City Switches To Results-Based Budget

City Switches To Results-Based Budget.(Toledo Blade, Second News - August 2, 2007)

Finally, the City looks like its doing something correct. But I'm going to be cynical. The City of Toledo should have done this forty years ago. Successful corporations do this type of budgeting. What other kind of bugeting should there be? Maybe the City administrators are understanding they can't continue to just spend, spend, spend and we the tax payers keep getting suspicious that someone may be buying condos in Florida.

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...than never...

I'm just waiting for the surveys that the Mayor said would be sent out to residents, as I can't wait to fill mine out... (He said this in his spring newsletter to employees.)

Praise for doing something right...this is a good thing for the city.

Surveys Can Be Tricky.

Asking people to do surveys can be interpreted in several ways. Two interpretations I can think of.

1) Our so-called leaders don't know what they are doing so they have to ask us.
2) Our so-called leaders are truly interested in what we think and want to ask us.

My main questions are:

1) Who would create the questions on the survey?
2) Who would be given the chance to participate in the survey?
3) Who would conduct the survey?
4) Who would tabulate the surveys.
5) How would the results be communicated to the public and by whom?

but can our city's bureaucracy do the job? This link, seems to indicate that a lot of work is required to make it work. Will we just be spending money for a consultant to set up a system that won't work under our current form of bureaucracy?

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I give the mayor credit for trying to solve a problem.

Whether this will work or not I don't know. I would question what would happen to those areas that show no improvement? Will they simply get less and less money while the problems increase or will they recieve specific monies set aside for those problems which are particularly significant?



...needs good implementation and follow through. This will only be as successful as WE make it - holding our elected officials to the promises they make regarding this method of budgeting...

What's this about the mayor sending out surveys? I haven't heard anything about it. Will every citizen get one or a select number? the newsletter.

The article "where we're going" is on the 7th page of the newsletter and it talks about the survey and the new budgeting process.

"Surveying Citizens
As part of our outcome based
budgeting process, we will survey
the citizens of Toledo to determine
the services they expect of their
government. This survey will be
performed during the Spring and
Summer of 2007. While the survey
will not be done in time to affect the
2007 budget submittal, it will
certainly be a tool utilized in
development of the 2008 budget."

I did my "recycle" pledge on the Internet. Too bad I couldn't do a survey on there, too.

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took him THREE TERMS as mayor to come up with this idea.

I'd cheer if I thought he'd do some thing different. . .

Hooda Thunkit

Thanks for the link Maggie.

A lot of companies and organizations use a neutral third-party survey company to conduct surveys. That way the public/consumers cannot accuse the surveyors of fudging the numbers or slanting the questions. Don't know if the City is going that route or not. I certainly wouldn't trust any survey process that Carty has any involvement in. If I get a survey I will fill it out as honestly as possible but I will be skeptical of any results.

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Mission: Becoming "The best managed local government in the Country."

"In 2002 Mayor Bill Purcell embarked upon a mission to make Metro Nashville Government

...deserving of equally good answers...

Which we know always cannot be held too, I would prefer that people work together on this new program and get the city back on track to a brighter future.

It can happen.

I'm going to try to be optimistic. I hope that the survey would be something we could complete on the internet and also pickup a survey form at any city of Toledo facility for those people who don't have a computer. But I suspect that somehow Czarty and his henchmen will manufacture whatever results they want the survey to reveal. Lets see what happens, but I can almost guess what the results of the survey will say.

1) Czarty's immediate resignation
2) More Jobs (Not the kind that pay peasant wages, Mr. Schwartz)
3) Better Public Safety - Police & Fire.
4) Better housing

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