Reason #9,867 why Carty is an idiot

I can't find the link on 13abc's website, but they just had coverage of a news conference that the Mayor held today. He is mad that Wood County is stealing companies from Toledo. This is so petty and childish and didn't deserve airtime. Does he realize that Wood County didn't hold a gun to O-I's head and force them to move to Perrysburg? He says that the jobs should be kept in the "urban center" of NW Ohio. Isn't the Mayor the Economic Developer for the City? Maybe he should take some lessons from Wood County. They're obviously doing something right!

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...the mayor did go off on Wood County today. As I was a guest host tonight on WSPD's Eye on Toledo, I got the 'inside scoop' on why most stations didn't cover it....according to the wspd reporter who was at his press conference on naming a new AA administrator, it appeared that he'd recently had a discussion with someone about a company (refused to identify which one) either moving or considering a move to Wood County. When he first came into the room, he was upset about this news and had a statement about it.

WSPD had numerous clips of him and a copy of his prepared statement (not followed word for word) saying that Wood County was pirating companies from Toledo, that O-I and the failed Rossford Arena were examples and that if they don't stop, he'll start a tax incentive war by returning the favor. He used words like "pilfer, pirate, raid and poach' in his description of Wood County's actions.

We did cover this during the show...sadly, it was not one of his finer moments...

About the NorthStar water deal? He practically stole it right out from under Napoleon after they had spent some 30000.00 in preparing to provide Northstar with water for the plant. But business is business.

Clean up the city and maybe people and businesses might want to stay or even go there. Personally, I dont feel safe and wouldnt want to work or live anywhere near the inner city area. I'd like to see Toledo be known for being one of the safest places to raise your family. I dont see that happening, especially since every time we make the national news its something really bad.

Keep pouring money into niceties rather than cleaning up the gang problem and the covered up crimes in the malls and people will continue to leave.

Saftey before flowers.



The Toledo Blade posted an article on 'Poaching Gate' this morning. I love this one section about half way through the article:

Tom Blaha, the commission's executive director, denied that his agency made unsolicited overtures to any Toledo businesses.

But he said that, when approached, the agency responds as it would with any client or customer, by showing the customer the available inventory of buildings and sites.

"The United States, the last I checked, was a free-market economy, and people are free to put their sites wherever they want," Mr. Blaha said.

Come on Carty, city council, take the hint. Wood County is 20x more business friendly to them Toledo. They have lower taxes, less bureaucracy, no living wage, lower crime, and have invested in infrastructure. Maybe we should get a full-time economic director in there instead of worrying about pet projects like the Eire Street Market. BTW: Wood County does not have municipal WiFi and it kicking our collective butts.

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the result of a city government worrying about it's political infrastructure and personal agendas than what the community needs.

This has been occuring for almost 10 years.

There have been several excellent examples of reasons why businesses nervously chortle when opportunities in Lucas County bloom posted on the sites promoting this thread.

Joe's obvious statement of the need for an "economic development director" pretty much sums it up. The problem is Carty is not, nor should he personally be responsible for, enticing business opportunities into Toledo/Lucas County.

Had these recently elected city officials had claimed in their campaign statements actually applied their promises, media events like this one wouldn't exist.

Lucas County should be an example of a sprawling metropolis with business opportunities galore with all aspects of transportation covered, yet we wallow in our own shit.

"Results" is the pink elephant on 22.

Czarty keeps talking about a regional approach to business. The last I remember is that Wood County is in this region. Several weeks ago I was asked by a business professional if a Regionalized business approach could be a reality in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. My answer, It won't happen as long as Czarty is in the equation. The business and government people in this region are not interested in Czartyism as a new form of government or culture. The organizations in this region are not interested in Toledo (Czarty) being the 800 pound gorilla and dictating what they can and cannot have. Czarty's efforts and results are not commendable and are very suspicious.

Czarty's attack on Wood County is another indication that he wants to rule and control a bigger territory. He wants that statue of himself standing high in the sun as if he were a FDR or Churchill, but instead he will go down in history as the last comedian standing. I ask the question, If Toledo had the City Manager form of government would we hire Czarty as the City Manager? We all know the answer is, no! If you look at Carty's employment history, Czarty has failed at every attempt he's made to be a business man. With Czarty's personality would you believe that Czarty once thought he could sell residential real estate. Would you believe that Wayman Palmer fired Czarty because Czarty wasn't cooperative to any degree. Czarty has been fired from every job he's had.

The only thing Czarty can do is play on the emotions, religious convictions and racism of the general populous to get elected to public office. Who do you know would hire Czarty as an employee. Lets picture him as a counter clerk at Mc Donald's. I can see myself ordering a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal and Czarty serves me a Happy Meal and tries to convince me its what I ordered and gets graphically belligerent when I tell him thats not what I ordered.

Everyone in Northwest Ohio knows what Czarty is. He is a pariah, and hopefully we want have to wait until his term ends to get real leadership in the Mayor's office. We need to recall Czarty now and move Toledo forward.

The economic situation and the Mayor/ Administration are clearly not working. The whole picture is all wrong. taxation, the wages, the incentives, and the enforcement of existing law..all need to be re-vamped.

The comments by the Mayor in terms of economic development are further evidence that the Mayor no longer, if ever, has and real concept of how the modern age works. This is another reason to remove the Mayor and impliment the changes needed here in Toledo at once.

A shameless plug for my comments on the Downtown Area can be found on my blog.

Maggie, can you share here what you said on WSPD last night about Perrysburg's OI proposal vs the one that the city of Toledo submitted?

I found it quite interesting.

I'm not sure what was in your "inside Scoop" Maggie, but it sure wasn't correct information. Of course, possession of correct information is not a requisite to host a show on WSPD.

Every media outlet covered it. WTVG led with it at 5:00 and had it as their number 3 story in A-block at 6:00. WTOL had it in A-Block at 6:00, as did WNWO.

The Blade had it above the fold on the front page.

That is a long way from "most stations didn't cover it."

Its evidently clear every time I log on that Czarty has to go. Someone please tell Czarty that he's not welcome in Toledo anymore. I saw him on The news yesterday talking about Wood County poaching business from Toledo. If he doesn't want Wood County getting businesses he believes belongs in Toledo, there is a simple solution.

