WTOL Editorial: If Neo-Nazis Show Up, JUST STAY HOME

Bob Chirdon at WTOL Channel 11 had this to say: The people of Northwest Ohio should just stay home if the Neo-Nazi losers march in Toledo on August 17. Their hate-filled message disgusts me. If we just stay home, there is no way the riots of 2 years ago can be repeated.

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Congrats to Bob for saying what needed to be said.

Now it remains to be seen if the Toledo media has the balls to band together and decide to block out all coverage on them coming here. I'm sure that would be the final blow to keep the nazi's outta here.



In dream land it would be nice if the black people stayed home and the white people physically removed the nazis the hard way.



There'll be too many hot heads of all colors who won't stay home.

at least it's in the north end. Bye bye, Carty.

Old South End Broadway

I guess I

Old South End Broadway

will be well-organized. Hopefully, our public safety officials aren't taking this for granted. We could be told there is no march, and (then on Friday, Aug. 17th) see them on tv.

They are the ones organizing, not us. Toledoans will just be in the middle. This ANSWP is a group that feels the NSM (that led the last group two years ago) doesn't give a good "public view" to what they stand for. What happens in Toledo could be "make" or "break" for their splinter group.

Old South End Broadway

They want to show they are "more moral" Nazis that the NSM (whom they say hold "national socialism" up to disrepute). So how do they do this? That is the worrying question. How do they prove they are "better" Nazis than the NSM? By obeying the laws of a country whose laws they dispise. I don't think we can depend on these people to obey any resraints on the First Amendment if they can become "martyrs" (or if the leadership is smart, make martyrs to their cause).

Old South End Broadway

What the rally should be, if it does happen:

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That could come from outside of the area?

There was a comment elsewhere from the leader of the group that there is no march planned and it was a rumor.


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