What Kind of Animal Wouldn't It Bother You to Leave In A Car?

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...and left his dog in the car. But what if it hadn't been a mammal. What if it had been his pet rooster (I'd hate to clean Carty's city-owned or -leased vehicle if he was a fancier of roosters or pigeons). Or what if Carty left his beloved 10 foot boa in the car (and not the feathery kind either, no sir). Or his beloved pet iguana, or tarantula? Would any of us have been as eager to break out the windows to save this "beloved" pet? There is a certain amount of hypocrisy in the hman "love of life" unless you're a member of PETA, and we know how much fun they are to be around.

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Maybe Czarlton can find himself a pet 18 foot King Cobra and leave it in the car during days that are 90 plus degrees. If he gets one, tell him to please leave the windows up.

In the summer - Only a reptile that enjoys extremely hot temperatures. In cold weather - NONE.

This is kind of a silly question. All animals, birds & reptiles are living things, that feel pain, and can suffer.

...,Silly :). But if I have a wasp in my car I am more interested in getting it out of the car, or killing it than I am in making sure it has water. And they are animals.

Do they feel pain as we do? I guess a Buddhist, or Hindu would have that question, but I think science is still plugging along trying to answer it. But I do sometimes just like to watch (from a safe distance) the activities of "stinging" insects (as long as they aren't interested in me).

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Ok, southend - ya got me on bugs. Wasps are insects - you can kill them all as far as I'm concerned. But anybody who's got a wasp for a pet & has concerns about leaving it in a car, unattended, probably has more than one bee in their bonnet.

... yet again you miss the obvious answer.

A pompous, arrogant, clueless "old dawg" of a politician!

Shame on you for missing it ;-)

Hooda Thunkit

...is full of insecticidal maniacs.

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...(wait for it) arthropoidal maniacs.

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or birds in the bellfree.


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...object to RAID or OFF???