Czarty, Move To Wood County And Get Involved In The Local Politics. Businesses will be flocking back to Lucas County and Toledo.

Brian, your obsession with Maggie is getting a little creepy. Seems like the only time you pop up on here is when she makes a post.

So three stations plus the Bland did cover it as major headlines. The mayor ought to be proud of that.


Maggie is a member of the media. I correct media misinformation all the time. The rest of you are private citizens (as far as I know). Maggie contends she is one. I contend she is not. If she puts out misinformation, I will correct it.

Now, if you can find some evidence of malice in any of my posts, I will apologize to Maggie here in front of everybody. As I've stated repeatedly, I respect her. I know others respect her. That is why if she says something that is incorrect, I feel compelled to correct it.

Captain Kirk, Bloggers deserve to have direct contact with their government. I not only try to respond in a timely manner to bloggers, but I return every phone call I receive from private citizens and talk to people who stop me on the street. Just think of me as Lt. Uhura. Perhaps you're one of those elitists that think that all government communication should be filtered through the media establishment. I'm also brutally frank. I don't spin and I don't engage in platitudes or niceties. I am direct and to the point. Most people value that in a public servant.

If Capt Kirk ever jacked Uhura in the mouth, she'dda beat the sh*t out of him!!

Well, Maggie, you tell me what I should apologize for and I will give it thought. . .

You misreported something and I corrected it. If that upsets you, you are too sensitive. Step out of the heat and into the shade if it hurts your feelings.

I made the distinction between reporters and entertainers. All are members of the media.

Regarding the Media thing, I have to invoke the Thurber defense and say, on the advice of my attorney, I can't talk about that.

In this instance, you stated that not many stations reported on the press conference. I stated otherwise and can prove it. You put out misinformation. I corrected it.

I'll challenge anyone who misrepresents the truth. Paying taxes does not entitle you to report misinformation under the guise of the "inside scoop".

...'when he first came into the room' did you not understand. You misunderstood the 'context' and, like your boss, instead of admitting you may have gotten something wrong, you're off on this issue instead of addressing the REAL problem of the mayor's inaccurate comments regarding O-I, the Rossford Arena and Wood County...not to mention that his little tirade has again cast Toledo's leadership in a negative light. Way to go, public information coordinator - or whatever the latest title is...

You're continuing to try and turn the attention away from what the mayor did - it's not going to work with me...and most other people can see through it as well.

Please just stop, Brian, you're not helping yourself or the mayor.

I'm not going to argue the other points with you. I don't argue about people's opinions here or on any other blog. They're your opinions. If you feel that the mayor misrepresented the OI situation or the arena situation, more power to you. I won't argue that with you. I will not try to dissuade you from holding opinions or expressing them. I don't express my opinions. I let the bloggers do that without my interference.

I'm not arguing that when he entered the room, he looked upset. A reasonable person could have reached that conclusion based on his body language. I was there and I saw it.

You made a mis-statement regarding coverage of the press conference. I corrected it.

So...Maggie are your comments in this thread based on facts (news) or opinion? The way I understand WSPD, they do not report news on their shows, but instead give their opinions.

Since Carty guest-hosted on WTOD a few days in June, that makes him a member of the media then too right?

So since you make it your job to correct media misinformation "all the time," then you should back away from the blog and get back to working for your boss. We'll call ya if we need your input.

Brian, I thought your master forbade you with speaking to WSPD talk show hosts?


No. WSPD has banned me from their programs. The edict came down from Brian Wilson. Bob Reinbolt, the Chief of Staff is banned, as is the Mayor.

To Fred and Kevin's credit, they will read my emails, verbatim, if I catch something that I think is misinformation.

I once spoke to Maggie via phone during a commercial break to pass along information that she had requested and I failed to get to her in a timely manner. She aired the information the way I presented it to her.

That's my only means of communicating with WSPD's entertainment department. Otherwise, they have free reign to spew their maladictory without interference.

Well, it's not exactly like they're holding a door shut preventing you from calling - That'd be gauche.

I'd bet they'd welcome you back if you called and said you wanted to publicly list the mis-truths, half truths and outright lies that the Nut accused them of spreading.

Are you willing to do that?

Maladictory!!!! Somebody's using their word-of-the-day toilet paper ;)

For those of you who don't visit, member "jr" posted this today about the topic. Thought I'd share because it contains some good info:
**** beginning of copied post ****
Hold on. Toledo never lost Bass Pro because Toledo was never in the running for Bass Pro. Northern Wood County was the first choice for Bass Pro. If you recall, it was Toledo who kidnapped the Bass Pro president, or whoever was visiting here, and took him on a helicopter ride of Toledo. That Bass Pro dude was here to see Wood County, not Toledo.

From Carty's prepared statement:

"Wood County officials, rather than develop their tax base by attracting NEW employers to the region ..."

What about Bass Pro and everything that's planned around it? That's new. And Carty tried to steal the Bass Pro deal from Wood County. So much for regional cooperation from the C-man. What a hypocrite Carty is.

But because of the joint economic development zone agreement between Toledo and Rossford, Toledo will still make money from Bass Pro and all the other development near Bass Pro.

From a June 14, 2006 Toledo Free Press story:

"Guided by attorney and former mayoral candidate Keith Wilkowski, Toledo and Rossford formed a joint economic development zone agreement in 1992. To fulfill the agreement, Toledo provides water to a designated area in Rossford. In return, Rossford pays Toledo for the water services and gives Toledo a substantial portion of income tax revenue

Toledo WAS in the running for Bass Pro. At one time, when I was at the Port Authority, we were pursuing them as an anchor tenant for the Marina District. We envisioned a Bass Pro on the waterfront where boats could dock and boats could be sold and fishing and water-recreational equipment could be demonstrated.

They were intrigued and interested. We made a proposal for financing. They made a counter-proposal. We negotiated for more than two months. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach a deal in terms of finance. It's not that the Port Authority was not willing to go the extra mile. The Port Authority's finance programs have fairly rigid requirements as to bond backing, etc.

So, to say that Toledo was not in the running for Bass Pro is absolutely not true.

Interesting article about the competition and change in a law that helped Wood County to land Bass Pro shops and the real estate around the new store is being advertised as having exposure and room for businesses to open up around the Bass Pro shop store.

