Wood Co.'s media reports on FedEx Fiasco

From Perrysburg Messenger Journal:

Toledo mayor derails possible regional cooperation

Toledo Mayor Carleton Finkbeiner may have put the cart before the horse last week when he lashed out at Wood County and Perrysburg Township for trying to steal Federal Express out from under the city.
When word leaked out last week that officials from FedEx were looking at other sites for their ground shipment hub, the mayor accused Wood County of "poaching."

FedEx employs about 600 people at its current location, 650 South Reynolds Road.
Perrysburg Township administrator John Hrosko said the company approached township officials about 18 months ago regarding a possible relocation to the Ampoint Industrial Park at Buck Road.

The site offers the acreage that the company needs, is already appropriately zoned and provides easy access to the Ohio Turnpike, he explained. "We knew they were looking at us as well as Toledo and Michigan."

The administrator said a joint meeting with Toledo officials was scheduled to take place yesterday, July 24, but was terminated after the mayor's comments. "He derailed it on Friday."

Mr. Hrosko said the purpose of that meeting, which was arranged prior to Mayor Finkbeiner's public statements, was to discuss development of a joint economic development zone (JEDZ) for the Ampoint site.


Also from the BG Sentinel-Tribune:


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I am able to take signatures quite often. :-)

...but I'm enjoying Carty's temper tantrum victim finally putting him in his place.

Carty, you misrepresented yourself during your campaign, saying you've changed. You had your wife lie for you to the media, you got your PIO guy lying to the media, you got Patsy Scott "lying to the media". Are you seeing the trend? I am.

When will you grow up, Carty? You're responsible for a city that's sinking into the ground, and all you can do is alienate your neighbors with unsubstantiated claims. That'll help with your credibility. Good thing FedEx isn't looking at Ottawa County, huh?

And because of your selfish little stunt, you're going to lose FedEx anyway. Pretty bright move, eh Carty?

I know that when things go wrong, it's natural to blame the highest responsible person to hold accountable, but when the highest responsible person is doing the screwing up, what do you say?

"Sign the Recall Carty" petition?

It's one thing to be "passionate about Toledo", Carty. But what you're doing is going to result in Toledo filing a Temporary Restraining Order against you to leave her alone. Remember this, Carty, this isn't Carty, Ohio, it's Toledo, and you don't own this town, we put you there to do your job.

And personally, I feel you suck at it.

And now the rumors are running amok that you're going to use your political "strong-arm" against John Madigan to back up Rob's claim. I dare you Carty. Wanna see something explode in your face and having permenant damage, make that call.

If Czarty was working for a corporation the scenario would be like this. When reporting to work Monday morning we all would notice that Czarty's car isn't in the parking lot. When we pass by Czarty's office we would see that the lights are out and his desk was totally clean. An HR person would be waiting to direct us to a conference room to introduce us to our new boss. In successful corporations the type behavior Czarty has shown is not tolerated except when the tyrant owns the Company.

Lets get Czarty out now. If Czarty can strong arm Madigan into making up policy where no policy exists, it is time get out of Toledo. Next, Czarty will be trying to round up all the minorities and women in Toledo and put them on plantations. Sorry I mentioned that. Czarty has already been accused of plantationism.

I guess my aggressive use of "Don't open that can of worms" may be misconstrued. I apologize.

No worries, I have no interest in creating a diversion to the debacle before us. I just want to drive the point home in terms the mayor can crystally and clearly understand.

Everyone seems to be thinking about Wood County vs Toledo, but is anyone out there familiar with both the Reynolds Rd site and the Ampointe site?

Seriously, as a business, where would be the better location?

Carty's offered to let FedEx pull triple trailers on Reynolds Rd - stating HomeRule policy - does he really have that right? Is that really legal?

Are we as citizens really willing to put up with the damage that these trucks would cause to Reynolds Rd - knowing full well that it will be OUR tax dollars that will be keeping that road fit to drive on?

We need to start thinking logically here - we need to start thinking like a business would think, and start making our city more attractive for businesses.

Carty's an embarrassment - Wood county didnt steal fedex, and they WERE thinking of working WITH us regarding FedEx, but Carty's seen to it that now we lose.

