It Is Raining and You Have a Handicapped Sticker (Not Your Own). Do You?

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... I admit it. On a rainy night a few weeks ago I parked in a handicapped parking zone (all of them were empty) at a Wal-Mart. I was wrong. But it is so easy.

My neighbor (who I take everywhere she needs to go) has a handicapped sticker. Do we use hers. Noohh!?!? I start to park where I think I should be, and the question comes out "Why aren't you using one of those" pointing to the "handicapped zone".

What can I say? She has the sticker, she has the need. So I park there. But I feel like a jerk. I can walk, and she does. Even though she has rheumetoid arthritis she probably could walk a few extra yards, but she "milks" her disability. She's done it before when none where available.

Maybe we ought to restrict "handicapped zones" to those in wheelchairs only. I don't know. I know I do feel confused at times. Most of the people who I see coming out to the cars seem able to walk the extra distance to a regular parking spot. But the doctors make that decision, not me.

Old South End Broadway

...but what if mom doesn't have a handicapped sticker??? where's the option for that?


Actually, my friend has a sticker in both his cars...for a recent trip to PIB, he offered to let me have his extra one so that I could park a car in the handicapped places at the ferry dock and be assured of not missing the last ferry over...I declined because I felt so bad that I might be taking a space from someone who might really need it - no matter how convenient it might be...

And then I found a spot right across from the handicapped places when I arrived in Catawba...was this perhaps a 'reward' for my decision - a karma circle coming back on me? that my 80 year old friend better remember her handicapped sticker because $250 fines (which is what I usually see) are too rich for my blood. Taking the chance was exciting, but the second time is too risky.

Old South End Broadway

I have a legitimate handicapped sticker, but I only park in a handicapped spot when there is no other space available. I do this because I feel there are people more handicapped than I am and they may need the space. But this Czarlton guy, he's not handicapped and he prides himself being Mr. bouncy. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere. I've seen him when he blows down the street at a record setting walk and complains to whoever is with him they can't keep up. Now all of us have to listen to his pathetic whining on television about his achilles tendon and parking his car in the shade for Scout's benefit. We need to stop listening to this man's big BOO HOO's and send him back to just being Joe Citizen.

Czarlton, all of your antics JUST AIN"T RIGHT!!!

Lets vote Czarlton and his BIG BOO HOO's out of office in November. I bet, once we get him out of office he'll move to Perrysburg. His excuse will be, so he can be closer to his family.

"But this Czarlton guy, he's not handicapped and he prides himself being Mr. bouncy."

I beg to differ.

"The Charlatan" is crazy (mentally habdicapped), not "physically" handicapped, which is what these spaces are for; and, "Mr. Bouncing off of the walls," is an arrogant S.O.B., IMNHO, plain and simple.

Dem that thinks themselves above the law deserves a very special place in Hell, right up front, by the fire...

Hooda Thunkit

My wife had a stroke that left partly paralyzed on her right side. She can walk and does not need a wheelchair.

The idea behind the spots is to make access to where they are going easier.

Thank you for the clarification and I concur.

...because in his interview, Carty looks awful comfortable with his indescretion, not the giddy and nervous Carty as he should be, or that YOU felt, for violating that law for the first time.