He says he did nothing wrong


The Mayor loves his dog and still claims that he has done nothing wrong by keeping Scout in the hot and humid weather and the complaints about Scout are political attacks.

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Greg Bloomfield, president and chief executive officer of the Toledo Area Humane Society, said it was wrong for Mr. Finkbeiner to leave his dog in his car while he went for a 45-minute massage-therapy session last week.

"Mr. Bloomfield said that even in a parked car with the windows cracked the temperature in the car can climb 20 degrees in 10 to 20 minutes. He said if a dog

i love how carty now thinks this is a political attack. not that this changes anything for me, but that's the first time i heard anything about the sprinkler.

i'm a dog lover and this isn't about politics. this is about treating that dog humanely and properly. leaving it in parked cars during the summer doesn't qualify as such.

Sociopaths make their own rules. I'm not surprised Czarty feels he did nothing wrong because he appears to feel that way about everything. Its the rest of us who do things wrong, not Czarty. During his campaign he instructed his door-to-door team to put his Carty Gets Results signs in yards of houses that were for sale and vacant. When the real estate companies complained about the signs he just said, they'll get over it. Also, Czarty is never on time for anything, but if you are late for an event or meeting he will verbally abuse you in front of everyone. I mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again. I know on several occasions Czarty had about a dozen of his top people, people who made $50,000 per year or more, sitting in the lobby of the 22 nd floor for over 2 hours because of his awful time management. How much do you think it cost the tax payers each time he did that. Twelve executives sitting in Czarty's lobby doing nothing for over two hours. Lastly, I was told that Czarty threatened to fire an employee who went to a meeting to acquire several million dollars in grant monies for a project in Central City. The employee's job was to acquire such funding and revitalize communities . I guess the employee wasn't the right person Czarty wanted to get recognition for completing the project. Needless to say the project which was in the Dorr Street Corridor was left by Czarty to flounder.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Czarty must go. He's bad for everyone, even the dogs. Lets get those signatures and recall Czarty.


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Mom has been a Carty supporter for a long time. She has macular degeneration so a lot of her information comes from television (she does try to take time to struggle through the

Old South End Broadway

"his dishonor" doesn't think.

"his dishonor" (in his own brain), can do no wrong.

(I would have said "mind" instead of "brain," buy clearly, brain was the more applicable word here, as, although a brain is necessary for life, he is obviously out of his mind...

And, while I'm on the subject, a person with a mind can admit misteaks; this one cannot, therefore bolstering my argument against the existence of the ability to tap into the higher thought processes, such as being able to tell right from wrong and to formulate intelligens and comples thoughts and ideas.)

Hooda Thunkit

I don't live in the City of Toledo - have no reason to "attack" Carty politically. Since I can't vote for or against him, I generally don't pay too much attention to his antics.

That said, I have made comments about this situation b/c I think its horrible that he thinks he's "doing nothing wrong" with the actions he has committed recently (both the situation with his dog and his abuse of the handicapped parking). What a horrible, horrible person.

Puppygate reminds me so much of the incident in Ottawa Co. Carl was so darn proud of himself for standing up to the Ottawa County sheriff and his deputies. According to Carl, no one was going to tell him what to do or push him around anymore. If Carl feels the same way about 13abc and the Humane Society, I fear for Scout

...the only "right" is those who "win". If we had jobs for everyone, and no abandoned houses Carty would be a hero. We don't have people coming to Toledo to start businesses so Carty is the reason. Once Carty is gone everything will come around. Just repeat the mantra, "Carty is the reason things are bad. Carty is the reason things are bad. Carty is the reason things are bad."

Old South End Broadway

Carty is the reason things are bad. Carty is the reason things are bad. Carty is the reason things are bad

LOL. And all this time I was being told it is George Bush's fault.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

A Google search produced this...

[PDF] Office of the MayorFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
a car and dying of heat stroke; it

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

So, someone answer this; will an apology also get us taxpayers from under the shadow of the potentially costly lawsuit Czarlton's antics has created with the African Americans he's fired, laid off and demoted. I think its going to take a lot more than an apology for that. Czarlton apologizing to Scott and Morrissey and WSPD would be a Czatlton first. Then we would just have to wait about 8 seconds for Czarlton to perform his next stupid act. Again, I say this, the man demeans just about everybody and everything, and has a special, heightened, aggressive interest in demeaning women and minorities. If a women or minority were in the car with him, would he have demanded they stay in the car with the windows up if Czarlton thought they were too fat? The point is, if this man is this insensitive to handicapped people, his dog and disinfranchized people he does not need to be mayor or hold any other public position. Let him complete an application to the National Socialist Party. Lets see if they embrace him.
Lets get those signatures on the recall petition and send Czarlton packing in November.

With another comment about Thurber which has nothing to due with anything in today's time.

"Brian Schwartz Said: @9:41 pm

As I recall, and I

The dog is being treated well compared to how Czarlton treats people.

with a tendon problem..he ran his dog thru a sprinkler? Must be be hurt so baddly after all. If you can run a dog thru a sprinkler, you can walk 10 extra feet from a reg parking spot.

I will refer to him as Czarlton from now on.

Totalitarian dictators didn

Well, for starters he could go around and sincerely and hunbly apologize to Dr. Patsy Scott, Jack Smith, Joe McNamara, Frank Szollosi, Mr. Blaha, the Ottawa County Sherriff's Dept, Costco, the guy he insulted at the June town hall meeting, Brian Wilson, Fred Lefebvre, Aaron Brilbeck, and everyone else Carty has lashed out at.

That would certainly get people's attention.

LOL. And all this time I was being told it is George Bush's fault.

hmmm maybe Carty is George Bush!
Maybe he has secret plans to invade Michigan and take Detroit.

Well, if you don't have any legitimate means to defend Carty for this situation in the public eye, might as well resort to pointing fingers at other people.

(I have never been a Carty basher...mostly b/c I don't live in the city limits, so I've purposely tried to ignore all the hullabaloo - can't vote for or against him anyhow. However, this incident has really enlightened me to what a horrible person he is.)

I like your suggestion, but remember Czarlton does not feel he does anything wrong. Any apologies he would give would be viewed as political and meaningless. If Czarlton started apologizing I'd get more suspicious.

Imagine the PR and Good Will Carl would amass if, in fact, he did make round-house apologies! His worries would melt in the time it took to report the stories.


Today, Mayor Finkbeiner invited Dr. Patsy Scott to his office for the express purpose of apologizing for the verbal abouse, slander and libel heaped upon her at a routine staff meeting last..........
Mayor Finkbeiner called WSPD Program Director and outspoken critic Brian Wilson on his show this afternoon to apologize for the comments he made about morning man Fred Lefevbre, WSPD and their advertisers at a town hall meeting last year which resulted in Wilson banning the mayor as a guest on WSPD airwaves. After the mayor expressed his contrition on the air, Wilson announced the ban would be lifted and......
Tom Morrisey, leader of the ReCall Carty campaign announced today that, after speaking with the mayor for 30 minutes this evening, during which the mayor apologized for his action that led Morrissey to the recall effort, he was calling off the petition drive that had garnerd........

Never mind. Anything like that would take brains, guts, heart and sincerity. And anyone who has lived in Toledo for more than a week knows Carl and his gang of blithering idiots (yes, Schwartzy, that means you) are totally void in those suits.

As you were.


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