Maumee gets new livability accolades

"Article published Monday, July 23, 2007
Maumee gets new livability accolades
City rated in top 25 affordable suburbs

Add BusinessWeek to the list of Maumee's admirers.

The publication's Web site recently named Maumee one of the 25 best affordable Midwestern suburbs, based on median home prices, cost of living, school test scores, violent crime rates, and commute time. The list was compiled with Sperling's BestPlaces, a research group in Portland, Ore."

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Congrats to Maumee!!!

Yeah but I wish Maumee would wise up in some areas.

This space has had numberous tenants in the last 12 years. For a while they kept trying to push microbreweries there. Apparently after the first two failed they didn't wise up. Eventually a strip club went in, it looked successful yet the city fought to get it closed and eventually won. And most recently a sports bar called Sidelines was there.

The new resteraunt is expanding to accomodate 300 people. Apparently they believe seating was the problem. I don't, every business that was there I went to was always empty. The problem I see it is they keep trying to force a resteraunt there. If you drive 1/4 a mile down the street there are plenty of resteraunts thriving. I would say put something different in there. What determines if a resteraunt does good? LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Obviously this location isn't right for a resteraunt.



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