Ludeman loses job of Toledo city council chief to Ashford in 7-4 vote

Mr. Ashford, 51, represents District 4, which includes parts of the central city, the old north end, the Lagrange neighborhood, the Old West End, and downtown. He is vice president for urban services for the YMCA of Greater Toledo and director of the Wayman Palmer branch.

He said it made sense for council's majority party to be a "working majority," and that he would work with Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

"My job is to work with the mayor to make the mayor successful on all his initiatives. At the same time, my job is to serve as a voice for the citizens," he said.

"I've worked with Mayor Carty in the past and I look forward to working with him."

Mr. Finkbeiner said he was "saddened" by the vote.

"To replace him for no reason whatsoever, with but four months left in his term, underscores the pettiness, bitter partisanship, and ongoing political gamesmanship of this council," the mayor said.

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I came across video of Rob Ludeman, Frank "Non Partisan" Solousy, and Michael Ashford talking before the vote yesterday. You can see the secret video at the link below. Warning: may not be suitable for young viewers due to fictional claymation murder:



I don't think Ashford will stay very long as President of Council. This move does make the Democratic Party appear to be more united. I also think that Czarlton's so called "B" Team is going to have an agonizing end and once again us citizens will have the Democratic Party and not Czarlton's Fascist regime down at Democratic headquarters.

What does Ashford being appointed council president have to do with his being black?

He was appointed because Sanders a black man left Toledo, Jack Ford, a black man was defeated in the election by a white man and Ms. McConnell-Hancock, a black woman was defeated in a city council race? Huh?

This I read in the Blade, how asinine is that?

If these four black people are black leadership in Toledo, the black community is really in trouble. Or maybe we are in trouble because of this abnormal thinking.

Any black person will do in any position of limited power because other blacks who were in power and did nothing to alleviate the problems in Toledo either left or were defeated in elections?? HUH??!!??

This type of thinking could only happen in this "City of the Future."

the Massas' and the plantation negroes gearing up for? What is coming down the pike?

Czarlton was saddened by the outcome because his puppet is no longer setting the agenda. In addition, by Ashford being a Black man, that reality terrifies Czarlton. Czarlton is terrified by tall Black men who aren't afraid to stand toe-to-toe with him. If Sobchak would have became President, Czarlton would be doing backward flips and half gainers. Czarlton's saddness is just another example of his extreme racial bias. In Czarlton's eyes a Black man should never be in a leadership position. He views them as servants.

...I'll be voting for Chris Myers (a computer geek with fresh ideas) and Brown (an accountant who happens to be black or brown or some darker shade) for BOE because they seem to be technically oriented. I want someone who will know where the money goes and how. I want someone who will try to maximize the technology coming into our future. I am tired of politicians, and social activists. I want more bang for my buck, and maybe these people will give it for my tax dollar. Color or sex has nothing to do it with; being a technocrat does it for me.

Old South End Broadway

for after reading the posts, there has been no mention of race until purnhrt made her post and NC followed up 3 and one half hours later.

A week in Bristol Tennessee for the NASCAR race this past weekend, where a banner on a plane flying around the track held a Union Jack with the phrase "Remember where you came from".

Thank you purnhrt for encouraging the seperation of race instead of the unification this vote showed. You should move to Tennessee where your comments mean something.

Purnhrt, leave the race-baiting to the pros.

That has some people and thinking still stuck in the earlier part of the 20th. century. with regards to the way the Blade reported the racial make up of the people cited in the article.

What difference does skin color make if the person is qualified and gets enough votes and enjoys support from the electorate.

As always, the most racist comment coming from it's usual source.

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