Shakedown at Ottawa Park

Today was the City Wide Block Watch Picnic held at Ottawa Park. Since it was held on city property, I assumed that it was OK to pass out literature for Cheryl Catlin's campaign for the Toledo School Board. Wrong! We were first told that we could not pass out literature. So we stopped. We were then told that we could not actively campaign, such as talking to people.

While we were standing all together about four of us, I heard one of the many policemen, who were there, talking on his walkie-talkie saying, "where is he?" and began to walk swiftly past us. I followed him with my eyes and lo and behold he was walking towards three other policemen/woman who had surrounded a potential suspect.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the glare of the sun I saw Policeman A had joined the other three policeman/woman who were already harassing the suspect who had a weapon in his hand. The weapon in his hands consisted of a clipboard and a pen, along with a petition for people to sign so that the suspect could gather signatures to be able to get on the November ballot for Toledo Public School Board. And the suspect was ............................John

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Saddly, that is the state of the city controled by hipocrocy ala Hiz dishonor. Welcome to my eh?

Sign... the... recall... petition!

rescue me

rescue me

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday


I went to Krogers on Manhattan and there was a minor accident in the parking lot. A sheriff was there and then the police drove up. I did not think that police could issue a ticket on private property. Why are police called to a non injury accident?

I left Krogers and took my kids to an ice cream place.

I was parked at the ice cream place with the five children. I young man was talking to me. The police drove up, got out of the car, asked the young man where he came from. The young man told the officers a street name and the one officer said, "yes, you are why we are here." The young man instantly gave the officers his bag, his ear phones and whatever else he had in his hand. The officers did not even ask him for anything, it was like he knew the drill.

The officers meticulously inspected his bag and only found hyegine items. One officer ran his whatever in the car and the other officer was quizzing the young man. After running his (whatever it is they run) the officer told the young man that he had no warrants and they were going to write him a summons for loitering. The young man said ok. The officer said "we are going to take you into custody while we write the summons. The young man was very polite and compliant during the whole episode.
The officer proceeded to handcuff the young man. The other officer got into the car to write the summons. Then the officer told the now handcuffed young man to get into the car. The young man got into the car.

My question to anyone who knows about this police procedure is, if you aren't under arrest are the police allowed to handcuff you? Can they handcuff you while they write a summons? I thought once you were handcuffed that you were under arrest.

All of this was very distressing to my children and to me.

Three police incidents in one day makes me believe that we are over policed.

Bulldog only weighs 98lbs??? Give that guy something to eat!

The young man told the officers a street name and...

Must be a different generation. If cop came up to me and asked my name, I'd just tell him my REAL name. Of course, Ive never needed to use an alias so it's new to me...

I meant that he gave the name of the street where he had come from.

The policeman asked him where he had come from and the man gave a street name as in the name of the street not his own name.

Sorry for not being clearer on that.

Anyone who practices Domestic Violence principal's, should'nt be allowed to lead any office in this CITY.

rescue me

Rescue Me. There are people out here who will provide help.

Will the woman in the red shoes please contact me?

Purnhrt, you were perfectly clear the first time you wrote it. People frequently (and I include myself in that group) read things a bit too quickly and then draw conclusions based on what they think they read.

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