Redfern: Lucas County rift could hurt Dems

"Mr. Redfern warned that the negativity of Lucas County Democrats could polarize undecided voters the party must bring into its fold to win the 2008 presidential race. As a result, local Democrats have the dilemma of healing a fracture they all know exists but can't fully explain."

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This is sound analysis by Boak. It happens in counties to Republicans where they hold all of the offices. It's just higher profile here and, frankly, more important, because Republicans tend to dominate rural counties that aren't voter rich. Democrats need cities like Toledo to get it together to drive the vote.

It is very sad what has happened to the Lucas County Republican Party. In 1994, Tom Noe turned the party into a formidable force that could, at least, challenge Democrats for offices. But in the end, he would lay waste to what he built and actually take it backwards.

Unfortunately, there is no Jim Brennan to save us now. Jim Brennan got a bad rap in our local newspaper. But if you knew him, you knew that he was an honest and honorable gentleman that wanted to nurture and develop young talent. I know, I was one of those he nurtured. While I don't know it for sure, I think he had a hand in bringing a young Maggie Thurber to the fore as well. And while he battled Democrats and Democrats battled him, they liked and respected him. Lucas County Republicans need another Jim Brennan the way the national Republicans need another Ronald Reagan.

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