Fair Board President Dave Pruss Out of Line?

From Tom Morrisey:

Friday, July 27, 2007, I went by myself to the Lucas County Fair to collect signatures for the Recall Carty Petition Drive. I assumed that I did not need to call ahead since the fair was being held at the Lucas County Fairgrounds which is public property. I was doing fairly well standing in front of the gate to get in the actual fair, until someone working at the Fair told me I should move and not be so close to the gate. I complied and moved as asked. Another Fair employee came by and told me to move farther away from the gate. Again, I complied and was standing up by the sidewalk where the Children

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This was a prime example of idiots running this town. For Pruss to assault you is outragous! I hope you take him to the cleaners. He should be fired at once. Attacking a CITIZEN is against the law. He's an embarrasement to Lucas County and the Tina's, Ben's and Pete's ought to be out front tomorrow morning Demanding his resignation. Anything less should be considered contempt of the population.

I agree - it doesn't matter what you were collecting signatures for, he had no right to lay a hand on you. I hope you got names & numbers of witnesses.

Forget the names, you are starting to gain some crediblity. Continue to perservere!!

Before I was against everything you were doing, given voter responsibility issues. Now I believe Carty is as close to representing Gov. Gray Davis. Carty's inappropriate behavior towards FedEx and Perrysburg Township did it for me. I guess a recall also represents voter responsibility to a community.

Have you tried attending outside Mud Hen's home games? Somehow getting Press outside the Toledo Zoo might turn a corner with the Family Core?

Perhaps the Toledo Free Press can give you another update on why people are signing the clip boards.

This whole Dam administration needs to go all of them. City Council, the idiot running the city, the commissioners every dam one of them are responsible for this kind of behavior. Bully tactics fiscal irresponsiblity (building a 100 million dollar Arena), when the City is "broke"... This needs to stop....

Mr. Morrisey is a godd bright intelligant young man, this will fuel his efforts, and I for one will stand next to him in support!!!

..the moment Dave Pruss touched your person he violated the law. If there is no follow up, then it time to expose the political machine. Still thinking yer above the law, LCDP?

This bullshit of political intimidation is the mentality these fucking idiot old school Democrats exhibit? I'm sure Carty won't take too lightly someone snatching him up and threatening him for being a blithering idiot.

And this is the reason I'm saying purge the whole group, Chris Redfern, they're going to really dig deep to humiliate you.

If this isn't a sign, then you need one.

I dont know what the fair board's rules are in re soliciting signatures to get something on the ballot, but I do know that it's been done with the fair's blessing in the past.

Even when they fradulently represent themselves!!

I was approached by someone who wanted to get the original smoking ban on the ballot, and they told me it was "to make it illegal to smoke at a day care center" Totally misleading, yet totally allowable by the fair board.

Your petition on the other hand is totally straight forward, yet they try to physically remove you??

Smells like crap to me - democratic donkey crap in particular

It appears that the Fascist are everywhere. Brian Schwartz where are you? We haven't heard from you since you may have committed libel against Dwayne Morehead.

...the fair board is a separate organization - not a part of government. Elected officials have no control over selecting or removing board members. The agricultural society is open to anyone who wants to join - board members are selected from within the membership...Lucas County Commissioners are 'honorary members' of the board.

From their website:

Any member of the Lucas County Agricultural Society may declare his/her candidacy for the office of Director by filing, with the Secretary of the Society, a petition signed by ten (10) or more members of the Society. Petition must be delivered to the Fair office on or by August 20, 2007, during office hours as posted. Petition forms will be provided by the Secretary of the Society and may be secured at the Fair Office.

Why do you have to wait until Tuesday to file a report if the police were called to the scene?

Why didn't you report the assult to them and if you did why didn't they do something about it right then, other then ask you to leave? I mean, he attacked you, there were witnesses so why wasn't he taken into custody right then?

It will be interesting if this goes to court. There are two sides to every story. As a law student Mr. Morrissey probably knows this by now. When both sides are presented I'll make my decision on whether Mr. Morrissey was trespassing or not. Until then, it's "he said, he said" to me.

Old South End Broadway

until Tues as in Maumee they do it differently. I cannot explain, that's all I know. When the police arrived, there was no "active" assault going on, it had already ended. I duuno myself, I woulda pressed it, but I don't live in Maumme and don't know the rules of engagement there.

And he related that the responding sargent told him to wait untill he, the sargent returned to work on Tues to file, as he was the involved sargent and would be better able to help Tom with the paperwork etc. Tom did not at the time(Fri. Eve) know he had any recourse. Now he knows..and so it goes...

"Words are words" but video of the incident would have helped? Too bad that all the cell phones didn't come out to record what was happening. And surely someone had a video camera at a county fair.

Old South End Broadway

and took video of the aftermath. Interviewed wittness's etc. Contact them for the video. Also, Tom has the names, numbers, address's of the wittness's.

look at Glass City jungle for more on this thread

after the fact. What about the incident inself? Or will it always be "he said, he said".

Old South End Broadway

No, it won't always be "he said, he said." It will all be sorted out in the legal process.

Brian Schwartz wants us all to know (via Glass City Jungle) that he is going to report this incident to the mayor, and we are not to assume that Mr. Pruss is in any way up Carty's ass...

Hey havent you had this kinda trouble before? Were you not in trouble for something like this at the Polish festival? What were you doing on private property with a petition? You were asked to leave, more than once. When Dave came up to you, he asked you again, the police were already on the way. After you made you petty little attempt at making a scene Dave just wrapped his arm, one arm around your waist.... no big body slamming going on here! You are way out of line.. maybe instead of politics you should go into acting...I have heard that the WWE is looking for some more bad actors to fill in a few holes. Stop trying to get yourself into the headlines by dragging the names of good people through the mud. At 22 you should know better!

The Lucas County Fairgrounds are Publicly owned and deeded to the Lucas County Commissioners. Even though there is a lease on the property, that does not change it's status. The County Fair is a public event and there were plenty of candidates at the fair doing their thing this and in past years. Mr. Morrisey was outside the gates, in the parking area. He was asked to move further from the gate twice. He complied w/o incident. He was a substantial distance from the gate at the time of the incident with Mr. Pruss.

And no, there was no problem at the Polish fest. The issue was with a church festival. For a person who's been a "member" for all of 19 mins, you sure had a lot to say on this subject. I'll be facinated to observe your future comments on other topics :-)

"Were you not in trouble for something like this at the Polish festival?"

Was not the Polish Festival held on Lagrange Street? Is that not a public thoroughfare? Since when did all of this policing of people getting petitions signed start. It would seen to me that this is just a way to stop people from exercizing their rights. What are you people afraid of?

Regardless of how you cut it we the people are fed up with the status quo and we want change.

of progress!!

Tom, I think you are doing a great job getting the signatures to remove Czarty regardless of what Sherlock says.

To add to this Allison, when Czarty, Wilkowski, Ford, and Ludeman were campaigning in the primary for mayor they had people at festivals and sporting events. I can only think of one incident where someone did not want campaigners at the event. The negative reactions Tom may be getting are from Czartyites. You have to ponder what everyone's special interest may be.

Mr. Pruss could have kept his mitts to himself and not place them on another person, perhaps and let the police take care of matter, perhaps.


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