Toledo gets $3 million for ACME Power Plant Cleanup


Ohio Economic Development Officials Announce $41 Million in Brownfield Revitalization Projects
The Clean Ohio Council has awarded 64 Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund awards since 2002 totaling more than $158 million in brownfield remediation dollars, while leveraging a planned $2 billion in private and public investment upon project completions.

City of Toledo (Lucas County) was awarded $3,000,000 for the redevelopment with the ACME Power Plant project that will revitalize this 3.84-acre vacant, abandoned riverfront property. Toledo Edison occupied the property for nearly 80 years as a fossil fuel electric generation power plant until its closure in 1994.

The total project cost for ACME Power Plant property is $4,218,520.

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Edison paid how much to clean up THEIR OWN MESS?

At Toledo Edison, or whatever they're called these days, PROFIT is NEVER a dirty word. . .

Hooda Thunkit

Someone should keep close tabs on how this money is spent and how contracts are awarded. I have a feeling that Mr. Hanky & Panky may be rubbing their hands together.

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