BREAKING: Chrysler announces lifetime powertrain warranty!

"Chrysler today leapfrogged every other car maker by extending its powertrain warranty on every new car and truck it sells to the life of the vehicle. The warranty will apply to the entire powertrain including the engine, transmission/transaxle, drive shafts, and axles. The new warranty goes into effect today, July 26, 2007 and applies to all new 2007s that are on the dealer lots as well as 2008 models.

The warranty covers all parts and labor as long as the owner brings the car in to a Chrysler dealer at least once every five years for a free powertrain inspection. Apparently, the only fly in the ointment is that the new warranty applies to the original owner and is not transferable. If the car is sold within the first three years, the warranty reverts to the previous 3 year/36,000 mile coverage for subsequent owners. The press release is after the jump."

Just a thought, does sell more cars and trucks when the warranty makes it attractive to keep the vehicle longer and longer?

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I think this is HUGE. I've had to replace a transmission in a 5 yr old car already - $1,000.

Now I am gonna get that 300...that's terrific!.

The 300 M is a beautiful car - my husband & I are drooling over it. Chrysler makes gorgeous front grill work (too bad Ohio spoils them by requiring a front end license plate).

I've got a blazer I need to rip myself of soon. We've been considering the 300 for a while..and we really like the new body work. Yeah..the fronts are impressive

...attracted to the 300.

I still miss my last two (both '68's, but years apart).

I wonder if the company can afford the lifetime warranty, and will the new owner(s) be also encumbered as to honor the warranty?

Hooda Thunkit

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