Cart Finkbeiner Needs to Wake Up

Open Letter to the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio

"I think you believe you are above the laws us everyday folks must follow. When you were cited for parking in a handicapped parking space you gave a feeble rationalization that your dog was in the car and he needed shade. Well Mr. Finkbeiner I am handicapped and know if I park in a handicapped slot with out my placard I will be cited. I also have a beautiful dog that I love as much as you love your dog, "Scout". I don't take him along when I know I'll be away from the car for extended periods of time, it's only common sense. Your remark "I'll pay the fine." is an insult to the handicapped folks in Toledo, Ohio as well as your office."

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... with your attribution of lave for Scout.

"his dishonor" treats Scout more like a prop, IMNHO.

"his dishonor" thinks highly only of "his dishonor..."

Hooda Thunkit

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