Congress the best one money can buy for Big Pharma

Yep, no one ever says a word about Big Pharma, but-'tis all too real. So is the fact almost every politician in the country (soon to be world?)is in their God-damned pocket.

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Every time I read about the latest urgent, must-have tax break to a big corporate power that has to have the tax cut or else the end of the world is near, I always wonder who provides these give-aways that rarely include penalties of the big corporate fails to deliver on their own promise to add new jobs. In the business world a contract would almost always include a penalty if the other party failed to deliver on a deliverable but with tax breaks, you would be hard pressed to find anything like it. It's always easy money for business without having to produce.

In this specific case, these are the companies that Bush wants to coddle and protect from price negotiations with the government instead of the standard practice in the real world of being a power buyer and negotiating based on volume. Pelosi and the Democrats are spot on with demanding price negotiations and when you see stories like this, it's obvious Big Pharma can't be trusted as an honest broker and do the right thing with prices. Negotiate and negotiate hard for goodness sakes. It's American tax payer dollars at stake.
Drug makers were the biggest beneficiaries of the amnesty program, repatriating about $100 billion in foreign profits and paying only minimal taxes. But the companies did not create many jobs in return. Instead, since 2005 the American drug industry has laid off tens of thousands of workers in this country.

    And now drug companies are once again using complex strategies, many of them demonstrably legal, to shelter billions of dollars in profits in international tax havens, according to their financial statements and independent tax experts.

This from my earlier post "Big Pharma, buying respectability & so much more"...........
"......Halos of Brass: Trading Logos for $$$
"Businesses paid North American charitable organizations an estimated $535 million last year for the use of nonprofits' names for marketing

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