The Carty Effect

With all the controversies surrounding Mayor Finkbeiner, I'm curious as to how his current term in office has personally effected your life in Toledo, Ohio Please join me over at Toledo Speaks Out to share your experiences.

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If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Carty has not, I repeat, not affected my life here in T-town. There seems to be a lot of bitch'n about Carty these days for reasons that seem petty when you look at the big picture facing T-town and the world at large. Seems to me Carty is being blamed for just about everthing that is wrong with Toledo.

I suggest we stop pointing fingers and clean up our own problems and maybe, just maybe, things will start turning around in Toledo,


"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

and pull ourselves out of this mess. No point waiting for govt or big business to rescue us, time for a bit more self-reliance and a bit less whimpering.

I do not support keeping a blind eye to what Czarlton is doing. Czarlton could care less about Toledo. Its all about himself.

hmmm... well WSPD stopped reporting almost all news and gives about 6.5 hours of their 7 hours of local coverage to bitch'n about Carty.

WSPD used to be a place to find out what is going on in Toledo if you didn't want to read the Blade. Now it's just the anti-Carty station.

Carty has had no negative effect on my life. My taxes are the same as before. City services are the same as before. And, for what it's worth, my neighborhood (Downtown) is a bit better maintained and beautified now, which is a good thing.

I don't have city garbage, so I can't comment on that, but if I did, I imagine it would be taken away on schedule. My streets are open and relatively free of debris. My water runs clean when I turn the faucet. My city taxes haven't went up despite the fact that basically everything else has.

Yep, I'm pretty happy with the job that's been done. I'm not expecting the city government to magically fulfill all my wishes and therefore I'm not upset that it hasn't.

I don't exspect him to fulfill all my wishes but, I do exspect him to hold himself to a higher standard. After all as he more than often states he is the Mayor.Leadership is not manifested by coercion, even against the resented. Greatness is not manifested by unlimited pragmatism, which places such a high premium on the end justifying any means and any measures. This being said he has effected my life by not being the leader I thougth he'd be when I voted for him.


rescue me

Not at all. I just scroll past the very, very many carty posts - like I do with TPS posts. I think Toledo (and Ohio) has more serious things to worry about, than the latest carty fiasco. For starters - we are facing a serious recession (don't have to take my word for it - it's been in the news, the Blade, stock market insider talk, coupled with foreclosures, bankrupsies, unemployment rates) within about 2 years at the rate we're going now. I am more worried that the holder of our mortgage will go bankrupt (in the Blade today - one of the leading firms). While I don't presume to suggest that nationwide smoking bans are completely to blame - I honestly believe they are helping to crumble the financial state of this country. Toledo already had financial woes, as did Ohio (and all over the country) - so what did they do? Pass bans that put more people out of work, and cause more businesses to fold. When the Cousinos filed bankrupsy, it said a lot - and they insist that sales fell off by 60 percent with the ban - before the bridge was shut down. My point is - we're in a neverending expensive war. We are on the threshhold of a recession, prices on everything are climbing sky high. And yet, every day it's a gripe about something carty did. I was appalled by some of his stunts (the flowers & dog for starters) - but it's small time compared to the state of this country, or even Toledo & Ohio.

Not faulting Carty for ALL of the ills in Toledo but he certainly makes his contribution. The parking incidents are simply an indication of his total lack of understanding in the area of PR and we could use a little of the good kind around here.

I have written Mr. Finkbeiner on several occasions about actions he and council have taken that are not conducive to promoting business in our fair city. To his credit, he always responds promptly insisting that Toledo is definitely business friendly. In my book, business friendly does not mean shutting down the functioning businesses at the ESM on short notice for a remodeling job they couldn't complete on time or trying to scare Costco out of town. It also does not mean having a higher city income tax than all but a handful of Ohio municipalities, yet he spends tax dollars on flowers and tacky Toledo Pride signs with projections of 8 figure budget deficits. The jobs we chase from Toledo could be helping someone make a mortgage payment and moving us a little further down the list of towns with the most foreclosures. To say Carty has had no effect on you as an individual means you're not looking at the big picture.

It's not always the largest iniquitiy, most times it's the sum total of the product. On their own, each Carty stunt, infraction, action of negitive tone would not be terribly signifigant. But when you add up what he has done, said and's the hum dinger!

Nobody really likes to talk about the reality here, but Carty/OBCnomics have caused and/or faned the flames of what has quickly become the virtual meltdown of Toledo on the whole. There are so many empty/ forsale houses and business's, we could house a refugee camp. We couldn't feed em or teach em, but we could house em.

When I moved back here..all of my friends and family worldwide...asked WHY???!!! This city is known all over the USA as a laughable, dysfuntional poorly everything wasteland. They could not imagine for the life of them, what I saw in the place?

I had to tell them that I met and married my wife and it became home, warts and all. It took me 8 years to stop wanting to leave Toledo. It took another 2 years and the events since I bought this house to draw me into the fray of change. From my vantage point of 65 windows, I can see where the real devastation is. The poor and blighted neighborhoods, the once middle class neighborhoods and the empty mansions.

