Promotion or denegration

From the City of Toledo web site:

Right hand column

6 Toledo Hotels Visited by Secret Shoppers

Just begs the question; Why is the city publishing secret shopper reports about businesses?

To promote them or not them down.

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More secrete shoppers?, more "scolding" of the business's in Toledo? More idiotic wasting of our money? Oh yeah it is! When the going gets tough, our Mayor and his team go out lashing at private business...again.

I guess if you cannot combat the real issues before you, shopping is the next best thing. EEEK!

Why not just take the health inspector's report out of the newspaper and make a big public farce out of that too?

"Sir, your mayonaise is not cool enough by six degrees!! Just what do you intend to do about that, Sir!!"

There's alreay a committee in place that inspects these businesses. Is that committee not functioning properly? If not, what is THE MAYOR doing to monitor HIS OWN committee?

If Carty's secret shoppers are finding problems out there, then do we hold the Mayor responsible for not having an inspection committee that can do its job? Are our tax dollars being wasted by paying people on this committee who are not functioning? Are the people on this committee appointed, or did they get hired thru a normal employment process?

If the committee's functioning properly, then why does Carty feel the need to make such a drama queen event? Other than just to create a manufactured issue for him to solve, since he isnt capable of solving the real issues we face?

If he'd have ever had a job (not forgetting the time he spent as an ass. foot ball coach), he might have forged these social skills. But unfortunately that's not the case.

The first impression of the city can come from the city's website too. If I'm planning a trip to Toledo (for what reason, I don't know) and I get on Toledo's website to research hotels because I'm unfamiliar with the area and I see these reports... I will be looking to stay elsewhere, i.e. Perrysburg or Maumee.

When I'm going on a trip for business or pleasure to an unfamiliar city, the city's website is usually my first step in becoming familiar with the area.

I think businesses should be inspected to make sure they meet codes, but Czarty making a public spectacle out of it is unacceptable. I'm not quite sure what Czarty's goal is. Maybe keeping people employed or fixing Toledo's infrastructure is not enough to keep Czarty busy. Keep up the good work Czarty and more and more hotel vendors will be moving to Perrysburg or Maumee. Its only a ten minute ride from downtown Toledo. I have a question may be someone could answer. Why does Czarty's family members live outside Toledo? Duh, the answer is, Czarty is the Mayor of Toledo.

Maggie has a great post on Thurber's Thoughts about this idiotic waste of taxpayer monies. To date, the Mayor has spent $5000.00 on this "Secret Shopper" program, that we know of... 5k to a Perrsburg firm no less.

Please check it out at

When I searched Google for

Old South End Broadway

and talk about the wonderful experiences we've had at various Toledo hotels (especially those downtown) even if we've never stayed there. "Talk up the town" rather than "talk of the town".

I mean all anyone has to do is come to this blog to find out all the bad things about Toledo. Our government, our race relations, our politics, our economics, all the things that make Toledo such a great city in which to live.

Old South End Broadway

Just curious, because the secret shopper report for the Seagate is dead on. Some friends of mine stayed there a year ago and it was by far the worst hotel I've seen this side of the Mason Dixon Line. The first room they were given had a broken heater/ac and still had trash on the bathroom counter left from the previous occupants. The ice machines are on every other floor, but the machine on their floor was broken, as was the machine two floors down from them. The free internet also did not work, which I see has not been remedied since my friends' visit according to the secret shopper report. And the sky bar on the top floor lost it's liquor license, turning it into a sky soda fountain.

The hotel is in a general state of disrepair and should have been closed years ago. I remember an investigative report on WTVG or WTOL a few years ago where they sent in people undercover to rate the local hotels. The Seagate was the only hotel where feces was present in the room. IIRC, there was a follow up story that showed little to nothing was being done to correct the poor conditions.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Did they do some research on the Internet, called around for price, or asks "friends". Was a practical joke played on them when someone suggested "the Seagate, it's a great hotel!"

Old South End Broadway

And review the hotel. It might save some people some bad experiences in Toledo. And the city ought to make it a local ordinance that hotels/motels are required to refund rates to customers who prove they've had terrible service.
Of course, that would have to be defined.

Old South End Broadway

And went to the, and did my own reviews to hotels downtown with links to Google,,, and the city

Old South End Broadway

(My Councilman) and Carty

Old South End Broadway

Maybe what the city of Toledo should do is

Old South End Broadway

...on the City's demonstration/confirmation that our beloved (HEAVY SARCASM) mayor is daft.

If only his people can keep him on his meds regularly, he can be quite benign.

Off his meds and look out!

This old crazy takes no prisoners.

Hooda Thunkit

I am considering sending this as an e-mail to the city government, and my councilman:

"Mr. Mayor, the problem as I see it is that people can be forewarned before they are subjected to bad service. I figure one way to do this is to make it easy (and perhaps even reward guests) who write reviews (either good or bad) so that other customers can be forewarned of bad premises (or made aware of the

Old South End Broadway

Article published Friday, August 3, 2007


"The mayor held a press conference to criticize the customer service at the Toledo hotels, releasing reports on each that were prepared by IntelliShop, LLC of Perrysburg. The reports were prepared after 24-hour hotel visit evaluations and phone inquiries by professional hotel inspectors in the past three months."

Take a stroll with me, it's a nice day;

First stop Dayton, Ohio;

Front page left side, Visiting Dayton? Click it, please, wow! A wealth of information.

Okay, back on the bus, all aboard!...

Next stop Columbus...

Front page; right column - Visit Columbus;

Wow! Look at all the places listed and nary a complaint form listed about places to stay and eat and play in Columbus.

Our driver says it time for the last port of call, All Aboard! Next Stop Cleveland, it rocks ya know.

Left column - Around Town

Geez! Look at all the attractions and nary a Secret Shoppers report to be found.

Why do we here have the dirty laundry hanging out for all to see?

Figuring they only paid ~$60, they let it drop. They did, however, move over to the Radisson the next night. They did send an email to the site to inform them that the hotel was a pit and ended up getting a $25 voucher.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Add yet one more title to his name: Carty Finkbeiner, Innkeeper-In-Chief.

Oh. Wait. Didn

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