Carty Left His Dog in a Hot Car AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

I heard on WSPD today that Carty left his dog in a car AGAIN, while Carty attended a press conference or something - you can hear the dog barking on the tape. Pretty freaking hot out today to leave a dog in a car. Why isn't the Humane Society on this??

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People so inclined can send requests concerning the treatment of Scout with days with over 100+ heat indices:

To report animal cruelty, email

Or call the Cruelty Hotline (419) 891-9777

The Toledo Area Humane Society employs two full-time Humane Agents to enforce animal cruelty laws in Lucas County. These officers investigate over 1,800 complaints a year.

In 2006 the officers confiscated 809 animals suffering from abuse, neglect, or abandonment. a comment...but I had so much to say that I'm providing a link to my blog post about this...

One time maybe an accident. Twice is a blatant disregard for the animal's safety. Carlton must see Scout only as trophy that he can toss around and discarded whenever he wants.

Since there is video evidence with a positive ID of the owner I believe the animal cruelty division now *has* to act. Has anyone heard anything one way or another? It would interesting for our city to have a mayor with a forth degree felony.

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

...knowing a camera comming out of nowhere after a massage would be the clue one would think you're being watched closely.

Then to have the poor dog suffer and distract from a press conference in front of all that media.

It makes you wonder if that intellect single-handedly is driving this community...

...into the ground.

Well thought out smokescreen, Carty. Shame the dog has to suffer because of it.

Its clear to me we have a mayor whose has a recipe for disaster. I wouldn't be surprised if he's on the brink of doing something really stupid. Rumblings from Columbus and Chicago is that the Ohio Attorney General and the US Department of Justice have a special interest in Czarty and his administration. It might turn out to be nothing, but its worth watching.

Fu*king Ford as mayor-AGAIN! This is similar to the national Bush/Clinton syndrome. For the love of God, can't we find somebody who isn't recycled?



"They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I'd vote for Carty again, before I'd vote for Ford. Ford was pathetic & an embarrassment when the Nazi's came. I fail to see what he's done for this city.

this is another example of his ego and judgement. he doesn't see a problem with leaving his dog in this automobile oven. this behavior is very troubling.

i hope this media attention forces carty to leave the dog at home....or at least keep the dog out of the automobile oven.

poor dog!

(Admin Edit: Billy you can't insinuate this. If you said the dog, it would be fine but this goes beyond what is accepted here, thus I am deleting it.)


Puppy Gate maybe actually what will save Carlton from an ethics probe.

What I've heard is that theres at least 3 ethics investigation going on into the Toledo administration and city council (one Sunshine Law and two city employees for verbal abuse and mandatory residency in Toledo.)

The state and nation Democratic parties have been trying to keep things going at a snails pace until after the elections. Unfortunately Stripper Gate screwed that up for them. Didn't you wonder why Carlton get so quiet for nearly 3 weeks around the 4th?

So Puppy Gate may actually have given Carlton and certain members of administration a chance to resign before legal charges are leveled. I've also heard rumblings that Jack Ford isn't going for a full term with TPS. Instead Jack is going to run for mayor and already has some under the table endorsements from local unions. Apparently they didn't like how they've gotten burned by the current mayor.

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

I actually agree 100% with Darkseid.
Who'd a thunk it possible.

Seriously though. Ford was a blob and is the last person we need as Mayor.

Navarre was the problem. Navarre plays the politics and another officer under Navarre had to take control and fix the situation--- His name was JAck Smith.

Carty ran part of his campaign saying Navarre was inadequate for the job and demoted him when Carty was elected. Somehow, now Navarre is Chief of Police and the Nazi's are coming and Jack Smith won't be showing up to salvage Navarre's sorry leadership.

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