Could the location in Toledo on the water front had the same level of exposure and easy off and easy on access to I-75?

I wish they could show IP addresses of posters because a lot of 'different people' seem to sound almost exactly alike.

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Submitted by McCaskey on Sat, 2007-07-21 00:19.

Like who?

Why did you ask?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

about the business of seeing and correcting the issues that are prohibitive of business coming into Toledo rather than crying about the losses.

It's so easy to pout and point the finger. Bottom line is that the sales work is not being done while it IS being done in other places. That is the bottom line. The best salesman closes the deal. There ain't no more than that. That is the bottom line.

Get it together and do the marketing and the romancing or shut up. Build the better mousetrap. Get on the phone. Do the hard work of "prospecting for new business". Hire a salesman. It's called cold calling where I come from. Sell Toledo. It can't be that hard of a sell with all the open manufacturing facilities - with all the vacant offices, with all the vacant entertainment venues. C'mon - it's a salesman's paradise. Get busy.

It's comical but 20 years after their major economic decline - after the city was burned out and turned out to gangs, Detroit is just starting to have a dialogue about economics. I laughed and then I cried when I read about their Mayor trying to talk about a comeback in Detroit. 20 years after the point of no return. We're about 5 years past the point of no return in Toledo. (Optimistic - but that's my estimate).

My concern is that while the A and B team have been out peeing ineffectually on their territories that they just gave everything away - that it is already too late in the game for discussion about turning Toledo around. City counsel will tell you there is no money anymore. The census tells you that people are fleeing the city - and our fearless leader is not working to bring business into Toledo. No jobs, no economy, no worker base -

I know that I, personally,sent a request to a business development email address in the Mayors office early in June, along with a sternly voiced follow up re: the utter lack of reply, regarding a new business locating in Toledo. I am able to make a substantial commitment, nevertheless I had no reply from the city. Nothing from the 'business development' contact.

The Mayor's employee never responded. If they will not respond to inquiries about new business in Toledo how could we possibly wonder what the problem is with our local economy?

In my opinion, the reason that we aren't seeing business coming in, is because the city isn't willing to do so much as answer an email while OTHER cities are expending great energy and financial commitments to romance industry and business to come in.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

This is true to a certain extent.

There must be value to the product or service or location.

If we look at the businesses that have large draws, for instance Cabela's and Bass Pro shops, they settled on sites with visibility and access.

Is the city well settled with easy off and easy on access for a major retailer?

The former Jeep site is a good piece of property. Does the city have plans to help market that?

What would go there.

The City of Toledo needs an economic development and marketing team, one that has facts and figures that are up to date and a team that has a track record of success.

And the mayor want's Todd Davies as his Economic Development lead. I think his education is in Bio-engineering. What does that have to do with either the tech feild he's in now or the economic development?

This is pretty typical of some departments and the elected leaders and professional staff.

They cannot grasp the idea that e-mail is a communication tool for all of us, they will complain and mandate that they must be telephoned.

They complain that people are "hiding" behind psyeudonyms and for that they choose to not return answers to the questions put to them and here we have a person who chooses to clearly identify himself and where he lives and a lot of other information and people at Government Center still continue to address his questions and concerns.

But, change is inevitable, and some are now starting to understand that we live in a different age and time and communication is also different.

The City of Toledo administrative workforce is full of dinosaurs. This also includes Czarty. I was speaking with a city employee who told me that she and some of her co-workers tried to implement an idea that would save the city about $250,000 per year, but would only cost the city about $800 for the purchase of software and some training.

This new idea was a communication tool.

Results: The Mayor's office killed the idea and fired, laidoff, or demoted everybody involved.

I don't expect them to confirm that it is true. They are not going to admit they are that negligent in wasting the tax payers money. At best, they'll say, we'll look into it. If they deny it, maybe this demoted, fired or laidoff city employee will provide the proof.

Hey Brian Schwartz, here's your big chance to really communicate something big.

I would have to assume that if software was in the equation, Patsy would be involved. Communications tool? That's generally my bailiwick and I don't know of any communications proposals beyond a new website and the WiFi project.

Admittedly, a lot happens in the city that I don't know about. So, you are going to have to give me a few more clues. Although I am fond of Patsy, I don't expect to hear from her soon.

When I suggested to you that departments in the city of which the administration is managing, that the departments get information to the citizens by putting the information on the city website and in the news paper(s), you told me;"That notice and publication costs money. If the Blade wanted it, they would ask for it and we would happily provide it. Unfortunately, we don't have the money to buy the space."

Other cities across the land some how get the messages out to the people, why can the city of Toledo?

What about the city web site? What about just simply getting the information to the people, how hard can it be?

I posted a link here on Swamp Bubbles for the Economic Development department in Columbus and the difference between that city and this city are night and day. Columbus has information and I dare say people who reply and not people like Dr. Davies who has said he does not make a habit of responding to people who "hide" behind psydenoums, but the Mayor of our city does respond.

And while we are speaking of support, how can we come to support an administration and leaders of departments that do have not all the facts and figures at hand, with regards to not knowing that the Erie Street Market could not be sold.

How can we have confidence and this and any administration when there are news reports that clearly show us that there is something wrong.

How can have confidence in an administration when the request for information from years of city operation comes back; as we cannot find the information and then we do not know what format was used and so on, with regards to information that was compiled during the Ford administration.

The cop out is that it was the Ford administration, was the information to be preserved, for us the citizens to review?

I assume you've answered this question already on some blog somewhere but I can't seem to find it or maybe just don't have time to track it down, but I am curious so I'll ask you directly...

Did the Mayor of Toledo ever strike you, put his hands on you, push you, or otherwise physically bully you as WSPD made reference to some time back? And if this did not happen, how and why did this rumor get started, in your opinion?

"Councilman Joe McNamara says if the mayor had hired a full-time economic development director, problems like this could be avoided."

Because a company wants to expand?

""We are in the process of identifying a new site or a site for a new, larger facility. That process is ongoing and includes a number of locations we're considering. My understanding is there is a possibility of expanding where we are. That is one option that's being considered," Mr. Westrick said.

FedEx Ground ships parcels by ground in the United States and Canada. The company currently has 29 U.S. hubs.

