Primaries finally have interesting developments

Finally after months something interesting happened in the primary campaigns. Barak Obama presented a provacative look into his possible presidency and how he would handle the War on Terror

It's been the talk of many in the last few days wondering if this is a mistake.

I personally use this as an example to validate my own beliefs that regardless of whoever wins the next election the military will still be actively involved in the war on terror overseas despite the anti use of military feeling that resonates from mainly the democrat side of politics.

Just curious as to others what does this make them think of Obama as a candidate? I know many like him and some hate him but I was wondering what does this board think this will do to his chances?

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There are some that are saying, not candidates, that if there were strikes in Pakistan in the semi-autonomous areas that could lead to the toppling of Musharraf.

Pakistan is a nuclear power.

and I bet they would take advantage of the chaos. It might even be to our benefit.

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There is also the "China factor" to mention.

China does have forces on the Pakistan/Afghanistan/Tajikistan (mainly the Badahkashan province) area because of it's oil wealth. Currently they are assisting in rebuilding efforts but if Pakistan were to fall it's doubtful that they wouldn't invade that portion to claim for their own.



and they have fought in the past over border issues. Could they bring themselves to ally against a "radicalized" Pakistan if Musharraf loses control, or would India involve herself if she felt China was "taking advantage" of any resultant chaos in Pakistan.

And what would be the U.S. position? Would we just lodge a protest in the UN, especially if China were "taking care of business" against Al Queda in Pakistan? Each "victory" bears the seeds of the next generation's conflicts ("We beat the Russians, oh boy, peace in our time!").

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And terror groups operating in the country and then there is Kashmir.

India - Terrorist, insurgent and extremist groups

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