Finkbeiner won't face prosecution over ethics

Finkbeiner won't face prosecution over ethics

From the story:

Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates said, "there's going to be no prosecution on that."

She said she received the report from the commission in May and opted not to publicize the finding because she does not issue press releases when she decides not to prosecute someone.

So the Lucas County Prosecutor knowing that many in the community were interested in what happened to this issue just decided she would keep it quiet. What politics went into play regarding this decision considering a prominent and highly controversial figure was involved?

Also from the story:

The commission's report sheds light on Mr. Sanders' decision to leave Toledo. It quotes one participant in the effort to retain the superintendent, Bernard "Pete" Culp, as saying that Mr. Sanders could not tolerate the criticism of school board members Darlene Fisher and Robert Torres, who were elected to the five-member board in 2005.

"Culp recalls that almost as soon as the two new board members took their seats, Sanders complained that he could not work with them and started looking for other employment," the investigative report said. Mr. Culp told the commission that having only three supportive board members undermined his efforts to improve the schools.

"Culp stated that this was mentioned many times by Sanders, how he needed that fourth vote to be able to effectively run the schools," the report said.?

I would suggest that the real reason behind Sanders' desire to leave was that he realized that he would no longer be able to operate behind the scenes while leaving the elected Board and community in the dark just as he did when he "mortgaged" the districts future with the retroactive payment MOU.

Retroactive payment MOU at TPSINFO.COM

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Czarlton wanted Sanders to stay because he felt Mr. Sanders was someone he could manipulate. Sanders knew what time it was and he wasn't going to be sucked into that old political mentality and end up with Czarlton thinking he's got another house Negro. Czarlton not being prosecuted is evidence that somebody made a deal and screwed the public again. Czarlton still has to face the complaints filed against him by Morehead, Daugherty and Griffin. I wouldn't be surprised if he's trying to make a deal trying to escape those charges. Short term he may succeed, but long term justice will find Czarlton and he will lose. I'm just concerned how many millions of dollars its going to cost the tax payers because of Czarlton's antics. Czartlton needs to be put out of public service. He's bad for everyone.

Sanders knew what time it was when he figured he could not manipulate the new board members. The mayor was willing to sacrifice school children by touting that with Eugene Sanders, TPS was in continuous improvement when in fact the inner city schools were in academic emergency.

Carrying that scenario a step further, last school year (2006-2007) with John Foley, another mayoral atta boy, at the helm, TPS fell into Academic Emergency and again the numbers are being manipulated to show that only the inner city, poverty stricken, non caring parent's children are failing, when in fact schools such as Larchmont a "good school" and Ottawa River a "good school" in fifth grade math were just as "bad" as the inner city schools.

Scores such as:

Larchmont Fifth Grade Math 34.1% proficient

Fifth Grade Social Studies 41.5 proficient

Fifth Grade Science 56.1% proficient

Ottawa River Fifth Grade Math 50.0% proficient

Fifth Grad Social Studies 36.7% proficient

Fifth Grade Science 60.0% proficient

While the Blade reports on the schools such as Pickett (eight years in Academic Emergency) they failed to give the scores of the good schools which are just as appalling as the bad schools.

Everybody needs to ask, "what is really going on."

Burroughs Fifth Grade Social Studies' students were only 23.5 proficient.

Grove Patterson in Fifth Grade Math went from 61.0% in 2005-2006 to 48.8% currently. Longfellow went from 65.7% in 2005-2006 to 46.9% in Fourth Grade Math.

Instead of hiding information, the Blade, the mayor and superintendent Foley need to come clean with the community and make a plan to turn this ship around.

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