Mr. Westrick said the goal is to identify a site by September and to have the new hub operational a year later.

The site would be 80 to 100 acres.

FedEx Ground's present site is about 33 acres. Adjacent to that site is an undeveloped parcel of 50 acres owned by Louisville Title Agency."

Aren't you supposed to be working instead of blogging, Mr. Schwartz. Then again, if you have a sore jaw its difficult to do anything except play with your computer.

...I believe that WSPD will have the podcast of the show up around noon-ish on the 'hot button' link in their website...

But, having seen both 'proposals' I can say that Perrysburg presented a multi-page document, nicely packaged, with detailed information about what assistance they could provide - by category (tax abatements, incentives, infrastructure, additional employment/skilled workforce) all kinds of specifics...professionally presented and well-documented.

Toledo's 'proposal' was a letter saying what everyone already knew about the total of the package being around $9 million and they'd 'work with o-i'...But, of course, O-I already knew that Toledo would work with them which is why they requested proposals.

I was out of the loop on everything until the County was asked to provide a financial contribution to the package, at which time, I was asked for support. I did support our participation, but had a hard time getting any detailed information about the 'package' we were contributing to. I saw the 'proposal' for the first time in the officies of then-CEO Steve McCracken.

He showed me p-burg's proposal, toledo's proposal and the internal survey they'd done along with a printout of a powerpoint presentation detailing issues and concerns to be addressed. He said that Perrysburg and Toledo officials had also received the survey and printout information. Perrysburg took advantage of the information to respond to the issues and concerns. Toledo did not.

...Brian - opening your mouth (or activating your fingers) without thinking things through.

The 'inside scoop' referred to some comments Carty made upon entering the room for the presser...comments some of the other stations did not hear because they weren't there yet.

As for this:

"Of course, possession of correct information is not a requisite to host a show on WSPD."

you would better serve your employer by researching his previous comments about the rossford arena before you let him try to re-write history...perhaps you could be of better use to him if you did your own research instead of trying to slam someone else's...

Even Carty admitted in 1999 that the reason Rossford was building an arena was NOT because they heard Toledo was going to build a new one - but rather because Gladieux, despite years of promises, had not renovated the existing Sports arena. Selective memory ... and if YOU had done simple research, you could have made sure he didn't contradict himself.

And then there is the whole O-I issue in that Perrysburg didn't "lure" them away as much as Toledo 'pushed' them out...Considering that Carty wasn't the mayor at the time, he might not have had all the details...but that's no excuse for his comments...Again - YOU could have done some simple research and, if you had, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

It appears, Brian, that lacking 'possession of correct information' is more of a problem on your end than mine.

...I have no media pass, no credentials, I'm not employed by any media outlet. I ocassionally guest host and share my PERSONAL opinions about issues - the same as I do on my blog.

And, Brian, I believe that you, yourself, tried to make the distinction that a 'talk-show host' isn't a member of the media when you tried to keep a couple of 'talk-show hosts' out of a press conference...

So which is it? Or do you just pick and choose your position based upon what 'message' you want to promote?

By the DON'T apologize when you should. And you continue to dig yourself into a deeper hole. You should stop now.

...and read your previous comments the last time you posted here.

I didn't 'misreport' anything. You misunderstood.

reporters/entertainers...if all are members of the media, why did you try and prohibit 'members of the media' from a press conference? Go ahead and try to dig your way out of that one...should be interesting.

And you 'thinking' I'm a member of the media doesn't make it so. I don't have any type of media credentials and am not employed by any media.

Again - stop now, while you can.

BTW - does Carty know how you routinely come onto these boards and take exception only to what I post? Don't you have better things to do with your time? And I paying for you to criticize me? Does this fall under the description of 'good constituent relations'?

...trying to say that pointing out the mayor's contradictions and inaccuracies is just 'opinion' digs you further into your hole...

please just stop - you're not helping yourself or the mayor.

Wonderful job and thanks on the correction about what was a really trivial matter which also tends to distract and draw attention and also draws away the focus of the new conference and your continued postings about Ms. Thurber is really showing spot lighting the continuing lack of focus on getting down to business by the administration.

And then the Mayor's rant about why a company can and did shop around for a new location for an expanded site that it wanted and the Mayor's reaction to loosing, yet another, business from Toledo.

But we would not want to discuss that would we.

What is the Mayor doing to stem the loss of businesses and jobs from the community, aside from blaming Wood County, Mr. Schwartz.

One could presume from all the businesses that choose to locate in Wood County, given the choice, and not here in Lucas County or Toledo.

Why is that?

Is it because Wood County leadership has been more progressive than here?

Where we have Southwyck Mall, the Steam Plant and other failed or nearly failed plans? comments on here are my comments as the guest host were also my own...My comments included facts and references to them as well as opinion...ex: O-I approached Perrysburg and Toledo and asked for proposals from both cities - FACT. Toledo's proposal was nothing compared to Perrysburg's - OPINION.

WSPD news department attended the press conference and reported on this story - as well as the appointment of the AA director - on all of their newscasts that I heard yesterday...from around 1 p.m. on...till at least 7 p.m. Don't know about the overnight newscasts. Mike, the guest host on the afternoon show commented on this as well.

Obviously, in giving an opinion about happenings, you'd cover the 'happening' in a factual way and then provide commentary about such 'happening'...I think some at WSPD have made the distinction between their News department/reporters versus their 'on-air/talk-show' talent who are not 'reporters' ...

I'm not sure if this has answered your question. let me know if I can provide further clarification, remembering that I do not speak for WSPD...

I have to invoke the Thurber defense and say, on the advice of my attorney, I can't talk about that.

is this your way of constructively participating in blogs during your work day? i'm glad to see the city spending our tax dollars so wisely on people like you (a little bit of sarcasm).

regardless, this crack is just another illustration of how little this adminstration is. frankly, it simply pisses me off as a toledo resident/ taxpayer. post on the

Please be specific, how long does it takes for you to return the phone calls. I called you in in 2006 and I haven't heard from you yet.

No, they hang up on me. I have more decorum than to bust their doors down.

I guest hosted Troy Neff's show one day a couple months ago and Brian threw a hissy fit in Andy Stuart's office about it. I'm guessing I won't be asked to guest host on WSPD anytime soon. Brian is beyond my capacity to comprehend.