The wealthy and comfortable can afford a dip, a lul and a sag. The less well off take stagering cuts to their lives just to make ends meet. Poverty and crime go hand in hand. There isn't a person in this city that doesn't understand what I'm talking about.

We will NEVER get out of this situation with the leaders(hack) we have now. The one's that have been and gone need to stay gone. "Experience" is what you get, when you don't get what you want. Just becasue you've been in the game for most of your life, doesn't mean you're any good at it. It just means people are bored, beaten and apathetic. "These" are as good as anybody because there's no faith in Governmental Leadership. Now that's an oxymoran.

You have to have some idea where you are going to lead. And you have to take the log out of your own eye before you try to remove the speck from someone else's. If you don't, you're both gonna fall.

honestly, i think it's hard to judge the effect of carty on one's personal live.

does carty's costco craziness impact me? we shall see. trader joe's was supposed to move in next to stein mart, but didn't. will that also impact the redevelopment of the westgate's north side? since i live in that neighborhood, it does/ could effect me.

does carty's flower and sign campaign effect me? i know i'm paying a new garbage "fee", so the foolish gov't spending is a burden. along w/ the new tax, my neighborhood also had garbage piling up during a recent holiday.

does the continued silliness at "esm" impact me? does the bike path/ ironhead episode influence me? o-i?

it's easy for me to go on, but it isn't necessary. whether directly or indirectly, i think carty's actions do negatively impact my life in toledo. how much of an impact is hard to judge.

I don't believe that it's had that much of an impact. He tries to lead, but few are following. Mainly, he is reported on for the embarrassing things he does. But that really doesn't affect me. I guess what was done with the garbage has been neutral to me. I have always recycled, and took the discount for recycling both at my home and my renter's property.

But he didn't get enough people to recycle, from what I understand. At some point we will probably (after his term) have to purchase additional land for a city dump. Hopefully, that will be in 20 years or more, and I

Old South End Broadway

I thought about what you asked..about being out for blood? In a way yes, in a way no. You see, I gave Carty the benefit of the doubt when I voted him back into office. I even decided to buy a home here and all of that. That's the day all my issues with Carty began. Well, first his departments, then him. I did everything I could to assist and be patient for more than a year getting things resolved in my neighborhood and my own issues. I even went so far as to attempt to work directly with him to further the progress. I have tolerated Carty, his staff and Ashford screwing with me, my home and my life for the better part of a year and a half. I never said a word publicly until we hit the 1 year mark.

After the meeting in May where he promised me resolution to the issues, not only have the issues not been resolved, his dumb ass has added to them on nearly a daily basis. After the flood of my home in June as a result of the dept of neighborhoods negligence, he has refused to even talk about it with me. He knows damn well it was because the idiots ripped the 25 trees out of the ground by the roots that the sewer collapsed. That and this block has not been serviced in more than 10 joke. Even thought the sewers people say they did, it was not possible becasue of the over-growth and trees. Hell, the manholes in the soon to be vacated alley were 2 feet under dirt..didn't even know they were there.

The house that was fire-bombed in the fall of 06 stood 2 doors down until 2 weeks ago, the lot is still not filled.

The demo lot to my north was filled w/ solid clay, an issue still unresolved and my north wall never dries out..never. Even's soaken wet. All I asked for was that they dig out the center of a lot that will be empty forever, creating a pond so that the water has somewhere to go aside from my foundation walls. How hard is it to send a bulldozer over here for a couple of hours to dig out a 30x50 pond? A couple of hours for 1 guy.

I could have been even more patient on these issues, until my wife was attacked. When Karen was assaulted by that crack-head, the trouble we had getting him arrested and the horrid way Joyce and the Prosecutors office treated Karen while she was so injured and scared. That was too much. Do you know it took them 5 days to notify us that Johnson was in custody? I had to find out from a passer by on the street. I was the one that called on the Monday after the attack and told the cops where to get him, they did, but even the police didn't tell us they had him. So Karen sat here terrified for 5 days worrying for nothing..nice eh? We couldn't sleep, we couldn't eat, I stayed up all night, hired people to find him and searched day and night while I could have been doing other things like taking care of Karen better. I had her protection in the front of my mind..thus many other things suffered. This is part of the systemic problems throughout Carty's administration.

When I add all of this and some I've left out, along with his city wide idiocy..I just cannot take it anymore. Some of the stories I've been told are enough to curl what's left of my hair. If even a 1/4 of it is true..he is a lunatic. His outrageous behavior, his terrible management style and his outright bigoted personality.. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a white sheet with a sawstica(sp) in black face and pumps.

Anyway, to say I'm pissed and vengfull..perhaps..but more to the point, I believe it's in the best interests of Toledo to dump him as soon as possible, fire nearly all of his staff and re-organize the Administration completely.

shane - The Blade just did an article on the trouble mortgage companies are in, and mentioned Countrywide - a long standing, highly reputable company that has a good reputation for not selling off it's mortgages. We use Countrywide as of 1 1/2 years ago when we refinanced (lower rate, shorter mortgage time payoff). Our original mortgage company sold our mortgage; then it was sold again; then again - we were not even informed of where to mail the payment for 3 months (late payments from going to the wrong (or many) address hurts your credit). Now we have Countrywide & have been pleased with them. I don't claim to know a lot about the Great Stock Market Crash - but I do know that when it crashed, banks started to call in their loans - the rest is history. I'm not worried about that for us - but it will have a devastating effect on the country.

