Ozone Action Day declared for tomorrow in Toledo, Detroit

"The advisories mean that weather conditions are favorable for ozone formation in the surface layer of the atmosphere, where it is a pollutant that can contribute to health problems."

I have always found it amusing while we should drive our cars less and ride the buses more on Ozone Action Alert days.

Ride the buses, of which some are so badly tuned that there exhaust pipes billowing diesel fuel not fully burnt.

Yes, diesel fumes do not add to the ozone worries but the diesel particulates can add to the health concerns in addition to high ozone levels.


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I was always puzzled by the fact that if there is a hole in our ozone layer, and they call for ozone alert days - to not create more ozone? Wouldn't it be a good thing to create more ozone to plug up the hole in the ozone layer? Just thinking out loud - I know nothing about ozone.

"In the earth's lower atmosphere, ground-level ozone is considered "bad." Motor vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents as well as natural sources emit NOx and VOC that help form ozone. Ground-level ozone is the primary constituent of smog. Sunlight and hot weather cause ground-level ozone to form in harmful concentrations in the air. As a result, it is known as a summertime air pollutant. Many urban areas tend to have high levels of "bad" ozone, but even rural areas are also subject to increased ozone levels because wind carries ozone and pollutants that form it hundreds of miles away from their original sources."


The upper level has been some what depleted from some chemicals discharged into the atmosphere which is why certain products are designated to not damage the ozone in the atmosphere.


Starling, it doesn't work that way, but its a great idea.

I'm glad someone is keeping track of the conditions but, I would have to question whose makes the call. I have met one of them and frankly, I question if their cake is fully baked.

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