Fred and I have met face to face a few times and our relationship is cordial and professional. He has a job to do and makes many jokes at my expense. I don't take them personally because, as I said, it's his job.

Kevin and I have a relationship that pre-dates his WSPD gig and there is still a great deal of mutual respect between us. He's a great reporter.

Nik Rajkovic is a solid reporter with whom I work well. Cassie Wilson has always been fair and, while we've disagreed a couple times, our relationship is professional.

Aaron Brilbeck, who does their morning news, is one of the best reporters in this city and is a pleasure to work with -- and few reporters in the electronic media have been harder on the mayor than Aaron.

Believe me, the animosity stems from them, not from me.

You don't feel safe downtown?

When was the last time you even went downtown?

What made you feel unsafe?

The concentrated urban neighborhoods are a lot less safe than the central business district. And for cities our size, Toledo is not particularly unsafe. We rate very favorably in terms of violent crime rate against other large Ohio cities. Our rate is within the standard deviation of these cities, including Columbus, which is a VERY safe city for its size.

And what "gang problem" are you talking about? Aside from the riot (occuring during the Ford administration...), what acts of concerted violence have occurred recently?

And furthermore, when would it be OK to beautify the city? Only when there are NO violent crimes?

You just come-off as another anti-carty, anti-toledo, anti-progress finger-pointer. You'll fit in GREAT here.

This "economic director" BS is just another red herring that small-minded folks like Brian here latch onto.

What do you think would be different today if Carty had hired an Economic Director? For that matter... what did Fords economic director accomplish that was so stunning and beyond the ken of our Mayor?

Beat up carty all you want (and for folks like you, that's a lot) but don't overlook the fact that Carty has been involved (in one way or another) in basically every economic success in this city for the past 15 years. The truth is that Toledo is a RUST BELT CITY. We have been dealt a shitty hand--along with scores of similar cities in the midwest--and Carty has tried to play it as best as possible.

And he hasn't done nearly as bad as (it seems) you'd have liked him to do. You act like the only thing that's kept Toledo from being the next Austin or Phoenix or Seattle is Carty. Puh-leese. How about the fact that our city was built upon a manufacturing base? Next time Compare Toledo to Detroit, Flint, Youngstown, Gary, etc etc.

I'll give you this, though: If anybody can spot "wallowing in his own shit" ... well, brian, it's you.

Keep your chin up, Brian.

And nice left-hook there. Way to go. For all the controversy and accusations this vocal MINORITY can level, they can't take away the fact that our esteemed mayor has never had to resign and run in shame from the public eye.

Oh Brian, Come on now... your facts are just not appropriate here!

This site is for invective, conjecture and opinion! You simply MUST stop representing the truth!

You've never responded to my repeted requests about your end of the finger, so to speak. But then, If I got paid what he pays you, I might let him take one wack at me..but that woulda been the last one! And by the way, how is it that Andy got punished and you also reside outside of Toledo? The fact is Brian, you can and do say anything Carty want's you to because it won't effect your lifestyle, personal economy or your family. If Toledo goes bankrupt, all you loose is a job, we loose everything. So pardon my less that sympathetic ear where you and your opinons are concerned. You've sold your soul and the Citizens of Toledo out for a paycheck. Enjoy it Brian, I think it's near the end of your carrer. After your boss is recalled, you won't be able to get work at the local gas station. All of the dirty lil secrets are gonna be on the front page before the election. Bank on it.

Like who?

Czarty is not looking for anyone good at what he does, he's looking for someone he thinks he can intimidate. I have met Mr. Davies and I think he is a very sharp individual, but I failed to see his qualifications as Economic Development Czar. Czarty is an idiot.

Tekrat seems to think people are posting under different names, and I'm curious as to who he thinks is doing this.

Well, we could or should, expect the Mayor's staff to comment on this, sometime soon if it is not true, after all blogs are media.


No Chad. He does not want Todd Davies as Director of Economic Development. Todd IS the Commissioner of Economic Development.

For a complete response to this subject, check out my post on Glass City Jungle. I haven't the energy to type it again.

Well, Captain, you'd have to tell me what that project was and who the people were who were allegedly demoted. Then I could explain it.

However, Captain, you don't think I should spend time on these boards discussing issues. Fortunately, I agree with Neighborhood Concerns. Blogs and message boards are a form of media and that is why I dedicate time in my day to them.

Some of the people who were involved still work for the City and their jobs would be in jepardy if I devulge their names. The project was called DMS and no one on the 22 nd floor is going to admit the project ever existed.

I think in less than 2 months some things about the Czarty administration will become very public including the project I am referring to that the 22nd floor killed. If I'm not mistaken, the dead project is part of the investigation of the Czarty administration being conducted by the Ohio Attorney General's Office. Brian, please don't answer like you are surprised that an investigation is being conducted by the Ohio Attorney General and the US Department of Justice. The word is all over Toledo. There are people working very hard to make sure every possible civil and criminal action will be taken against Czarty and his inner circle, including his propaganda minister. These people aren't the recall group. These people are the people who want to make sure Czarty's legacy ends up where it should be, worst mayor in the history of Toledo. Why do you think the State Democratic Party is taking such an aggressive stance because of stripper gate. Stripper gate is just the tip of the iceberg. When Czarty falls they want to look like they are leading the charge, not one of the defendants.

Where will your career be headed when Czarty's empire crumbles?

"At a recent Town Hall meeting I attended, Carty mentioned that if people would like the pot holes repaired on their streets then they should follow in the footsteps of one Maumee, Ohio neighborhood who got together and paid for it themselves."

Could we deduct the cost of the repaving from the taxes we pay, if a neighborhood decided to get together and pave the potholes? find that a couple of sites within Toledo are still under consideration...from Carty's rant yesterday I would have thought that it was a done deal.

Wonder how Fed Ex officials interpret his actions? Think those actions brought Fed Ex a positive perspective to the option of staying in Toledo?

Where's the rant against Southeastern Michigan? They're another state, after all...wouldn't we want Fed Ex to stay in Ohio versus Michigan, even if it's in Perrysburg?

Interesting article about Enterprise Zones, featuring our Mayor.

"The city of Toledo, Ohio got in the incentives game early.

