for writing the letter. There is so much negativity from a small segment of the population in this town (including people on this board) that continue to knock Toledo. Since negativity gets all the press I suppose the chief felt it was his duty to spread some positive news for a change.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

Dangerous in what way? Are you talking statistics or just your own personal experience?

I blame the chief for writing that letter. I boldly and squarely place the blame on his shoulders. He chooses to pen that release. Just as I choose to post my opinion on this board and possibly endure some form of retribution if I ever enter the city limits.

I have refused jobs and taken demotions in the past because of my moral convictions. I expect no less from the man who

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

Own personal experience. I never had to deal with gangs like I do in Toledo.

Fantastic JK - the current politicians always use other train wreck cities to compare how great we are, so lets look at the other side of that bush -

Which other cities have you lived in that you found safer?

Is there a lot of gang activity in Toledo?

(Not saying that to be a smartass...I've just never encountered any gang activity in the 5 years or so that I've lived in here. Is it concentrated in certain neighborhoods?)

Now you have me curious...I'll have to browse old posts here and look for some statistics. Maybe I've just been lucky.

(edit to add: I know that the North Toledo riots were allegedly provoked by gang activity, but aside from that I haven't heard of/seen any gang related activity since I've lived here.)

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