You must live under a rock if you haven't seen how prices on most everything has climbed. You don't have to believe me - ask anybody who does the weekly grocery shopping or a grocery store employee. I've bought the same items for years - and a lot of items I've been buying for the last 4 -5 years, have increased in price - some by 1/4 - 1/2 more in cost. Cucumbers used to be 2 -3 for $1.00. Last week they were 99 cents each (organic is even worse). Tide laundry detergent has increased by nearly half in the last 4 -5 years. The rationalization I hear is increased oil, gas & petrolium (sp) prices. But ask any weekly grocery shopper how much more they're paying than they were 1 -2 years ago for the same items. The Blade just did an editorial on this as well.

And yes, people who work with/in & study the stock market are able to predict somewhat - what to look for, and they all seem to be in agreement about a coming recession. I"m well aware it's cyclical. Up & down, always was, always will be. But there are also red flags - signs & numbers they look for to make predictions. I know 2 people who are very educated in the stock market, and are watching the numbers closely. You're naive to assume they aren't able to make reliable predictions.

The Docks - Cousinos : I did say that my first reaction to hearing they'd filed bankrupsy & lost 60 percent of their business was more likely due to the bridge being shut down. However, my closest friend is also a very close friend of the Cousinos (long time old friends), and the Cousinos told her & her husband that business was down about 60 percent BEFORE the bridge got shut down. I think they'd be the ones to be in a position to know, more than you are. My guess is that Gumbo's Club Sin was the reason for that - it was their big money maker. Gumbos was the only Docks restaurant that had a smoking section since Toledo's first smoking ban, other than patios.

WSPD used to be a place to find out what is going on in Toledo if you didn't want to read the Blade

Yep, when it was an actual newsstation and not a mouthpiece for Liberterian and/or conservative politics or philosophies.

I don't get it. How has carty parking in a handicapped spot, for example, affected YOUR life?

Can you tell me that?

I agree with your position on not caring about Carty, but as to the rest... wow.

First, you're worried that your mortgage holder will go bankrupt? Why? That would have no effect on you. Your mortgage is an asset that the company holds. It would be sold off at bankruptcy like any other asset. Your mortgage terms wouldn't change a bit.

Second, prices are going "sky high?" Inflation has been well in check for fifteen years or more now. I think the last CPI numbers were 0.2% core inflation? That's nothing! Outside gasoline, prices have remained very stable.

Third, unemployment rates, even in Toledo, are very low. Now, UNDERemployment is an issue, but unemployment? not so much.

Fourth, the stock market is in fine shape. This is a normal market correction. We were due for one. It's cyclical.

Fifth, the housing bubble burst. As expected. It was always just a matter of time. It will ripple thru the economy and then it'll recover. Home prices have dropped considerably. Eventually they'll reach a point where they're such a great deal that investors re-enter the market. Investors are on the sidelines while prices continue to soften. Again, it's a price correction, again, it's cyclical.

Sixth, You think that a SMOKING BAN is to blame for this? Are you SERIOUS? Your anecdotal evidence is TOM COUSINO?

All i'm saying is that you've got a sky-is-falling attitude that's probably overly pessimistic. You're not wrong to worry about things, but I do think you're wrong about your interpretation of recent events. Nobody can predict a recession 2 years in the future.

And even if there IS a recession, OH WELL. Again, it's cyclical. IT HAPPENS. We've all lived thru recessions before and we'll all do it again.

The city of Toledo certainly has major problems. Like Cleveland, like Detroit, like Dayton, like Akron, like Youngstown, like Gary and Fort Wayne, Ind., like many rust belt-situated cities, the main exceptions to this rule Chicago, Indianapolis and Columbus.

But the area of northwest Ohio has many communities and towns that have many reasons for moving to and living within them. Great schools, low crime, affordable housing. Perrysburg, Sylvania, Maumee, Oregon, Bowling Green, Port Clinton, Findlay.

Is something preventing you from leaving the city limits of Toledo if you feel so strongly against its leadership and direction?


rescue me

"Is something preventing you from leaving the city limits of Toledo if you feel so strongly against its leadership and direction?"

Yes..Commitment prevents me from leaving. I'm commitied to removing the blight that plauges Toledo..including idiot politicians. I'm commited to the people I share this place on Earth with, my family, my friends, my co-workers..and even strangers that are part of the global community that we all share.

I have lived in Portland Ore, Des Moines Ia, Sarasota, Fla, Mt. Pleasent mi, and have traveled the continental US.. Toledo is and has been my home for 11 years, my wife and her family are here or in the area. My own family is within 50 miles and the home I dearly love and have re-built sits here.

I am entrenched in my life here and to move would mean giving up on what I've worked so hard to achieve. Quiters never win, and winners never quit. I feel compeled by my faith to stay and fight the good fight. Toledo has many possibilities, but none can be realized under OBC control.

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