In 1978, city officials gave Owens-Illinois $24 million, a generous sum in those days, to stay in town. Unfortunately, the firm was sold to a New York company several years later, and hundreds of the jobs that Toledo thought it had bought were cut."

"Local officials touted the tax breaks as necessary and effective. "Due to the present cost of doing business," said Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, "Toledo must utilize any and all incentives available to keep business from leaving the city and to lure business from other states and outside areas.

But the results of the program were less than stellar. In 1996, the Toledo Blade delved into the jobs that had purportedly been created, reviewing every deal since 1983. They found that over half of the businesses were not in compliance or had not created the number of jobs they had promised."

Hailing frequencies are open. (419) 245-1016.

Actually, he's the spokesmen.

Did you hear him?


Then I suppose he's working, isn't he?

I love how you deviate from the point with such trite response.

Is that all you can bring to the table?

Defending a guy that flies (wasted cha ching) a group of people that have no interest in building in Toledo, showing off a high school band (wasted exposure), and all the pomp and circumstance (more wasted cha ching) for a company already committed to building in Wood County.

That's yer boy Carty being the "Economic Director".

Besides the Costco fiasco and trying to woo Bass Pro Shops from Wood County, what else can YOU think of that Carty has done that is beneficial to the economic growth of this beloved community.

You are retarded, Shane.

Bass Pro already were committed when Carty wasted their time. They just didn't waste your time sending you the memo.

she said "or live anywhere near the inner city area." The word "downtown" never appeared in her post.

Minus five credits for not paying attention and another minus five points for your childish and amusing antics.

For being such a dolt, you sure do live by example.

i'm sure the fact shaneh is the site's biggest carty (and, apparently, brian) apologist does wonders for their self-esteem.

yeah, keep your chin up. it makes a better target for carty's next blow. i just wonder how the last one felt for brian.

Brian got an exemption because his child is completeing their education outside the district.


Beat up carty all you want (and for folks like you, that's a lot) but don't overlook the fact that Carty has been involved (in one way or another) in basically every economic success in this city for the past 15 years. The truth is that Toledo is a RUST BELT CITY. We have been dealt a shitty hand--along with scores of similar cities in the midwest--and Carty has tried to play it as best as possible.

Please define "RUST BELT CITY".

Wood County's water port?

Wood County's road structure?

Wood County's rail links?

Wood County's union control of city government?

What would I think would be different had Carty hired an E.D.? Well, it's been a while, but the last E.D. was Bill Carroll, who sent O-I a page and a half of "We'll help, but that's it" and staunchly supported he steamplant project. So my reply would be, "With all that has gone on in the past ten years, a high school graduate would do a better job."

It's not the shitty hand, it's the idiot holding the cards and dosen't know HOW to play a shitty hand.

Carty said he isn't even looking at anyone else for the post......LAF!

LOL, I wondered when THIS little apologist would crawl out from under Carty's deak.

Shane, please list some things posted out here as fact that arent true.

I do apologize to Maggie for phrasing it the way I did. I should have simply stated that, on the advice of counsel, I can't discuss this subject further. I did disrespect Maggie there and again, I apologize.

Shane, lighten up on Maggie on that issue. I know what she did was wrong and I'm sure she knows it too. But I know, first hand, the pressures of political fundraising and I can imagine the pressure that was placed on her. I had first-hand dealings with the Noes and have nothing but sympathy for Maggie and the position she was in. That is why I regret writing what I did. She and I were allies in a couple big fights and I never thought she was doing anything but representing what she thought were the best interests of her constituents. Besides, the whole conduit thing got blown way out of proportion.

Maggie and I seem to have issues now, but that is not one of them.

You'd find that I post from two different IP addresses -- my city computer and my home computer.

I, too, think that the administrator ought to run this IP check and out somebody who is posting under more than one name.

If I tell what the project was and whose left, Czarty will fire them. Since Czarty and his directors have such vivid imaginations, they will fabricate something to continue to punish all those who are still employees of the City. Maybe Czarty will line them up and give each one a punch in the jaw. It won't take much investigation to figure this one out, Brian. I will tell you this, Patsey Scott was involved in the project, and no, it wasn't Wi-Fi.

Whenever I have to deal with those who criticize from the sidelines without a clue as to how things work, I read my Teddy Roosevelt and find comfort. . .

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

I see many people here who point out how the strong man stumbles and how the doer of deeds could have done them better. And I come up short again and again. If I fail, I hope to fail while daring greatly. My place will never be with those cold and timid souls who hide behind anomymous screen names on the Internet who criticize the doer of dees while never accepting public responsibility for their criticism or their commments.

Spock here at your Kirk ol'e boy...whatever your doing for a living, it should be writing..hehehehe Content and style..I like that.

And what a bang up job he is doing.....

you can explain the factual statement provided by Dottie when she said: "About the NorthStar water deal? He practically stole it right out from under Napoleon after they had spent some 30000.00 in preparing to provide Northstar with water for the plant. But business is business."

Your childish display failed to address the facts in Dottie's comment. Instead you chose to smokescreen the fact with your lame reply about being someplace she never even mentioned. Typical.

It has to suck living as ill-informed as you, but then again, being as ignorant on issues and facts as you are, you're oblivious to living with logic and common sense. Change the color of your lipstick, you just might see a light...somewhere.

Your lack of research and your juvenile ability to just say stuff continues to provide me more entertainment than you can ever appreciate. Proof is in your posts.

I've relegated Shane to "worthless" and "irrelevant" and his comments are more comedic relief than conjecture.

Type away Shane, amuse me with that creativity gene you're trying to excersize.

for your examples of your "Economic Director"'s stellar accomplishments which will provide for the citizenry of Toledo to continue to live the lifestyle they've become accustomed to.

And please don't use Hydromatic, thank you. That would have made your efforts no effort and I'd rather see you utilize research and links, just to see if you're more than just stupid.

Seeing that excersizing your creative wit ended in failure, let's give you the chance to share with those of us more enthusiastic and educated the successes of your boy Carty's endeavours.

And please spare us your pathetic attempts at smokescreening, directing the post away from point, correcting english or sentence structure, cheerleading, and empty critisisms. Try focusing on the point and provide examples to back up your points. It's quite easy and simple.


