A waste of Federal time and resources


Apparently our Congresswoman thinks that the declawing of cats is so inhumane it should take up the time of our federal government.

Personally I'm a dog owner. I never have owned a cat. I get very irritated as to how cats are treated differently in the laws than dogs. But I am willing to overlook this for responsible owners.

From the article: "'We call cats without claws 'special needs' because they are defenseless outside,' said Sherri Miller, a spokesman for the Toledo Area Humane Society.

She fails to explain why an "indoor cat" would need to protect itself outside.

The fact is there are very few actual cases of "indoor cats" most indoor cats are cats that are indoors when the owner is home and outdoors most any other time. They roam free. Free to knock over our trash, fight with other cats, walk on our cars, poop in our yards, etc. Another freedom is their owners are free from having to deal with any responsibility for their free roaming cats.

I think Ms Kaptur and the Humane Society should rethink their priorities.

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From the article:

"Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority...currently mandates cat declawing."

How much time and money do they spend "regulating" the declawing of cats?



the link didn't go through, could you repost.



I didn't link anything. I used your link to get my info.


I think declawing a cat is inhumane - it's kind of like removing your fingernails (all the way out, as far up as they grow). Kind of an amputation. At Pets Supplies Plus, you can buy cat claw 'covers' - not sure how they work, but my daughter said they are at least humane, easy to apply & work (she heard).

But cat's do kill & keep mice & rats away. We've had more than a few wandering dogs that have done their business in our front yard (I also witnessed a woman walking her two enormous dogs, stopping in front of our house so they could take a dump that she did not clean up - beat a hasty exit when I yelled at her). Cats also don't bark - something that drives me nuts, especially at night. Dogs also have been known to knock over & loot trash cans. We've owned both dogs & cats for years, cats are easier, by far.

...of six rescue cats, I can assure you declawing your cat will cause more problems than leaving them clawed.

If you invest in a cat, invest in four scratching posts and place them near your furniture.

Saving your precious furniture would be the only reason to maim and psychologically screw your cat up for the rest of it's life. Not only is that not smart, that's pretty selfish.

I have two rooms of leather furniture and nary a scratch. I have more invested in cleaning pad prints on the tables than I do repairing shreaded furniture.

Again, scratching posts in every room deters the focus on your furniture.

And I have six cats, all clawed and no damage to each other either, altho it has taken a while for the two to adapt to the four kittens. Some head slapping and hissing, but nothing destroyed.

To allow this...rather, to make this torture mandatory is pure evil, period.

We had 4 cats, now 3 (one disappeared,sigh) - none declawed. We also have 2 rooms with leather furniture, nary a scratch, and we only have one scratching post & a scratch board (like a box). You see them start to scratch furniture, you shout & they run - they learn fast. It's very cruel to declaw cats. Cat's paws & claws are much like their tails - they express emotion with them all. And a declawed cat can't hold it's own against a dog, but a cat with it's claws will make that dog run. A declawed cat can't save itself from a bratty toddler either.

But then I also think it's cruel to dock a dogs tails & crop it's ears. Stupid, for the vanity & whims of the owner. They were born with tails & ears - leave them the hell ALONE.

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