Toledo Public Library Will Shoot MySpacers!

Some time ago, I put up a post somewhere about how Toledo Public Library's need to make changes for computer use. I have found myself having to wait 30 or 40 minutes for an available computer while old men chat on-line at dating service sites...or teenagers playing video games or myspacing.

I tend to think public library computers should be used for actual research purposes.

Anyhow, I am sitting in a library now and there is some type of law enforcement guy monitoring the computer use. Great! Someone to monitor the useless use of public computers, however, this guy has on full uniform and carries handcuffs and a gun (not a police officer). I'm all about monitoring, but isn't this overboard? What are we paying this guy?

Couldn't a current employee just take the 10 step walk to the computers and check them out every now and then? Instead, we are "outsourcing" for this guy to come in and do it. And apparently, he is all geared up for some type of serious conflict. A little overboard wouldn't you say?

I have to get off the computer now, by writing this post, I am guilty of wasting time on a public computer as well, and I'm not much in the mood for having a gun pulled on me by the library police.

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...they'll probably count his job as one more in the 'created in 2007' list...

The way I look at it, as long as the sites you visit aren't illegal or pornographic when you're online at the library then it shouldn't matter what you do with your time. Its not all like the books in the library are restricted to research only books so why should the computer time?
For lots of people thats the only computer/internet they have access to.

Having an armed guard patrol and monitor what you're doing online is way out of line, if thats what they spend money on then next time the Library puts a levy up I'll be voting no.

I agree an armed guard to patrol library computer users is overboard - my guess, it'll be called a preventative measure to ensure kids aren't checking out porn or risque you tube videos - more so than expecting to catch a library patron accessing a terrorist website to do our country harm. A knee jerk reaction to the nanny state this country has become - censorship in it's early stages.

And I have no problem with old men chatting online in the library - it may be the only internet access they have. the section where history is located. A number of young people were there, and one of the librarians kept going to them to get them to have only one to a PC. I guess they are meant for research because that seemed to be why the librarian kept going back to "break it up". I guess on the one hand it is "natural" for young people to "kibbitz" one another on the Internet, but this seems to be against the rules. Maybe we would have more computers open if the library spread the monitors out, and allowed young people to do what comes naturally (gathering in groups around a monitor).

I don't really blame the library's administration. This is new ground, there all kind of state (and federal) rules they must abide, and adults worry about their children (or any child) getting hold of something they shouldn't off the Internet, or using the Internet for frivolous activity.

For myself, the library system is the one government activity that I really "enjoy" paying for. That's why I pay my fines with a smile: "Another book to read." I very seldom buy any materials anymore since I don't have the room for all I would want. Instead, I let the library keep the materials sorted.

One of my few wishes is that the Blade would either release their copywrite on material not on the Inrernet so that someone could put it on there, or begin to publish all their old articles. There is information that is available right now only at the Main Library either as original documents, or in microfilm. Luckily, we have the library because the Blade hasn't done "jack" sh-t about putting their old copies of the Blade on the 'net.

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...when the computer cops use the computers themselves, who's watching them?

Hooda Thunkit

Toledo policemen. They are in that uniform to give the public a "softer" view of their job at the "public" library.

One of the main rules that kids get harassed for by the police is the fact that it is against the library to have more than one person at a computer. But the library will not list that as a restriction. You have to commit the offense first and then are given the rule after violating a rule that you may not have known was a rule.

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...the Library has two levies that expired in 2006 but, as is normal, are collected through the end of this year. As each is a 1-Mill levy, they've decided to combine them, so they have a 2-Mill levy on the ballot this November...

Since it's a replacement, it will be applied against the most recent property valuation - which for many means increased taxes...estimated an additional $19.94/year for a $100,000 property valuation.

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