Carty's campaign promise was to have Southwyck rejuvinated within a year, was it not? What's happened? He farted around and left Davis college twisting in the wind, and their lease expired - so they did just what FedEx is doing - they went out and looked out for themselves and for their students. And for that Carty chastized them. Once again he screwed up and let another business slip away.

I drove by westgate the other day - looks to be progressing nicely. Make no bones about it - it's progressing DESPITE Carty, not because of him.

Oh sure, he's got his highly paid apologists out there, and out here, but the man has never had a job - (Oh, silly me - I forgot, he once was an assistant football coach. That and $5bucks'll get you a cuppa Starbucks). He has no frigging idea what the hell he's doing and refuses to hire anyone who does.

Even if he would hire a competent, municipal planner with a successful track record, he'd hamstring the guy with his inane "all about Carty" ideas.

Stand up folks. Save the city. Sign the damn recall.

"and left Davis college twisting in the wind, and their lease expired "

You mean Stautzenberger, right?

My bad - thanks westie. I meant Stautz.

I don't think Carty gets it. The businesses in Toledo don't work for him. They also probably don't approve of airing their corporate planning activities in public before they have been determined to be viable. Same goes for chastising businesses in public.

Again, what is the value proposition for a business to locate or stay in Toledo?

Is it high taxes, poor services, under-performing schools, growing crime, business phobic labor pool, sagging property values, abandoned buildings, and anti-business local government / zoning / permitting?

I hope Perrysburg Twp gets the Fedex business due to their locale next to the turnpike, acreage, and approved zoning rather than have the business move to MI.

I think Toledo is out now thanks to Carty (mostly), TPS, and City Council.

Do you think underperforming schools are an issue? If you're in management you have the money to send your kid to a private school, and if you're in labor you don't have a choice (unless you use a charter school). And given the way work is shifted to foreign environments do you really think the management of any corporation gives a s--t about its employees (unless they're high paid "talent")?

Old South End Broadway

Bravo oh Swampbubble bloggers. I have been in the jungle and I am sick and tired of all the Carty defenders there. Especially that ass mouth piece of his Brian Schwartz, really are you kidding me, I don't know how the guy sleeps at night stealing tax payer money.

Carty Finkass is a disgrace to Toledo and northwest ohio, he has lost FedEx and now they will move to Michigan.......

I hope this is the last straw!!!!

is figure out how much programmers in India make, figure in the cost of moving operations there, and set our labor up to provide the firm with a profit to keep them here. We should also consider removing all the building codes that we now require so that the population can build housing they can afford on the cheaper salaries they will get. We could get rid of all the government agencies such as police that we now use, and replace them with "contracted" labor.

Toledo will then become an affordable place in which to live and work.

Oh, and end this crap about

Old South End Broadway

...moment comes and "his dishonor" needs a headstone, I'll buy it.

It will simply read:

"Ready-Fire-Aim. . ."

Kinda says it all, for me ;-)

Hooda Thunkit

Brian, your last sentence sounds like a threat by you to Carty. ......."explode in your face and having permenant damage." I would be very careful how u express yourself in the future.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

Schools are linked to stable property values and are asscociated with attracting labor from stable environments, i.e. employess with family.

When local schools go south, families move away, property values diminish, and the ability to attract good executivies and quality employees goes down as well.

Live, Work, Play. Look at the difference in Maumee Arrowhead Park and the business dollars its supports vs. downtown Toledo. The networking choice is clear, the family unit is intact and harnessed for business growth.

As for your other comments - thank you for bringing clarity to the business phobic labor pool Toledo actively offers to its current job providers as well as future job creators. Bravo!

Again, why would business leaders / managers what to choose Toledo over other options?

Do these employers offer health benefits? Do they guarantee they will stay in Toledo? They're businesses, they go where they can find the cheapest labor, taxes, etc.

I have nothing against that but I am not fool enough to believe that any "business" (unless it is a small, "family"-busiess) has any regard for a geographical location or its population. Most of us (unless we rent) aren't free to move at the drop of a hat, but businesses can close down, and be gone quickly. The management of a company must think in the long term. If labor is cheaper in China that's where it goes. And to hell with the employees it leaves behind.

Old South End Broadway

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