Exclusive Toledo Club copes with new realities

"Between 1997 and 2006, metropolitan Toledo lost 570 CEOs and 7,710 managers, more than 40 percent of each group, according to surveys by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those losses are most visible at the centers of business and civic affairs."

"Because Toledo levies a 2.25 percent tax on incomes, higher salaries translate into more money for police, fire, and basic city services. As of June, Toledo spent $162.4 million, $2.2 million more than it collected in taxes.

No question is this a major effect, along with the loss of manufacturing jobs, says Toledo City Councilman George Sarantou, chairman of the finance and budget committee.I think there is a direct correlation. Back in the 1970s, we had seven Fortune 500 companies in Toledo. We're nowhere close to that now


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I have an idea, why doesn't the Toledo Club follow the zoo and COSI's lead. They can just put a levy on the ballot and we all can support the Club with our tax dollars. The Toledo Club is a local cultural landmark and downtown would suffer without it. It deserves our money and it provides a needed service to the community.

I've done the math and it would only cost $2.00 per year for a house valued at $100,000. Please people; don't let this great institution die a slow and painful death.

Of course, the elderly among us should be exempt from this property tax because they are on a fixed income (and they're the only ones who vote). So the Club's discount to entice the young to join has to be done away with. In fact, the levy should come with the condition that the Club's $0.99 kid's meals on Tuesdays should be extended to these elderly residents on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Moreover, union members should be extended a discount on monthly dues with the presentation of a valid union card. Let's face it they're already forced to pay too many dues as it is.

Let us not forget the troubled students across the street. The Club should begin providing lunches for these kids as well as a youth center for them to attend. We have learned that these children are only troubled because there aren

Between 1997 and 2006, SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES OUTSIDE metropolitan Toledo GAINED 570 CEOs and 7,710 managers BECAUSE TOLEDO'S STUCK ON STUPID!!

that's NOT funny. You're supposed to preface that with "sarcasm alert."


Hooda Thunkit

Between 1997 and 2006, SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES OUTSIDE metropolitan Toledo GAINED 570 CEOs and 7,710 managers BECAUSE TOLEDO'S STUCK ON STUPID!!

Stuck on stupid? Did you even read the article? Seriously, how do some people always manage to go through a 1500 word article and pull something that fits their thinking, but manage to ignore the sections of the article that don

companies or retired. Maybe some of them still have their asses planted at the Toledo Club, but are no longe CEOs (except in their own households).

Old South End Broadway

or bought out by MicroSoft. I remember my first "real" DBMS was FoxBase (it was operated out of Perrysburg). I thought it was neat to support a local software company that made a good product. MicroSoft bought out Fox, and now I only see MS Access (which may have some "modules" engineered by Fox). Anyways, Fox didn't move to Maumee, or Sylvania, or anywhere in Northwest Ohio. It stayed in Perrysburg for a while, and then moved its operations to MS headquarters, I think, in Seattle. Their CEO made a choice, and no longer has that grand title. But I bet he reaped a windfall by giving up the psychic satisfaction of being a CEO.

Old South End Broadway

A great local company based in Maumee. It got bought out by a larger out of state company that promply ran it full speed into the ground.

What ever happen to all the executives?

Great post. Seriously tho, I dont think they take into consideration that people look at clubs differently these days than they used to.

From your Ma and Pa Moose and Eagles to the more military American Legions and VFW's, to the hoidy toidy Toledo Club -

There are just more options for entertainment open to people these days than there were a generation or two ago. People dont feel the need to belong to some 'club' to fill their social calendars out. Years back when it was 'the only game in town' things were different.

I know people who have memberships to the T.C., but they rarely go any more - just because theyre busy doing other things.

Hell, sell the place and let someone make that awesome old facility into a landmark restaurant or something.

...I wonder how many of those CEO losses are retirements...especially with the aging population and the baby boomers reaching retirement age.

Of course, this means that a company wouldn't replace the CEO...but many companies are consolidating their management...

Interesting to see if the stats distinquish the reasons for the decrease in numbers...

If you want to rationalize a 40% loss in CEOs and 40% loss in management positions in the Toledo market as well as losing 5 out of their 7 Fortune 500 Companies - then perhaps you're stuck on too many happy pills.

If Toledo was a stock listed on the NYSE, then it and its highly taxed urban sector just got downgraded by several analysts from underperform to SELL.

It was a matter of time for someone in here to use the phrase stuck on stupid. I honestly thought I would have been the first through. Darn brassmonkey beats me to the punch.



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