A Brave New World (Clinton-Style)

Once Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination with Al Gore as her vice-presidential running mate they got down to the business of campaigning. It was a foregone conclusion that if she was elected she would withdraw the majority of the troops in Iraq out of the country. But what else would happen?

She was elected by a nation weary of the over-reaching conservative movement. She promptly showed her liberal bias. She chose Samuel S. Epstein, head of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, to be the Surgeon General of the United States. Ralph Nader was nominated to be head of Department of Commerce. David Kucinich was offered the Department of Defense. Things were going to change.

Dr. Epstein sat down with the President to demand a free hand. The President assured him that was possible since there was a liberal majority in both houses of Congress. He met with the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and together they crafted a bill that taxed carbon-based sources of energy to the point where it was cheaper to use solar power, wind power, and hydrogen based fuels. Even hydroelectricity was not favored as much because of the required reservoirs of water. The price of electricity went up, but people balanced this against the uses to which the taxes were being put (universal health care, for one), and the end of the importation of hydrocarbons from foreign nations.

Dr. Epstein got the President to declare that her administration would see

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unintended consequences...always exist...

interesting post...I enjoyed it...thanks!

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