What has Carty done right?

In light of the recent faux paux associated with Mayor Finkbeiner, the dog/handicap violation, associated with certain people "defending" the mayor, as well as two years of headline grabbing screw-up's linked directly to Carty, it has caused me concern and inspired a question from me.

What has Carty done FOR the community?

Here I have presented the "Pro-Carty" fans an opportunity to show those who feel Carty is a hinderance to the growth to the community with ample posts to prove otherwise, but there are a select few that feel Carty is doing a good job.

It's not "What has Carty done for you", it's "What has Carty done FOR Toledo".

Let's fill this thread up, Carty Fans!!!!

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Insert sound of crickets chirping here...

What Czarty did right? He went to Colorado. What he did wrong, he returned.

Regrets to inform Hizzoner he is no longer welcome in the mile high city. After reviewing our "Suggestions" box reviews, and visiting the Mayor's "Secret Shopper" reports on the Toledo website, we've decided you can keep him home.

Thank you, The City of Denver etall :-)

As a city councilman, Finkbeiner led efforts to the change from city manager/council format of government to the strong mayor executive style Toledo currently has in place.

During his administration, Finkbeiner oversaw Toledo's largest building growth in decades, including construction of:

* Owens Corning World Headquarters
* Daimler-Chrysler Jeep Plant
* State Prison
* Dana Corporation Headquarters
* Erie Street Market
* The Docks-- an upscale restaurant and entertainment cluster on the Maumee River
* Buckeye Basin Greenbelt Parkway
* Fifth Third Field-- a new downtown stadium for the Toledo Mud Hens
* Additions to Toledo Hospital

Finkbeiner spearheaded the "Keep Jeep" movement, helping to convince Daimler-Chrysler to keep Jeep production centered in Toledo. The new plant brought an estimated 6,500 jobs and $2 billion in estimated annual payroll to the city.

Extensive downtown redevelopment was a hallmark of the Finkbeiner administration. It played a major role in Toledo winning the title of "All-America City Award of the National Civic League" in 1998, being one of only 10 cities in the United States to receive this honor.

In 1999, the White House Millennium Council dubbed Toledo an official Millennium Community.



the rest would have happened no matter who was mayor. And let's look at the jeep and market..

Jeep was/ is a problem over the domain use and the tax abatements

Erie Street market is a TOTAL failure, and a expensive burden to the city

...a Wikipedia entry is all that shows the achievements, abiet diluted, that Carty accomplished?

Not a citizen, but an online resource site?

Come on Toledo, step up to the keyboard and share your examples of positive achievements Carty has bestowed upon the community, please?

...I think that his emphasis on performance based budgeting is a really good idea. I know that he's working on implementing it, so it isn't an 'accomplishment' yet, but I hope it soon will be.

Also, he has led the union negotiations which have resulted in union members (and other non-union city employees) contributing to their health care costs. He doesn't get sole credit for it, as many others were involved in the decision-making, but it's an accomplishment that can go in his column.

But I attended a wedding reception Saturday night at the Erie St market, and I'd recommend that hall to anyone.

always looking at the bright side:-)

I took my chronic complaining meds today, feel better...but tomorrow who is to say.


Yes, but what has he done lately?
Those are all well and good and all but this time around he does seem to be fumbling the ball.

Contributing to the health care costs for the unionized sections are under an injunction;

"A judge in Lucas County Common Pleas Court yesterday froze the city of Toledo

Hitler made the trains run on time.

...wrong, but I thought that the issue was not the concept of contributing, but the amount...so he still gets credit for getting something, even if the court decides it's not as much as he wanted...

...made the trains run on time, I think. I can't imagine a train in Germany not running on time. "Es ist verboeten", I think.

Old South End Broadway

The Mayor has unintentionally informed people about why one does not park in a handicapped parking place and the raminifications from it and also why it is potentially a cause of death for a pet to leave the pet in a hot car, whether or not he sees the problem.


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