I know he was "exempt" and Andy wasn't. What difference does it make? Brian wanted to stay where he was, the rule was exempted for his supposed stellar abilities, Andy is the Director of Real Estate.

The Key Mouthpiece and the Head of Realestate do not believe Toledo is worthy of their living here, but they have no problem taking our tax dollars as pay. The school board refused a decent candidate for the same reason. There is a logical reason to require residency on the part of city elected and employees. What good is "Toledo Pride" under these conditions?

I strongly agree that persons working for the public interests of Toledo should reside within the city borders. If they are not personally affected by the decisions, policies, actions and verbage..then how can their judgement be considered solid? This is not a case where and outside view is needed. Government is "Of the people, by the people, for the people."

"Captain Kirk, Bloggers deserve to have direct contact with their government. I not only try to respond in a timely manner to bloggers, but I return every phone call I receive from private citizens and talk to people who stop me on the street. Just think of me as Lt. Uhura. Perhaps you're one of those elitists that think that all government communication should be filtered through the media establishment. I'm also brutally frank. I don't spin and I don't engage in platitudes or niceties. I am direct and to the point. Most people value that in a public servant."

No response from Brian to emails I've sent him in the last 2 months.

Did you ever think that maybe two or more people in the same household and using the same computer could possibly be posting to this site? Not trying to complicate things, you understand, but it can legitimately happen.

Then why do not you and her resolve them and leave the rest of us out of them, I mean being a representative of the city and all and Ms. Thurber being a citizen and all.

of deeds done speak for themselves when the populace wants deeds done and they are not.

Like Southwyck, the Steam Plant, like Northtowne Mall, the losses of businesses that were looking to locate here and so on.

Maybe it is time for someone with a vision and expertise in the field of economic development and less of outbursts of frustration when, yet again, another company talks of leaving Toledo.

is it true? did carty really pop you one? did he get you with a wild hook? upper-cut? weak jab?

give us the scoop. did you get a promotion or a pay raise out of the scrum? the taxpayers want to know.

Can't put one past you, Mr. Quigley. I am a writer. So that I need not devulge my pen name, I shall say I have published hundreds of stuff, but nothing you may be aware of such as: The Use Of Diffusophorisis As An Energy Source To Promote Nucleation Phenomena In Sub-Micron, Semi-Liquid Particle Phase Layers. Mouth full, huh. Don't look it up. , you won't find it on the Net. At present I'm not doing anything for a living. May be Czarty will give me a job.

"his comments are more comedic relief than conjecture."

You're right! I'd agree 100% that my posts are NOT conjecture.

Unfortunately, Brian, "Conjecture" doesn't mean what you think it means.....

I wholeheartedly agree with your stance of "If the City's taxes are paying you, live within the community."

I just feel that if being hired by the city government for your abilities, I don't think it should be a mandatory adjustment if there is a true "work in progress", ie: child completing education within familiar environment, halfway through. It woud be different had Brian accepted the job THEN moved for his child's education. That would be a no-no.

I'm all about jamming it in and exposing worms to sunlight, but I am also for fairness complete. I wouldn't call Carty a bumbling idiot because everyone else is, he's got to prove to me that he is a bumbling idiot. It's the same for his successes. I'm still waiting for direction on that one.

But in all that is fair and unbiased, and as much as I enjoy watching Brian avoid the crux of issues and utilize the "I know what you're saying, but check this out" agenda, Brian deserves his pass on this one.

Brian I'm so pleased that you played into my hands so predictably. As I wrote all these posts--within minutes of each other--I said to a friend "Watch This."

And true to form, you started getting red-faced, jumping up and down, flailing your hands, much to our amusement.

I appreciate it, Brian. It's really satisfying when I'm able to effectively say "Jump" and see you write a dozen posts before the evening is out, every one of them saying nothing but "How High?!" How High?!"

Really, Bri, you've made me a happy man today. It worked beautifully. Cheers!

The mayor recruited me for the job. I was able to bargain for what I wanted in terms of employment. My condition was that I be allowed to live in Oregon until such time as my son was eligible to graduate from Clay High School and the kids he's gone to school with since first grade. The mayor thought that was a reasonable request. Any reasonable person would.

I won't comment on Andy's situation. Andy is a good friend and supported me through some tough times. I'm sorry for what happened with him.

As for not caring about Toledo, I worked on three city council campaigns, a clerk of courts campaign (Maggie's first), two mayoral campaigns, two state representative campaigns, represented the interests of the people of Norhtwest Ohio in Sen. DeWine's office for five years and dedicated six years of my career to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority which is one the premier port authorities in the country. Seeing as how you and I are about the same age, where were you and what were you doing when I was doing all of this in the City of Toledo?

As for my career, why don't you let me worry about that? I'm pretty confident and pretty comfortable with my future. I'm pretty sure you don't know me well enough to know anything about my career development.

I recall getting one email from you. To you claim to have sent more? I've answered everyone of Neighborhood Concerns' emails to me even though he is not supportive of the administration and I even helped him/her get through to another agency whose spam filter was blocking his emails. I don't respond to emails based on whether or not they like or don't like me or support the administration.

As for answering questions, ask any reporter in this city if I have ever failed to answer a question or ducked an interview. I do every interview requested of me. They call Dick Murphy with T.P.D. "Dick at Six" because he does so many interviews. They call me "Brian Any Hour of the Day" because I do so many interviews. Reporters know they can count on me to return calls, no matter what hour they come in, provide thoughtful answers, and treat them with respect. I do this because I don't think the administration should ever duck issues or not answer questions.

All 4 malls were bustling with only 1 mall worth a crap. All 3 of the other malls are all but demo's waitng to happen.

to answer the question. There's a don't ask, DON"T TELL policy about abuse

The day after WSPD reported that Finkbeiner hit Shwartz, a story in the Blade confirmed that the mayor did hit someone. He hit someone's unoccupied car in the city garage when he backed out of a spot. He hit a car on accident and not a person on purpose. But I'm sure WSPD researched their story and got confirmation before running with their version of the events...

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

but firings are always an option :-)

you're just fun to watch as you grasp any smidgen of error and latch onto it like a dog to a pork chop.

Well done.

