City realty chief is disciplined for living in suburb

"City realty chief is disciplined for living in suburb

Andrew Ferrara, the city of Toledo's manager of real estate, has been disciplined with two weeks' unpaid leave and the loss of 20 vacation days for concealing from Mayor Carty Finkbeiner that he moved out of Toledo."

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It's long past time for him to be removed...he has no concept of dealing with the real estate owned by the city.

It odd how one of Carty's cronies gets a suspension after committing fraud and defiantly violating City Charters, whereas another employee gets laid off because he's perceived to be lazy. Great job, Carty, keep fueling the civil rights violations.

I thought that there was something in the news during the TPS/Harner debacle where the Supreme Court in Ohio ruled that governments couldn't dictate where their employees lived?

The City of Akron is appealing a court decision, the appeal was filed in March 2007.

The Supreme Court has upheld the Home Rule before on other matters.

But the Ohio Senate modified language of S.B.82 and Akron filed suit.

This is the link to the Court Order in May regarding this matter. Note page 2, parg. 2

...the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction in this one horse's ass town; we have a strong mayor with delusions of adequacy. . .

Besides, his (dis)honor doesn't take kindly to the law of the land preempting any of his decisions.

Hooda Thunkit

Well said, but his arrogance will be rewarded soon.

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