'Architect' Rove to go by end of August

Last Modified: 13 Aug 2007
By: Carl Dinnen

White House aid and chief Bush strategist says "it's time" to step down.

Nicknamed 'the architect' for campaigning skills that saw George W Bush win presidential terms in 2000 and 2004, Karl Rove today announced that he was stepping down as White House deputy chief of staff.


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Sounds like rats abandoning the sinking ship.

...under the cover of the federal government until he was pretty sure that he didn't need it anymore. He must be pretty sure that he won't have anymore chance of going to prison. He now has to get out of government to write his book. This will get him the cash to cover any civil litigation, and awards given to those who sue him if they win.

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...the chief of staff had asked staff people to make a commitment to stay until the end of the term, or to leave in September...

"It is understood that Rove made his decision after the White House chief of staff, Joshua Bolten, told staff that unless they went by September this year they would be obliged to see out the remaining 17 months of Bush's final term."

I expect that there will be more people who will decide to leave the administration now rather than later.

And this happens in every administration during the last year(s) of a term...even in local government.

However, I'm sure many will speculate.

...I also think the Whitehouse will be under more pressure from opposition both in the party, and outside. It won't be a pleasant time for anyone in the Whitehouse. Why would you subject yourself to that when you have a way out? Anyone who stays will probably be sitting before Congress answering questions (or not, if the Whitehouse has its way) on one "hot button" issue or another.

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