As far as I'm concerned it's fine. I should have stated that part differently. The "cases" are different in that respect. But as to his objectivity..come on. Brian may care about Toledo to some extent..who knows?. But from my point of view, his "statemets" are always suspect. After all, minimal impact to him what happens here.

mentally challenged, especially when the brain is all scrambled between trying to get facts straight and to antagonize me.

Watch this?


Ain't nothing like sharing quality time with yer buddy alone at the computer circle jerking to me.

Says a lot.

I remember when Czarty was recruiting you and how some of us thought you should ask for more money. I as well have a PR background, but in this role I'm here to find a way for people like you to tell the truth. We need to here the truth. Czarty does not tell the truth. I hear people say things like, well Czarty is a politician, so you can't believe a word he says anyway. We want to hear the truth, not Czarty's BS.

Actually, you and I have met on several occasions and I personally think you are a pretty decent guy, but your boss, Czarty, well, there comes a time a man's life he has to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation.

Mr. Schwartz;

What value do you see in a citizen supporting an administration that has been lackluster on enforcing rules and regulations?

What support is there for an administration and city council that routinely avoids questions, like the recent questions I posed to varied people about the state of the recycling grants for the city?

I mean after all who I but a citizen that got involved because it took three months to get two lots mowed and in the process when I asked the Mayor if the complaining I was doing was part of the focus of his letter to the editor and he wrote me back said that I was one of the very complaining people he commented on.

What support do people in the administration want? The type of support that is the yes men and woman type or does the administration take critical thinking and comments for what they are, comments and can and does the administration recognize that there are failings in the administration and the departments when lots in the north end and varied other locations are left unattended for months at a time and then and only then when someone complains do something get done.

This is effective management, Mr. Schwartz?

I asked you about the plans for a municipal electric department in Toledo and your response was, what about it.

This is not an answer.

Perhaps if the administration wants support the administration will practice some active listening and look around and see why the plans of the administration raise so much ire from certain quarters of the city, like the Mayor's attempt to block Costco, which had over 10,000 applications for the jobs, and I know this as I was one who applied and was told of the turn out.

If the administration wants support then the administration needs to be more open to ideas and less stubbord with its citizens and neighbors.

Maumee mayor says Finkbeiner off base with mall remarks

"Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner's hopes for buying fancy clothes and collecting income-tax revenue from an upscale shopping mall in Maumee might never materialize, Maumee's mayor warned yesterday.

Mr. Pauken made his remarks one day after Mayor Finkbeiner held a news conference to announce that Toledo will sell 430 acres it owns north of U.S. 24 and west of I-475 in western Maumee to provide a site for a shopping mall. Chicago-based General Growth Properties, Inc., intends to build a mall on about one-third of the acreage.

The Maumee mayor became particularly upset after reading that Mr. Finkbeiner threatened Thursday to build "smoke-belching factories" next to the proposed mall if General Growth fails to land upscale anchor tenants. Mr. Finkbeiner has urged General Growth to sign stores the caliber of Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom."

The rumor was flying around about 2 weeks before WSPD ever mentioned it. I have the emails.

I apologize if I as well may have not made myself clear.

I find Brian's antics yesterday concerning his banter with Maggie unprofessional. As entertaining as he is, it is frustrating to find the answers you're waiting for are not the answers to the question asked. Why that is difficult is beyond me.

But again, as much as I can sympathise with your feelings, and as much as a smokescreen artist Brian is, I find myself being fair.

Except to Shane. Him I'm having fun with.

What was that? Batter up?

This ought to be good.

Well, I'm glad it's not personal. I disagree strongly with many people I like alot.

I appeciate what you're saying to a degree. It was really tough to keep up with the property we own last year and this Spring -- let alone the vacant lots and vacant homes owned by neglectful property owners. Believe it or not, we appreciate someone calling or emailing, alerting us to these kind of problems.

The mayor tours different parts of the city, once a week, and looks for little-noticed problems that you cite. He's a stickler for this sort of thing. He demands that each executive turn in 30 "salmon slips" (so-called because of their color) noting problems such as vacant lots unmowed, grafitti, and nuisance properties.

I have your email address. I'll email you a couple samples of the van tour reports and you can see how hard we work at this. We're not perfect to be certain. But I can tell you that the mayor does more on these van tours than arrest naked people.

But have I not been responsive to your emails?

Interesting you should reference this archive. Keep digging and find out who Steve Pauken's chief ally in this fight was. . . He was a highly placed, but low level, staffer with Sen. DeWine's office.

The few times that I have e-mailed you directly, no.

Complete answers the first, no also.

"He demands that each executive turn in 30 "salmon slips"..."

Which is why you wanted me to send the complaints that I send in via e-mail to your directly and not cc you, as I recall.

"But I can tell you that the mayor does more on these van tours than arrest naked people."

The naked questions are; what about the rest of the sites in plain site that do not get noticed?

Live the vacant commercial lots that are littered along Lagrange and Detroit with grass that was in some places almost waist high?

Does it take the Mayoral van tour to spot those places also?

Or can we expect the professionals and employees to see these spots and report them, after this is their city too.

And speaking of; why is that the Mayor can spend deem it necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars to beautify with flowers but there is so much resistance to getting trash containers at bus stops?

How about this instead, put the van tour reports up on the city web site and maybe not in pdf form.

Just post the reports so that, all, the citizens can see what goes on these tours.

And why is it that the Mayor feels compelled to do these tours when there are department heads, commissioners, directors and so on that are charged with doing a job.

Czarty's ego gets a big kick out of personally showing his managers how inept they are. Its a tactic that works very well with individuals on sports teams. Czarty was on Frank Laudermer's coaching staff one season and somehow Czarty believes he is a coach. This tactic he uses does not work well with business professionals unless your are a car or appliance salesperson. I doubt that Czarty will post the reports from the van tours. He doesn't want the citizens to know how many vacant lots owned by the City of Toledo are overgrown with weeds or are being used as dumps.

Czarty is also great wasting his managers time. I personally witnessed 12 of his highest paid managers wait in the lobby of the 22nd floor for over three hours waiting to meet with Czarty for ten minutes. Of the 12 managers only one of the managers in the group spoke to Czarty. The rest of them sat and bobbed their heads up and down. Czarty is more concerned with letting people know who is in control rather than getting anything done efficiently.

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