Was This Dog a Peace-Keeper?

Our old dog,

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Raising the father

Old South End Broadway

Our dog steps between my husband and I if he thinks my husband is "menacing" me. (Not that he actually menaces me of course - sometimes we playfully swat each other's rear ends, etc.) Being a dog, he can't tell the difference if its joking or not - he'll step between us, lick my hand, and as soon as he sees I'm laughing then he'll let us resume goofing around.

As a personal mission of sorts, I have rehabbed twenty who had socialization problems with humans and other dogs.

The rehabbing consists of allowing the dog to interact with me and my other dogs.

Can be dicey and I have been bitten too many times to remember. All of my friends have gone onto homes and all are doing fine.

We have a wolf-dog, dad is a gray wolf and mom is a German Shepard.

She was in the kitchen with us and a friend pointed a spatula at me to emphasize a point.

From the left came a low guttural growl and I told the friend do not point the spatula at me as our x-dog was getting upset.

Loud noise and agitated people can cause a dog to react in the way that the boxer did.


who knows who had him before that, and how he was treated.

They notify me if someone is within eyesight. People have to be invited in to our home, nobody just walks in..., the dogs know the difference. Gunner, our Boxer mix is really protective. Some guy came to the house to get a cake my wife had made. The dogs were in the house and karen came through the back door, telling the guy to wait outside. he decided to "help" carry on his own and followed karen thru the door..Gunner had him against the wall in a second. They know the difference. If one dog growls at one of us..the other "checks" em.

I have no doupt that if 1 or more of my dogs were outside with karen Saturday..the story I've been telling would have a different result..the guy would be dead. Gunner and Digger would have ripped him apart in the street. Both dogs are 75-90#'s And Gunner is super fast..lightning strike fast.

Great point.

Their history can take awhile to purge.

One of our latest additions was more standoffish and would not mix it up with the others.

Slowly over time and with no interference, she is now an instigator and has become my shadow and over reacts and she is reminded that what is okay and what is not.


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